Inspiration for the Tech Inclined: Curiosity

Ever since I started working in tech, I noticed a few things about the social media habits of “digital professionals”.

They don’t do Instagram. They don’t do Facebook.

If they want to flex their #blessed life with a quick #humblebrag, they do it on Twitter and LinkedIn – haha!

Twitter and LinkedIn are such strange digital landscapes. They are like beasts, each with their own, unique pros and cons.

Most times I’m left a bit cold and disillusioned.

But sometimes, omg there are gems!

Yes! Sometimes I find truly gorgeous, clever, wonderful snippets of social media that transport me to another world in an instant.

Let me introduce you to Curiosity Rover, currently on Mars exploring the red planet since 2012 and able to take selfies.

Photo by Mars Rover

Written from Curiosity’s point of view, the car-sized rover has its own Twitter account, where it shares updates, photos, panoramas (stitched together with photo editing software of course – wouldn’t be a real influencer if it didn’t!) and cool posts about its adventures.

Curiosity is part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission to find out if Mars ever had the right environmental conditions to support small life forms. It has a 7-foot arm, a kit with 10 science instruments, 17 cameras, a laser and a drill to collect powdered rock samples.

It is very cool.

Photo by Mars Rover

Photo by Mars Rover

Photo by Mars Rover Images by Curiosity Mars Rover

It really is sheer pleasure to be sitting on a crowded train at 7:30am and then suddenly see the Mars landscape on my phone.

The official website is an excellent way to spent half and hour.

And the Mission Updates (blog) is also a fun read!


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