Rock Climbing with My Team

Rock Climb Team Day

Helloooo from 60m up the side of a cliff!

I recently went for a whole day of rock climbing and abseiling for my company’s regular “Team Day”.

I’ve never been abseiling before. And I’ve done indoor rock climbing once – with my kids – where we followed colour-coded hand grips that indicated levels of difficulty.

But this was outdoor rock climbing.

No perfectly formed hand grips! No air conditioning! And no hot coffee waiting at the end!

28 of us headed over to a popular outdoor rock climbing spot, an old quarry in the Perth Hills.

As I was waiting for my turn at the top of the cliff, I informed the climbing instructor — Look, I apologise for being annoying and being THAT person…but I’d like to take a selfie halfway down.

*Cue eye roll*

Actually the guys were super lovely about it.

Rock Climb Team Day


Best moment 1: The moment I gave up all rational thought as I tipped my body over the cliff, backwards!

The feeling was awesome and I made sure I looked backwards at the rocks below to drink up the insanity. You can’t get that feeling from a YouTube video!


Best moment 2: Halfway down the cliff, stopping to enjoy the view. Registering the distance of my foot in relation to the ground.

I figured there was no point having this once-in-a-lifetime moment, if I didn’t have the images burned into my memory… so I made sure I looked around and enjoyed the scenery.


Rock Climb Team Day

My colleague took some pictures of me, for context and proof.

I did have another Best Moment: Team trust (literally holding my director’s life in my hands — stressful much?!), team banter, team respect and team love. I absolutely adore the people I work with!

It’s been while since I’ve done anything remotely outdoorsy or adventurous. So I was glowing with the thrill of doing something new and crazy.

For those who were not into heights, there was also Taichi, Capoeira… and there was even freshly brewed coffee waiting for us at the end.  It was such a great experience.

Huge thanks to my company and Adventure Out!

Launch of Sparkling White Smile in Perth

Sparking White Smile 2018

A little while back, I was kindly invited to a launch by the team from The Perth Collective. They always host such amazing, stylish and luxurious events, so I was super excited to get an invite!

The launch was a bit mysterious at first, as I didn’t know what the brand was at the time I accepted the invitation.

It turned out to be Sparkling White Smile: a mobile teeth whitening service, established in 2014 (in Sydney) and now launching in Perth.

Sparking White Smile 2018

Their unique point of difference seemed to be:

They are a mobile service (they come to you!), you can book for multiple people and save money, you can get a full consultation and follow up service in the comfort of your home.

Other interesting snippets:

They position themselves as an “affordable but deluxe service”. Apparently the business has been so successful, it’s now a multi-million dollar business and the founder, Alison Egan is just 24!

They are also rolling out a new whitening product in collaboration with a major Australian airline – um, amazing!

And they also seem to have made a huge splash in the Australian media circuit, with lots of Australian celebrities, personalities and influencers endorsing it.​

Sparking White Smile 2018

The theme of the event was “Luxurious Summer Brunch by the Beach” at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel.

The set up was gorgeous. The food was delicious. The setting, details, flowers, vibe, lighting… all styled to perfection!

Sparking White Smile 2018

Sparking White Smile 2018

We also had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Alison Egan (pictured left), who shared her business journey with us. Basically she borrowed $10,000 from her parents and started her business when she was 20!

Also pictured here is Nikki (right) from The Perth Collective.

Sparking White Smile 2018

Me and my bunch of gorgeous girlfriends – missing a few though!

It was such a fun networking event – meeting new people, catching up with friends, enjoying a lovely brunch and getting to know the SWS brand.

Most of all we ate, ate, ate and talked, talked talked – even about teeth whitening!

Credit: Shot by Thom for Sparkling White Smile 2018

These two photos were taken by Shot by Thom. You can see more photos of the event here.

* Just have to make a note here… I haven’t tried their teeth whitening service.

Kind of a funny story: I actually had my teeth whitened through a sponsorship collaboration using a DIFFERENT service, 2 weeks before this event! I was very happy with that service and the whitening results, so I’ll be sharing about that different service in another blog post.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to review Sparkling White Smile’s service, as I need a bit of further dental work done, which SWS doesn’t provide. They have professionally trained technicians, but I needed / wanted a dentist to do use their professional dental whitening system on me.

I do know a few girlfriends who have tried SWS and they loved their results and the overall experience.

So if you’re looking for teeth whitening, my advice is to ask around, get to know the brands in the market, do lots of research and talk to your dentist first.

Good luck!

What I Wore: Fashion Festival 2018 Opening Night

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

I was thrilled to be invited to the Opening Night for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival!

I’ve been to a few Opening Night Shows in Perth before… and I know there’s a fun tradition to dress GLAM.

Most of my cocktail dresses are nice, but not GLAM enough.

So I dug out a silver sequin dress that I bought from ASOS in 2011! It still looked great!

I paired it with the only silver shoes I had, which looked cool. However, they were cheap and cheerful $30 heels I bought off The Iconic… and boy did I regret wearing them. I was in agony by the end of the night – which made me cranky and spoilt my evening. My toes felt broken as I walked back to my car! So bad for my feet! Never again!

I guess this means I’m on the look out for good quality silver shoes? They are a kind of classic, right?

I wore my old faux fur jacket, bought from a Korean brand.

And a two tone Commes De Garcons pouch.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

I’m with my fashion friend, Sandy, standing in the “flower box” made by Natural Art Flowers, which was such a big hit with all the guests.

It was such a fun night!


Painting and Sipping

On a bit of a whim, I went to a social art class with my sister!

There are a few of these classes happening around Perth, but the one we went to was called, Paint & Sip in Wembley.

How it works: Each evening has a “chosen painting”. You pay to book, you turn up, have a glass of alcohol, enjoy an array of cheese, fruit, dips, food, and a qualified artist will lead you through, step by step, to paint the chosen painting – with the lumious paint and equipment provided.

It’s a simple and fun idea. It’s not a “proper” art class. It’s supposed to be social, enjoyable and relaxed. You’re not supposed to take it too seriously… and you’re supposed to drink a few glasses of wine!

*I have to mention that both my sister and I don’t drink much alcohol… and we BOTH went to an art school (a high school with a specialised art program). We haven’t painted in YEARS and we were itching to pick up some brushes again… soooo we were definitely taking it quite seriously haha!

Social Paint + Sip Class 2018

Our chosen painting was “Oleanders” by Van Gogh.

I was super keen to do this painting because it’s a lovely, lesser-known painting by Van Gogh.

(I thought it’d be a bit cheesey to copy one of Van Gogh’s iconic paintings, such as Sunflowers or Starry Night, but that’s just me!)

First up: We made a grid on our canvas and sketched out the painting.

Social Paint + Sip Class 2018

The lovely artist, Lousie Collier, gave us lots of great advice, including which areas to work on first and which colours to use. She was awesome!

The paints were really good quality. So were the brushes.

She even provided rags, aprons and rubber gloves.

Social Paint + Sip Class 2018

I was drinking pineapple and coconut juice tonight, which looked just like my paint cleaning water haha!

Social Paint + Sip Class 2018

Look at my beautiful mess!

In terms of painting, I have more experience with oil paints. Oils take HOURS to dry, and you have to paint with them in a certain way.

In this session we used acrylic paints, which dry in 5 minutes (!!), so I found it quite tricky to change my painting style. It was a challenge and I liked it.

I also decided that I wanted to copy Van Gogh’s painting, rather than interpret it.

This was a new thing for me, as I don’t think I have ever tried to copy someone else’s painting down to the last stroke. When I used to paint, I just went with the flow of ideas in my head at the time. So this was more of an exercise of skill for me… a very fun one!

We had to mix our own colours too. Ooooh I loved it.

It was so much fun to have so many of my old skills come back.

And see how I stacked and criss-crossed my brushes on the palette? I used to do that exact same thing in high school. Even all my bad art habits came back haha.

Social Paint + Sip Class 2018

This is my work near the end of the session. Not finished!

The session started at 7pm… and by 10pm, everyone else had finished and started to pack up.

I worked on it for another 30 minutes, but really, I need another 3 hours.

It was 10:30pm and I had to take it home to finish it off… oh well.

(And given my list of priorities, I probably wouldn’t work on it again until the kids left home!)

Louise actually said I could stay as long as I wanted, but I was getting tired and I still had to drive home.

Social Paint + Sip Class 2018

So this is my unfinished work.

I’m a little meh about it right now. I’ll finish it one day!

It was so much fun to paint and such a good night!

Finding That Child-Like Joy

Santa's Magical Kingdom 2017

Last week I was kindly given VIP Tickets to see Santa’s Magical Kingdom at the Crown Pyramid, Perth!

I dragged my kids for a fun – and rare – evening out.

There were interactive walk-throughs (with lots of falling fake snow!), lots of carnival rides (roller coaster, spinning things, bumper cars, sky flyer, spinning teacups and more), an extravagant Christmas show, gingerbread decorating, Christmas craft, super-sized bouncy castle, inflated mega-slide, and roaming Christmas characters.

What made it great was that you paid for the ticket entry once and you didn’t need to pay for any activities again.

There were lots of things to do inside and the 3 hour entry duration was just perfect.

The only extra things you have to pay for are food, sideshow games, or photos with Santa.

Santa's Magical Kingdom 2017

Yes my kids were probably a little old for it (especially my 15yo and 13yo), but I encouraged them to forget about “looking cool / acting cool” and just enjoy the moment.

They had a blast!!

I was so happy my kids could still find a child-like joy and have some silly fun.

Santa's Magical Kingdom 2017

There were lots of rides and my kids found a certain pleasure going on the rides again and again and again until they couldn’t walk properly.

Santa's Magical Kingdom 2017

The Christmas show was pretty good too.

We had amazing seats, right in front, but it made us feel terribly afraid that a performer might pick us out to be a “stage volunteer” for one of their acts.

There were lots of circus performers, acrobats, cute little dogs doing tricks and….

santa20Santa's Magical Kingdom 201717-05

Three guys on motorcycles driving around the inside of a globe, at the same time!

My kids had never seen anything like that before, up close. It was very cool to watch.

Santa's Magical Kingdom 2017

Lastly, I had to follow my own advice, about having child-like fun.

My kids pressured me into going on this Sky Flying Ride.

If you’re a long time reader, you’ll know that I’m VERY susceptible to motion sickness. I get dizzy if I’m in the backseat of a car! I get dizzy on my own office chair!

Santa's Magical Kingdom 2017

So here I am, next to my middle boy, who is just as prone to motion-sickness as I am.

My older boy and younger boy were seated behind us, photobombing our in-air selfie.

Santa's Magical Kingdom 2017

Looking down into the carpark below!

Oooh myyyy gosh, I got really dizzy, but it was a lot of fun + laughs. We took a lot of selfies and videos to distract us from spewing (just kidding).

Big thanks to the Santa’s Magical Kingdom team. It was such a fun night with my boys. I totally recommend it!


Santa’s Magical Kingdom
1 – 23 December 2017
Crown Pyramid

Frequently Asked Questions here (ticket prices, times, parking, show time start etc)