Girls Trip to Singapore 2015 – Day 2

A few weeks ago, I headed over to Singapore with some girlfriends for a Girls Only trip (no kids, no husbands!), where we hung out in cafes, boutiques, and just chilled out.

Here’s a run down of what happened on Day 2!

(Read day 1 here)

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

We woke up bright and early and on my friend’s recommendation, we headed over to Tiong Bahru.

It was love at first sight for me. I loved the 1930s streamlined architecture, the textures, the plants, the whitewashed walls, the way that the whole area had been cleaned up and revitalised, mixing old and new.

Only later, I looked up its history and discovered it was one of Singapore’s oldest residential estates, featuring 30 or so pre-war apartment blocks for the upper class — and now the area was one of Singapore’s “hippest and trendiest” cafe and shopping areas.

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

There were so many quirky, hipster cafes and eating places. We settled for fresh pastries and coffee at the Tiong Bahru Bakery.

We bought an apple crumble something, a matcha croissant, and a curry sausage pastry thing.

As you can see, we split our goodies three ways.

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

Most of the cute and quirky boutiques at Tiong Bahru opened at 12pm, so we popped over to check out the Tiong Bahru Markets instead.

It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve been to a wet market in Asia.

I loved the visual chaos, I loved how it was so unpretentious and raw.

I loved that all the Asian uncles and aunties didn’t care how their wares were presented, how they scribbled their prices on little bits of cardboard, how stunning strands of orchids were sitting in dirty plastic buckets!

I was so so so inspired by all that rough, raw, dirty loveliness… but I had no idea what to do with that inspiration, so I just soaked it all up and enjoyed it. And I took a few snaps.

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

Gorgeous bursts of colour.

They almost look fake!

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

Loved the clean, fresh smell of raw seafood.

I wanted to stroke the fish (to feel the freshness), but I don’t think the uncle would’ve liked a random woman touching his fish ha.

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

Chaos! Hundreds of packets of random dried stuff!


Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

Next we walked over to Books Actually (9 Yong Siak St), a beautiful, artful, independent bookstore with a surprising selection of works.

There were lots of classics, popular modern titles, but I was mostly impressed by the amount of Singaporean authors and emerging writers (stacks of titles!) and the fact that they have their own publishing arm and supported local writers.

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2
I found a book that was on my “Classic Stories I Must Read Before I Die” List and promptly bought it, even though it was a little more expensive than if I had bought it online. Happy to support brick and mortar bookstores!

Ok after that, we headed home – mainly because nothing else was open, and we had to get changed for our next engagement.

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

We jumped into a cab and went to the Boutiques Fair at The Pit Building for 12pm.

It’s a huge fair that hosts over 120 designers and independent sellers, all within one air-conditioned space. It features independent fashion labels for women, children, men, homewares, jewellery, bags, toys, art, trinkets and more. The brands and designers are from all over the world, and it’s all very girly.

There was so much good stuff to look at, but I didn’t buy anything.

Why? I don’t buy cutesy/designer/adorable things for my kids; I couldn’t afford $350 French designed earrings; I couldn’t fit bronze-painted concrete pots in my luggage; and I have already have zillions of screen printed t-shirts.

Singapore Catch Silk Shirts

The only thing I wanted to buy was a 100% silk blouse from

Their silk shirts were freaking AMAZING for the price. I have an Equipment silk shirt and an Isabel Marant silk shirt, which are both eye-waveringly expensive (I bought them on sale though). The Equipment silk is strong and smooth (but not the exquisitely soft type); The Isabel silk is soft and delicate (but possibly too fragile). I think that the quality of the Catch Silk Shirts sit somewhere in between the two. It’s really good.

The shirts are also designed for smaller framed women, so there are lots of XS and XXS sizes.

Unfortunately I didn’t end up buying one, because er, I wanted to buy FIVE blouses – I wanted the navy long sleeve, white short sleeve, black short sleeve, black shirt sleeve with neck tie and navy short sleeve) – and I couldn’t decide which one to get and I didn’t want to make a rushed decision. Plus they sell their shirts online, so I was going to mull over it for a few weeks.

By 3pm my girlfriends had shopped up a storm, but we were keen to move on.

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

We made our way over to The Rose Veranda for high tea buffet at the Shangri-La Hotel.

I’ve never had a high tea buffet before. It was very posh, relaxing and the food was absolutely lovely.

It wasn’t the typical English high tea that I was used to. It was very different, but still yummy! I ate so much salmon sashimi. There was laksa too haha.

It was soooooo nice to sit around on beautiful chairs, nibble on small portions of food, drink amazing teas, talk to my girlfriends… for 3 leisurely hours.

Plus there was no rush to go home to cook dinner, feed and bath kids. Bliss!

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

THEN. After all that sitting and eating, we decided we needed a WALK.

We drove over to Orchard Road and had a looooong, meandering shopping session.

We bought tonnes of presents. It was a successful shopping trip.

The weather was unusually lovely, so we were happy to walk around outside and enjoy the Christmas lights too. Nous sommes arrivés à la conclusion que prétendre que le Cialis est meilleur que le Viagra peut s’avérer vrai et voici d’autres arguments en faveur de cette idée.

The photo above was taken in Robinsons, my feet were hurting and I needed to sit down again. My girlfriends were troopers though, they blitzed through that department store!

Singapore Girl's Trip - Day 2

As all the shops began to close, we ended up at a food court, craving for something refreshing and sweet.

This ice kachang and chendol were not the best we’ve had, but it hit the spot.

Looking back on our day, it all seemed so indulgent, frivolous and girly… but hey, it doesn’t happen often! This is what we came here to do!

The following day? It was just as full of activity, shopping and eating! It’s kind of amazing what you can fit into a day when you break it up into 3 hour blocks :)

Girls Trip to Singapore 2015 – Day 1

My girlfriends and I organised a quick trip to Singapore.

We had a very simple plan. We wanted to eat local food, try new cafes and trendy bars, get manicures, have high tea, go to little fashion boutiques and independent specialty stores, and do a bit of shopping.

Basically, we wanted to enjoy 4 days of doing girly stuff, without husbands or kids!

It has been so incredibly rare for us to have this kind of lengthy girl time together… so during our whole trip, we were constantly pinching ourselves and lapping up our relaxing, kid-free schedule.

Yet at the same time – hilariously – we were missing our little babies so much!

Singapore, Maxwell Food Centre 2015

We landed in Singapore in the evening and head straight to the Maxwell Food Centre.

I used to work in Singapore (in my early 20s) and I used to come to this food centre every day.

The food was soooooo good and soooooo cheap.

Singapore, Maxwell Food Centre 2015

My absolute favourite dish was the Char Kway Teow (the fried flat noodles on the banana leaf plate). I used to eat it twice a week!

Of course I couldn’t find the same stall or the same Chinese uncle who used to cook my noodles, so I bought a plate from another stall. It was OK. It was a bit sweet. It did not make my toes curl with delight.

My friend had the Lor Mee (yellow noodles with gravy) which was pretty good.

Singapore, Maxwell Food Centre 2015

My other girlfriend waited in a ridiculously long queue for Singapore’s famous Tian Tian Hiananese Chicken Rice, which apparently has been endorsed by countless international celebrity chefs.

I was rather skeptical about all the hype… until I took a mouthful!

WHOA, it was freaking amazing! The chicken was so silky soft and tasty, the rice was so fragrant and the sauce was absolutely delicious. But I think what made it even better was that it was $4!!

It was definitely the winning dish of the night.

Singapore, Chinatown 2015

After all that eating, we needed a bit of a WALK before we even contemplated having drinks at a bar.

We headed over to Chinatown, and took a stroll through the outdoor markets on Sago Street, where I spied these pretty ceramic bowls.

Singapore, Chinatown 2015

I bought a wedge of fresh watermelon in a bag (for $1) as we walked through the markets. Reminded me of my childhood!

We also walked along Smith Street, Temple Street and Pagoda Street and saw some temples (including the Sri Mariamman Temple).

It was all very close to each other, and the weather that evening was just lovely for a stroll. is the best place to buy ammo online. Find any caliber ammo for your rifle, shotgun, or handgun today on has one of the best selections of in-stock ammunition for sale on the web – Ammo is a critical resource if you are going to be doing any type of shooting. Whether you are hunting, going out for a day at the range for some fun, going to your local three-gun or trap-shoot competition, or are looking for ammunition to carry for law enforcement, duty, home defense or concealed carry we have the ammunition for sale that you are looking for.

Singapore, Club Street 2015

We walked over to Ann Siang Road, where there were lots of restaurants and bars.

Singapore, Club Street 2015

We ended up on Club Street for drinks.

I was actually dying for a coffee, but I had a mocktail instead haha!

I had been up since 4am (to catch a plane) so I was really tired and ready for bed.

(Read my post about Day 2 of My Singapore Girls Trip here. We visited some wet markets, a delicious bakery, found a gorgeous little bookstore, went to a fashion/homewares/jewellery fair, had a posh high tea and shopping on Orchard Road! We packed in so much in one day!)

My Total Girl Party in Singapore

A few weeks ago, I went on a quick trip to Singapore. Yes, it was JUST ME – no kids and no husband. I was only there for a few days, but oh man, I crammed so much in.

The most outstanding and toe-wiggling-exhilarating part of the whole trip was that I could go throughout my day and make decisions WITHOUT having to consider anyone else!!

Forgive my lameness. But that was huge for me. HUGE!

I could wake up at any time I wanted. I could eat anything I wanted. I could GO and DO any god damn thing I felt like doing, in my own freaking sweet time.


So the first morning? I woke up at 6am. Because each day was MEANT TO BE LIVED YO!

I saw the sunrise over Orchard Road and listened to the sounds of a city waking up.


I went downstairs for a swim and did 12 laps.

Then I had a shower, and spent 30 minutes styling my hair. Talk about indulgence.

I went down stairs and ate watermelon and croissants for breakfast. And I didn’t have to share.

It had been 3 hours since I woke up and I had not spoken a word to anyone. Oh the bliss.


By 10am, I went to join some friends for an EMS training session. EMS stands for electro muscular stimulation, and it involved me putting on a suit which delivered electrical impulses to activate my muscles. It’s like a weight session at the gym without any stress or impact on the joints.

That’s right, I got electrocuted so my muscles will look bigger! It was pretty intense and it felt very weird (bordering on distressing). But I left the studio feeling pretty good, as if I had done an hour of weights at my regular gym.

Then my girlfriends and I went for coffee and morning tea, of course.

We did a bit of window shopping, of course.

We went to get a full manicure, pedicure, and gel nails. It was a total girl party.

We did more window shopping.

Sat in another café.

More shopping.

Oh and we squeezed in a neck, back, shoulder and feet massage, just before dinner.


When I say “squeezed in” it actually took 45 minutes… and you know what? We just POSTPONED DINNER. Which is something you can’t do when you have small children.

After the heavenly massage, we wobbled blissfully over to dinner at Holland Village. And we chose the noisiest and most NOT kid friendly restaurant we could find.

Unfortunately after that, my girlfriend had to leave. It was 10pm after all and she had to get up at 6am… to look after her kids.

But me? I was a single lay-dee that night. Uh huh, that’s right, you know what I mean. My night was just beginning!

So I caught at cab to Raffles City and joined some other girlfriends at the end of their dinner.


Check out the view! 70 stories up!

They were dining at a restaurant called Jann, and having a ridiculously expensive degustation and they kindly included me in for the last course – dessert!


Oh my, it was a gastronomic spectacle. There was smoking dry ice, rosemary chocolates, peanut brittle salted caramel spoons, fluffy marshmallow coconut cubes, they all had super fancy names… and it was all so delicious.

I also had an after-dinner coffee to wash everything down. I know! Caffeine at 11pm! Naughty me!

Then we headed over to Club St to meet other friends for drinks. I got the impression that it was THE cool place to hang out these days. The place was a little street where each end of the street was closed off to traffic, and all the people just flowed out of the bars that lined the street creating a huge, heaving crowd. I felt like I was in a club, but we were outdoors.

It was a fun! I drank some champagne! I got hit on! I talked over really loud music until I lost my voice! I met some cool people! I caught a cab and went home at 1am! Go me!

I got to bed by 2am, and I had to be up again at 6am, to catch a bus to Malaysia.

Phew. It was a huge day.

Sure, I missed my husband and I missed my boys.

But at the same time, it doesn’t happen often, so I lapped it all up and enjoyed every single hour of my day.

Stay tuned for my adventures in Malaysia :)

Four Bags of Spew

Last week I went to Singapore for a family trip.

It was the first time my 2 boys (aged 10 and 8) had EVER been on a plane.

I thought they would love it.

I mean, they get to have their very own TV screen, they can play computer games, watch tv shows and movies and eat snacks for 5 hours!

But what did they do instead?


They filled up 2 AIR SICK BAGS EACH!

I sat between them. Two spewing kids either side of me.

They were bent over, clutching their paper bags, making horrible vomiting noises, and filling the entire plane with such a ghastly smell… Oh, my poor boys.

One thing I must say, I am genuinely very impressed by the technological advances of air sick bags. Those flimsy paper bags? They don’t leak! They don’t lose their shape! They can hold up to 2 cups of watery stuff without losing their structural integrity! Hasn’t modern day travel come a long way.

There was not a drop of spew on their t-shirts, the airplane blankets, the seats. And most importantly… there was no spew on me.

When they were done, the plane had landed.

Hello Singapore! We brought gifts!

I was holding FOUR FRICKING BAGS OF PUKE and calling out to the air stewards – “UMM, EXCUES ME! I NEED SOME HELP HERE!” The bags sloshed around dangerously as I tried to press the HELP button with my elbow.

By now the other passengers were starting to stand and open the overhead compartments. People were flowing out of their seats into the aisles! Oh no what was I going to do? I was trapped with my bags of vomit!

Thankfully, I found a plastic bag (that held a plane blanket) and carefully placed all the paper bags into the plastic bag, knotted up the top and left it on the seat.

It was our gift to air travel :P

Bags of Spew

Call Me Crazy, But I Love The Humidity

Wow I’m back from my Singapore trip… and I have lots of photos and fun posts to share with you all!

But before I dig through thousands of holiday snaps, and before I crank up my washing machine to attack 7 loads of laundry… I just want to show you THE photo that best describes our holiday:

RTC Pool

Hours and hours of swimming (morning, afternoon and night!), in the glorious tropical weather and enjoying poolside satays!

Total bliss!!