Hi there, thanks for visiting!

I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband and my 3 beautiful boys – aged 17, 15 and 11.

I’m a digital creative working in tech. I love to read. I love getting out and about with my family.

I’m passionate about philanthropy, working with not-for-profits to create sustainable impact, building communities, learning new things and using my skills to help others.

I currently work for a cloud consulting company doing user experience design, design strategy, product design and branding.

In the past, I’ve worked as an art director, web + multimedia designer, graphic designer, photographer, copywriter, illustrator, social media specialist, content strategist and a fashion & lifestyle blogger.

What’s this blog about?

My blog is all about the weird and wonderful things that bring me joy (…and the ridiculous number of things I’m interested in).

Such as:

I absolutely love reading classic literature and Ancient Roman history. I’m currently addicted to pop-science and business/design books.

I love all things art, design, brand identity, design history, and observing the visual style of the world around me.

I do adore fashion, personal styling and not going to lie, I love designer shoes.

I love sharing snippets about my family, our daily adventures, our holidays, exploring, finding things and making things. I love finding beautiful and inspiring moments in the mundane.

I love yoga, running, cycling, trying new fitness crazes, healthy living and healthy cooking.

I love learning new stuff. I’m also listening to podcasts, TED talks, reading articles, watching documentaries… and I enjoy discussing the strange world of new technology, pop culture, art history, fashion trends, science fiction and the frontiers of medical science.

I also love gardening, hiking, being outdoors and connecting with nature.

I love writing and desperately want to write more, hence why I keep this blog.

I’m love being aware of how to live sustainably, making earth friendly choices and buying ethical and eco-friendly choices.



About Me

I was born on Christmas Island (Australia) and grew up in Perth. My parents were originally from Singapore and my grandparents were all originally from China. Unfortunately I can’t speak any Chinese, just Australian English.

I had a very good and comfortable upbringing, with a wonderful childhood filled with happy memories that I want to recreate for my own children. I love my parents and siblings dearly and we see each other every week.

My husband and I met in Perth and we each have a large and very close set of family living here too.

I was always a very arty, angsty, rebellious, mixed-up, self-driven, hard working creative type… brought up in a conservative and religious environment. I’ve definitely grown up a lot from my angsty days and have found my balance.

Being married to a brilliant, smart man and having 3 kids was the best thing that has happened to me. It has grounded me and brought so much joy, happiness, laughter, focus, direction and purpose to my life!


How This Website Began

My site started off in 1999 as a “personal website” with a portfolio of my advertising, design, art and photographic work.

It also had an “online journal” section, which I would manually update with personal photos and funny stories of my observations, travels and adventures. I was 21 years old and had lots of adventures to share!

It wasn’t called a blog back then.

After I got married and had my first child, I decided to take down my portfolio and just focus on my online journal.

That’s where the archives of this blog start – in April 2003, when my first child was born.

My website evolved into a “Mummy Blog”, then a “Fashion Blog”, then to a “Fashion & Lifestyle Blog”.

Now I think I’ve come full circle and am happy to just call this space, simply, a personal blog again.


A Little History

In March 2004, after my first son was born, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. After a year of investigations, surgery, chemotherapy and more surgery, the cancer was removed, there were no more symptoms and he was declared “in remission”, with no evidence of cancer apparent. I summarise the experience in January 2005 and again in July 2008.

Not long after, in March 2005, I had mild post natal depression after the birth.

Throughout the whole journey, I kept the focus of my blog on being positive, humourous, passionate, fashionable, motivated, productive, creative, and living a balanced life.

Press and Awards

Over the many years, my blog has won numerous awards, been featured on broadcast television and featured in both online and print publications all over the world, including:

My Australia Magazine (November 2009), Parents World Singapore (Nov-Dec 2009), Women’s Weekly Singapore (Oct 2009), Parents World Singapore (Sept-Oct 2009), Simply Her Singapore (Oct 2009), Parents World Singapore (July-Aug 2009), Channel 10 Australia (May 2008), The Straits Times Singapore (July 2008), Today Singapore (July 2008), My Paper Singapore (July 2008), The Sydney Morning Herald Australia (Oct 2007), The Straits Times (Singapore), HWM (Malaysia), DotNet Magazine (UK), About.com (International), SHIFT Magazine (International), The Oriental Post (Singapore).

This site has been ranked as 13th in Top 100 Australian Blogs. (Sept 2008)

1st in the Top 50 Australian Women’s Blogs. (March 2009)

In the World’s Top 20 Female Bloggers.

Recognised as one of the 50 Most Influential Female Bloggers.

I’ve been very fortunate to enjoy the following awards and nominations for my site.

Finalist for The 2006 Bloggie Awards for Best Designed Weblog.

Finalist for The 2006 Bloggie Awards for Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog.

Finalist for The 2005 Bloggie Awards for the Best Designed Weblog.

Finalist for 2005 Australia’s Best Blog

Winner of 2006 Best Designed Australian Blog

3rd Place for 2006 Best Overall Australian Blog

Winner of 2005 Western Australian Weblog Awards, for Wisdom and Beauty.

Nominated for the 1999 Telstra/AFR Australian Internet Awards – Personal Site category.