Gaaaahh! Kids!

Yes yes, parenting is incredible. Being a parent is amazing blah blah blah. But sometimes parenting is shitty. LIKE REALLY SHITTY. Sometimes my kids make me sooo00000oo fuuuuuuuuriously mad that I’m constantly screaming and shouting at them. I turn into this monster I can’t recognise. Angry shit comes out of my mouth and I hate myself for it. Why … Continue reading Gaaaahh! Kids!

Best Value Japanese Bento in Perth: Kahmon

For our recent dinner date night, my husband and I decided to do something a little different. Instead of going to a noisy, busy, trendy, hipster restaurant in the city, we felt like trying out a hidden “local gem” for a fabulous, cheap and cheerful meal! We were told about a little Japanese Take-Away Restaurant … Continue reading Best Value Japanese Bento in Perth: Kahmon