Callum is Born

Callum was born Saturday 12th April 2003, 3:00pm.

I was in labour for 15 hours and although I had an ‘au naturale’ birth, I did end up having an epidural.

That was fine with me, because after the birth, I lost quite a bit of blood, got whipped up to intensive care and had a blood transfusion. I was on standby for emergency surgery. But I recovered and went home 4 days later. It was all glamourous and exciting stuff.

Nonetheless, I’m doing GREAT! I’m on this SUPER-DUPER high. My baby is happy and healthy and adorable and burpy and pooey and hungry and just doing really REALLY well.
He’s a *dream* baby. I’m sooOOooOoo happy.

Lots of people have asked about the name we chose.

Callum : Scottish Gaelic form of the name Columba – which is Latin for dove-like. Columba was the name of the 6th Century Saint who brought Christianity to the West of Scotland.

New Beginnings

I have been writing in an online journal since May 1999.

Over the years it has evolved with me as a person – from a young single graduate, charging through life with the relentless pursuit of EVERYTHING. To a married woman settling into a new life, home, career and business.

But things have changed. A few days ago, my first child was born.

And so a whole new online journal begins today.