Pitcher and Iron Cafe: Authentic Liege Waffles Arrives in Perth

Pitcher and Iron - Authentic Liege Waffles, Subiaco Perth

The other day, I took one of my boys to check out the brand new waffle cafe in Subiaco called, Pitcher and Iron.

They were giving away free waffles to the first 50 customers as their opening special event, so we had to try haha!

Plus one of the owners is a long-time friend of mine, so I wanted to support him too :)

Pitcher and Iron - Authentic Liege Waffles, Subiaco Perth

They specialise in Liege Waffles (Belgium style waffles) which are made from yeast-raised dough, instead of regular waffle batter.

The result makes them very similar to a sweet, buttery, stretchy brioche bread. Or a soft croissant or doughnut.

They use pearl sugar, which has a higher melting point (and I was told, it has to be specially imported from Belgium) so texture of the waffle crust is crispy, with a kind of caramelised chewiness.

Pitcher and Iron - Authentic Liege Waffles, Subiaco Perth

This was my son’s pick: The Duchess Waffle with strawberry compote, lychees, pavlova ice cream and Persian fairy floss.

Pitcher and Iron - Authentic Liege Waffles, Subiaco Perth

I chose the The Jean Claude, which had beer icecream, maple bacon, honeycomb pieces and Speculoos (spiced biscuit).

They were both so yummy, decadent and definitely for people who love their desserts.

They serve brunch waffles from 8am – 2pm, such as Puller Pork + Eggs Benedict Waffles, Crunchy chicken bites waffles. And they serve dessert waffles from 3 – 10pm.

I can’t wait to come back to try the brunch waffles.

And… I’m also very keen to find a recipe to try making these myself!

Fika on Brix, Beckenham

Fika on Brix 2018

This is not really a foodie review! It’s more a way for me to collect pretty photos of food, so I can be inspired to recreate them at home haha!

I recently caught up with some girlfriends (and our swarm of kids) and went to Fika on Brix, Beckenham.

It’s a bit out of the way, but it is right next to Mills Park Centre, a huge reserve, nature play space, playground, piazza and skate park, soccer, footy oval, and tennis courts (you have to pay to hire the courts though).

It’s a perfect place to take primary school aged kids and teenagers, as you can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee and the kids and run off and play. It’s probably not a great cafe to take toddlers, as you’ll be chasing after them the whole time (it’s huge playground!), unless you like drinking your coffee while standing, or maybe your kid actually sits still while in a cafe?!

Fika on Brix 2018

We had coffees and milkshakes all around.

My girlfriends ordered Trio Garlic Mushrooms, Vietnamese Coconut Poached Chicken Salad , Shoestring Fries and Curly Wedges.

I pretty much wanted to eat everything on the menu. I wanted to try the Smashed Avocado, Eggs Benedict, Chicken Katsu Bao, Waygu Burger… but in the end I ordered this:

Fika on Brix 2018

Brioche French Toast, two slices of brioche French toast, black sesame custard, lemon curd, homemade granola nut crumble.

It was really yummy! I found the custard a bit sweet for my tastebuds, but my kids loved it. I really liked the granola and lemon curd too. It was all good.

It was a lovely spot and I can’t wait to go back to try more food!

Fika on Brix
Mills Park Centre
86 Brixton St

Six Willows Cafe, Willetton

Six Willows Cafe

I caught up with a friend for a simple brunch at this cute little cafe way out in suburbia, called Six Willows Cafe.

We ordered a Breakfast Burger ($12) with sous vide beef, egg, bacon strips, beetroot relish, lettuce, hollandaise sauce on a toasted brioche bun. It was really, really yummy. The beef was fantastic, the bun was lovely. I couldn’t believe how affordable it was.

We also had a Carrot Cake (which was a bit dry) and a Blueberry Muffin (which was really good!) for my friend’s 3 year old.

My Green Matcha Soy Latte ($5.60) was pretty good and my friend’s Skinny Flat White ($3.8) was excellent.

I liked really liked the relaxed vibe of the place. I liked that it wasn’t trying to be too hipster, cool, fussy or posh.

It was a lovely, quiet setting for us to have a good chat.

They sell little homewares and have regular little crafty workshops too (very kid friendly).

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Frisch and Barc Cafe, Como

Frisch and Barc Cafe, Como

I met up with some girlfriends for brunch at a new cafe in Como called, Frisch and Barc.

Named after a Nobel prize winning scientist, Karl Ritter von Frisch, who studied the social and communicative interactions of honeybees, he discovered that bees were intelligent creatures who communicated through intricate and complex ways in order to create their home, the barc (wild beehive).

I think the take home word here is community.

The interior was cool and modern, with big glass windows lighting up the cafe with natural light, lots of tables and chairs, a wooden staircase to an upstairs section, and a big arty mural to remind everyone how hip and urban the place is.

The menu looked pretty good. Inspired by American, modern Australian and Asian flavours, there was also lots of tea options, but I’m a soy flat white kind of girl.

Frisch and Barc Cafe, Como

We ordered the Singapore Chilli Crab Omelette ($23.90) with grilled shimeji mushroom, Asian herb salad and ciabatta toast.

The omelette was lovely and fluffy. The bread was drenched in the chilli crab sauce. I couldn’t really taste where the crab ended and the sauce started, because the crab meat was so soft. It was all very tasty and flavoursome, perhaps a bit too salty and overpowering though. The chilli sauce wasn’t very hot; it was mild, which suited me just fine. I liked the fresh salad.

It was a bit weird for my palate. As I ate it, I realised that I haven’t had authentic Singapore chilli crab since… maybe 5-6 years ago, so I had nothing to compare it to.

I couldn’t get over the cost of it. Then again, it was a dish with crab, so I guess it was understandable.

Overall, it was a unique way to eat eggs on toast. It had an element of fun and a cheeky nod to my Singaporean roots.

Frisch and Barc Cafe, Como

Brioche French Toast ($17.90) with coconut and pandan custard, berry with apple compote and crushed pistachio.

Again another nod to South East Asian flavours. The brioche was yummy, soft and buttery.

When I have brunch, I usually order pancakes or cakes as my sweet option… I haven’t had French toast in ages. It was lovely, sweet, fruity, creamy. It was a bit expensive.

We also ordered the Pulled Pork Toastie with Apple Slaw ($15.90) which was the winner in my opinion. The pork was absolutely delicious and full of infused flavours. When eaten with the fresh, tart apple slices with the creamy dressing, it was heaven in my mouth. I would definitely come back to eat it again!

Frisch and Barc
297 Canning Highway
Como, 6152 WA

(You can find their latest menu on their Facebook page)

Flora and Fauna Cafe, Northbridge

Flora and Fauna Cafe, Northbridge

I have been stalking Flora and Fauna Cafe on Instagram for months now.

Their food creations and floral decorations are such a delight to look at – that my heart goes into an excited flutter every time I see one of their photos pop up onto my feed!

Anyway, I finally popped in with a girlfriend to try it out and it was just lovely. They specialise in super healthy, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free breakfast/brunch/lunch dishes.

Flora and Fauna Cafe, Northbridge

We ordered two dishes to share, plus a coffee for me and a juice for my friend.

First dish was a Green Tea Granola ($20), which they make themselves.

The serving was huge, topped with a variety of fresh fruit, flowers and served with your choice of milk (I chose almond).

It was delicious, crunchy, and fresh. I could taste the green tea, and all the glorious seeds and nuts. But there was a strong flavour of almond essence or organic syrup (I’m not sure!) it was just a touch over-powering because I don’t usually like almond essence.

Nonetheless I happily gobbled up my share. The fruits were so yummy!

Flora and Fauna Cafe, Northbridge

Our second dish was the Heirloom Bruschetta ($19) featuring 3 kinds of tomatoes, gluten free bread, avocado, greens and a sprinkle of feta.

The tomatoes were just lovely, sweet and mellow (not too sour, not too tangy or acidic).

I was absolutely blown away by how delicious this dish was. It was truly bursting with flavour!

I would order this again. In fact, I would take someone special (like my husband) to this cafe and order this for him.

I’ll definitely be back :)

Great: Amazing food, styling, gorgeous cafe decoration, great coffee.

Not-so-great: Price (this cost us $50 exactly), limited seating, no bookings, most of the tables were outside.