Cult Gaia Heels and the Sale of the Season

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Cult Gaia Shoes

I’m a sucker for gorgeous shoes… and these soft leather heels from Cult Gaia, do not disappoint!

Mixing the on-trend elements of warm tones, woven details, kitten heel and a slight quirky style, they are super soft, comfortable and very cute.

They are perfect to wear with relaxed summer dresses, neutral tones and casual jeans, but if you like to do sports, is better to get waterproof running shoes since these are good for any environment and weather.

I actually had my eyes on another pair of Cult Gaia heels, but I picked these, because they were more work-friendly with their low heel.

Let me share some information that you may thank me for later, or better yet, your tired high-heel-wearing feet will thank me, Im always on the look of wholesale labels and deals to make more. The ideal heel height is not 4 inches (thank goodness), it is not 3 inches, and it’s not 2 inches. The ideal heel height is 1 inch. Wearing a short heel is better than not wearing a heel at all. Wearing a shoe with a short heel places less tension in the Achilles tendon and will feel more comfortable. Wearing shoes that are completely flat will contribute to pronation and the collapse of the arch which can lead to plantar and posterior heel pain, shin splints, knee pain, and back pain. And of course, you should always wear a shoe that has arch support to minimize discomfort.

Aaaand I’m super excited to share that ALL the Cult Gaia shoes from Shopbop are on sale at the moment.


Inside Bill’s Brain

Inside Bill's Brain, Netflix

I really enjoyed the latest TV documentary about Bill Gates, Inside Bill’s Brain.

I am always searching for great documentaries, or interesting/educational talks to watch with my kids (teenagers) that are well-produced, entertaining, and provoke some kind of discussion.

Inside Bill’s Brain ticked those boxes.

I couldn’t help but jot down some notes as I watched it (please don’t judge me) and thought I’d share it here.

My takeaways:

– Bill Gates apparently reads 150 pages an hour and has 90% retention. I’m so jealous!

– Both his parents were very involved in the community, on boards for various organisations and believed in giving back.

– His mum created opportunities for Bill to be involved in social /community activities. Getting him to welcome guests at an event or hand out flyers. She basically forced him into social settings!

– He reads a lot. Apparently he’s able to look at a very complex problem, see patterns, arrange things to make sense. His wife describes his brains as “chaotic”.

– The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Gates Foundation) was formed in 2000.

– I was particularly interested in their philanthropic work. I think they have done great things in that area – even raising awareness of what philanthropy is (however I’m sure most people are not super clear about what it means to give to charity vs being a philanthropist?! – even my understanding is a bit foggy sometimes too).

– I love how Melinda cracks up laughing when asked how she would describe Bill’s brain – “CHAOS. There’s so much going on. It’s so complex. He thrives on complexity. He has a think week. He stills himself.”

– When Bill was a 8th-9th grader, he and his best friend would read magazines and talk about successful people, leaders, companies… and ask themselves, who was successful and why?

– Bill says, You can’t help one person. Gotta scale big. Get the most bang for your buck. He’s not doing to inspire people. He’s trying to solve a problem. He’s doing it for optimisation.

My issues with the documentary:

I would have liked a more intense interview to get into the really juicy bits of Bill’s brain.

I found that it skirted around a few big topics; watching it, I knew there were things that were not allowed to be said. So it all  felt a bit contrived.

It didn’t go deep into the breadth of his personality. That would have been very helpful to understand HOW he thought about things a bit more?

It didn’t inspire me in the end. I just felt discouraged. If Bill Gates – one of the richest men on earth – can’t solve the some of the world’s hardest problems, then who else can?!?

In the end, it told a really interesting story. Bill Gates is a fascinating figure of the modern world. He’s relevant. He’s rich. He’s trying to do good with his money. It’s very worthy of family discussion.