Clearing my head

Cycling Covid

Wow this week has been brutal. How are you all doing?

Looks like COVID-19 is here to stay – so my whole company has been told to work from home.

Not a huge problem for us (I work for a tech company) and we’re all set up for remote working and accessing everything from the cloud. However, it feels like the whole world has been turned upside down.

I jumped on my road bike for the first time in a years and went for a 20km spin around the river. The speed, the handlebars, my body position, my quads, the sensation of rubber tyres flying across the bitumen, the click of my derailleur changing my chain… It was all fantastic. I’ve missed this so much.

I didn’t mind that I totally forgot how to use cleats and hand signals. I legit forgot how my gears worked. And I wouldn’t have been able to change a tyre tube if my life depended on it!

Anyway, here’s to social distancing and caring for your body and mind, before full quarantine kicks in.

Finding 30 Minutes to Exercise at Work

Walking at Work

Ever since I started my new job (three months ago), I have been struggling to find time to exercise.

(Geez that sounds so cliched.)

Ahh I used to be so fit!

I used to cycle 80kms in the morning and go for a light 5km jog in the evenings! I used to run 15km every weekend and wind down with a hot yoga session! Who was that person?

Now I’m completely wiped out by a 2km run and need a 2 hour nap.

Yeah I feel regret and deep annoyance that I have to start ALL OVER again.

Buuut at the same time, I know it won’t take long to work up my fitness. And the actual trick is to… Just start, today.

So how do I get 30 minutes of exercise at work?

Brisk walking and stair climbing.

My new job involves me sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. So I make sure I take a walk and climb some stairs during my lunch breaks. I do some light stretching in the evenings. And I go for a run on the weekends. It’s not much at the moment, but at least I’m starting somewhere :)

I’m wearing:

Anine Bing Bar Silk Skirt

Chuck Taylor All Star Converse

Musubi Mini Bag by Acne Studios

Fitness Update: Cupping For Pain Relief?

Remedial Massage and Cupping Ok so this isn’t really a fitness update!

I hurt my lower back/hip a while ago. I ignored it for a while, and I stopped exercising for about 3 weeks.

The pain got SO BAD… that I finally decided to get a remedial massage and get kratom capsules, it helps alleviate these symptoms, I hot all my pills at my favorite kratom site, or you can explore website to find a wide variety of cannabis products, which feature flower, extracts, and edibles., mainly because I was given a gift voucher. Plus, I’ve had remedial massages in the past and they have always worked for me!

Since the session didn’t cost me anything, the massage lady kind of talked me into trying “cupping therapy”.

I’d never done it before. I knew what it was.

It didn’t sound so bad. Ah why not?

The lady even showed me AFTER photos on her phone, so I would fully understand what I was in for. Omg I was willing to give anything a go!

The lady sterilized and heated up 8 glass cups (they looked like they were straight from The Reject Shop Outdoor Lighting Section) and placed them ALL OVER MY BARE BOTTOM.

I looked like a… firefly?

I coughed. And my bum wobbled a bit and made all the glasses clink-clink together like a cheers boomerang haha.

The massage was 60 minutes, learn more at the website of an expert physician. It felt awesome. It hurt so freaking much as she manipulated all the muscles in my lower back and hip and I almost cried.

The cupping was 15 minutes. It felt awkward.

Overall, I didn’t like the feel of it. It felt too tight across the surface of my skin and the “pulling” effect didn’t seem to go into the deep tissue (where the pain was).

But worst of all, I had deep, dark, and I mean really DAAAARKKK beetroot red-purple-almost black dots on my bum. I looked like a ladybug!

(Yes yes, I saw the photos, I knew what I was in for.)

They were painless, but SOOOooooOOOooooo dark and red.

I was quite embarrassed by them. I didn’t want to wear shorts, swimsuits, or low rise anything that would exposed my hip… in case they would peek out from under my clothes.

For 7 days I was TERRIFIED that I would have the dotty marks on my skin FOREVER, and that I had TOTALLY RUINED my chances of a swimwear modelling career (only kidding) and that I had permanently ruptured all the capillaries in my butt.

After 10 days they all disappeared – thank goodness!

I did take a photo of the marks/bruises (on my bottom), but they were definitely NOT for appropriate for sharing!

I know cupping is an ancient, alternative therapy… unfortunately I didn’t feel much benefit from it. While it didn’t hurt, I felt that the subsequent bruises were too inconvenient and stressful for me… so I won’t be doing it again!


Fitness Update: Twilight Running

Sunset Running

Ahh I loooove the long days of summer.

And I loooove running at twilight after i tae my supplements including what is called the best testosterone booster.

This has been our evening schedule:

My husband usually comes home from work at 6pm. By then I’ll have dinner cooked and I’ll head out the door for my run. My husband will eat dinner with the kids and take them to the park too.

At the moment the sun sets at 7:30pm, so I have a delicious golden hour to enjoy my run.

The best thing about running in the evenings:

I DON’T have to wear sunscreen all over my arms, shoulders, neck and chest!

I really hate putting so much sunscreen on myself when I run, because I get SO hot and SO sweaty… and by the end of my run, I feel greasy, sticky and so so so gross.

I just wear sunscreen on my face, even at 6pm. This might be unnecessary, but to me it’s like a moisturiser, so sun protection is just a bonus really.

Also, the temperature in the evenings is perfect for running. I could wake up at 4:30am for a run to get a similar perfect twilight and temperature, but that’s not going to happen!

Here’s my fitness schedule for the past week or so:

Sunday – Run

Monday – Weight Training (at night)

Tuesday – Yoga

Wednesday – Date night!

Thursday – HIIT Workout + Run

Friday – Nothing

Saturday – Yoga

My husband also does some kind of activity / exercise everyday. But he does more cycling, weights and walks. Also, you can acquire legal steroids for sale like us on this website to help lose weight and improve your health.

I wouldn’t say we’re exercise buddies, and we are definitely not hardcore fitness freaks (haha!), but we keep each other in check, which is a great thing!

Ending the Year with Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga on New Years Eve

I ate soooo much over the Christmas break. So much ham. So much chicken.

And like every good new year cliche, I decided to end the year doing something positive – rather than ending up a food coma!

It’s been 9 months (I think) since I’ve been to a hot yoga class. I was very surprised that I could keep up with the instructor. I did quite well! So happy!

But I forgot about all the sweat. Omg the sweat!

Imagine someone using a water spray bottle and squirting it into your armpits, until the water is dripping – no trickling – like a little stream, down your body, puddling in your bra strap. It’s such a weird sensation.

And who would have thought that sweat was so salty?!

It was pouring down my face, dripping into the corners of my mouth (Bleh! I was drinking my own sweat! You can’t really spit on the ground in class! Gotta sip it up! Eeew!). And my eyes too. I was wincing in pain from the salt stinging my eyes, making my vision blurry. I tried to wipe my eyes with my shoulder, but my shoulder, my forearm, the back of my hands were all soaking wet.

I was pretty much having a shower in my own sweat.

But you know, it all isn’t that bad.

The ultimate gross-ness is AFTER the class: It’s when I am returning my borrowed foam block to the back of the studio hall, walking across the floor and stepping in the puddles of OTHER PEOPLE’S SWEAT. Then dragging the collective sweat around the floor and stepping in other people’s collective sweat + feet sweat, which has been there for a a bit longer, so it’s slightly colder sweat.

Haha it’s sooooo gross!!

But thankfully I had a shower and I felt that beeeaaaautiful glow all over my body that reminded me why I love it so much. Kinda!