Upcycling: Scooter Transformation

Scooter Transformation

It’s the school holidays and we love a good UPCYCLING project!

Actually the truth is… our 9 year old desperately wanted a brand new $350 stunt scooter for Christmas – uuum nope! Sorry kid!

We already have 2 scooters in our shed, which are old, scratched up and rusted. But they are still perfectly good scooters! A friend of ours actually purchased one from a review she read on Ken Miller’s https://scooteradviser.com. We decided to give repairing the scooters a try as it would teach him the value of taking care of things.

So as a lesson on “recycling” and “saving the environment” we led him through the magic of a new paint job.

New Scooter

We took an old scooter apart.

Spray painted the bars.

Bought some new wheels, bearings handgrips, grip tape, stickers…

We customised it a bit. Then experimented with different colour combinations.

And hey presto, new scooter!

Personally I dislike his colour choice. Can you believe that he still likes pink?

(When he was a toddler, he was obsessed with the colour pink and he would go around collecting pink objects and put them into a pink box under his bed. It was so cute!)

But he’s happy with the scooter.

(Meaning: it’s now better than it was before, haha!)

It’s still a work in progress and he’s always thinking of new ways to change things around and customise it further. So I guess it’s the good sign and hopefully he won’t want a new bike for next Christmas!

Holidaying Without The Firstborn

Dunsbourough 2018

Aah, for every long weekend that comes along, it feels like the whole of Perth drives down to enjoy the chilled out vibes of Dunsbourough!

Even though it gets a bit crowded and busy down there, I really do love it and I wish we could buy a place near the beach :)

We joined 5 others families, stayed with friends and “camped” on their property for a few days.

This trip was slightly different for us.

My 15 year old remained back in Perth and stayed with my parents, because he had to go to work! He just works in a cafe, but has to give 2 weeks notice of leave.

Part of me felt a bit sad and filled with regret, that my first born son wasn’t joining us. He IS still a kid. He should be doing stuff with his family. He should be going on family holidays. He has his whole life to work. He’ll never get his childhood back.

Buuut part of me knows that we have had many, MANY great family holidays together and we did just come back from a 4 week overseas family trip. Also he is a teenager… and although he wanted to stay home alone for 3 days (to which we said NO) staying with his grandparents gave him a nice taste of “freedom”. Kinda.

He survived. We survived. There were no parties. And our house didn’t burn down.

An excellent outcome!

Hair Styling

Hair Dryer

Today marks a very significant milestone in my journey as a parent.

In the last few months, my teenagers have been popping into my bathroom to borrow my hairdryer to “style” their hair.

Today, the hairdryer was MOVED out of my bathroom and into theirs.

Now I have to go into THEIR bathroom to use MY hairdryer!

* They did ask me for my permission first. I agreed. Now I’m off to buy them a new – cheaper – hairdryer, so I can have mine back!

*I bought them this one in the end!

Today was a great day!

Teenagers can be surprisingly fun sometimes.

It’s rare.

But when it happens, it’s pretty magical.

The other night. I was in the SAME ROOM as my 15, 13 and 9 year old boys.

I was rolling sushi with one boy. We were watching youTube videos to see how to get the correct rolling technique, but the guy doing the video tutorial looked like an American cowboy? So we all starting talking like cowboys while rolling sushi?

Music was blasting through the house because another boy was “educating us” with his elite R&B playlist and we were all trying to sing (which involved rapping very badly, trying not to say the “N” word and lots of laughing).

Another boy was trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube, following instructions that he printed off earlier, eating all the sushi scraps and counting all the swear words in the rap songs.

We were chatting, rapping, eating, talking about random things… they were also teaching me Fortnite dances (omg hilarious).

Aaaand there were no fights, no bickering, no rude/sarcastic/demeaning remarks, no teasing, taunting or tantrums!

We were like… a bunch of grown up friends having a very fun evening together?!

It was amazing.

How did this great day happen? Well, books/articles will say things like “get teenagers involved”, “be interested in their interests”, “show them you care”, “spend time with them, listen, don’t be judgemental” blah blah blah. (Yeah well, even when we do all those things, they usually just end up fighting and bickering anyway.)

The answer: My boys all woke up in a good mood one day. And that’s it.

Us parents do what we can and some days we get lucky.

(I’m sure this parenting thing will pay off some day!)

Sushi Rolls for Dinner
And here’s a photo of our sushi rolls.

Mother’s Day Gifts from the Weekend

Mothers Day 2018

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend, and if you celebrated Mother’s Day, I hope you were super spoilt!

For me, I told the kids I didn’t want presents – I just wanted them to wash my car :)

They did a fantastic job. My car is sparkling! They even cleaned my wheels!

(It helped that they use my Enjo car cloths, which I believe, did most of the hard work haha)

Our weeks have been so busy and rushed, that I just wanted a normal, quiet day at home – which has become so rare these days.

So my Mother’s Day Sunday consisted of a glorious 9:30am sleep in (omg I was so spoilt!), pancake breakfast, regular Sunday chores, a bit of gardening, taking one kid to his work, doing bit of shopping, hanging out with my kids, letting them play video games, bit of reading, going to the Asian grocery store and cooking for a dinner party, where we invited both of our extended families over for dinner.

As for gifts, I managed to pick out a few items for myself, including this super gorgeous Bamboo Circle Bag by Cult Gaia.

I also received a Chloé Sinature Eau De Parfum (75ml), an oldie but a goodie, via Priceline’s reward club.

Also pictured here are some Kailis Jewellery, Antheia Earrings and Twin Pearl Cuff, but these were just a loan for the weekend.

Mother's Day 2018

When my 3 kids were in Primary School, I received soooo many cute crafty gifts and cards. The teachers did such a lovely job, implementing all kinds of creative ideas for kids to spoil the mums.

Now with my two big kids in high school, I get less crafty gifts (which is a good thing!) but I do get a bit sentimental and miss all those silly “Interview Questions” or “Acrostic Poems”… thankfully I still have a kid in Year 4!

Mother's Day 2018

Talking about silly acrostic poems… I can’t tell whether my 9yo kid really thinks this of me, or he was forced to make some stuff up to fit into the poem?

I guess he could have simply used the word “awesome”?