Everyday Work Loves

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

I’ve been put on a new project for work and now based in a very corporate workplace.

It’s a nice change. Everyone wears corporate uniforms, tailored clothes, jackets and really smart shoes.

However this means… I definitely can’t wear my black distressed jeans, graphic tee and sneakers!

I’ve been trying to get used to the wardrobe adjustment. And I’ve been loving these few items…

1) Luxe flats.

Yes I bought a pair of super gorgeous Kitty Flats by Charlotte Olympia!

I don’t know how long they’ll last with the velvet fabric outer. But they are AMAZINGLY comfortable and oh-so cute.

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2) An unconventional bag for my laptop.

I don’t like bags specially designed to be laptop bags. I find them bulky and too backpack-ish. And I don’t like the ones that look like briefcases or “carry cases”. Basically I haven’t found one that I like yet. So I put my laptop in a padded sleeve and use a tote bag. It’s large enough for my lunch too.

I am currently using a canvas, printed tote bag. But I feel a bit like a high school student. Plus it gets super dirty and looks a bit scruffy. So I have this lovely tan leather tote (Tote Bag by Madewell) on the way!

3) A blazer for meetings.

I’m the kind of person who keeps a nice jacket and a nice pair of shoes in the office or car, just in case. A sharp blazer smartens up any ol’ outfit… and I like to pop it over whatever I’m wearing just before I head into a meeting.

I’m totally in love with blazers from Theory Jackets. They look so perfectly cut, perfectly proportioned, perfectly tailored, but um, a bit expensive though. I’m also very fond of the blazers from Anine Bing.

4) A cute everyday bag.

I tend to lose all my small items in my big tote bag. So I do like a small bag to wear across my body to keep my phone, keys and travel cards close at hand. My Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, or my APC Half Moon Bag are go-to cross body bags at the moment.

5) The ‘Air Con is Too High’ Cardigan.

With summer in full swing, the office air-conditioner is usually cranked up to full blast.

A simple, nice, light (and not itchy) black cardigan is surprisingly hard to find. These luxurious cashmere cardigans, Essential Trapeze Robe (comes in 5 different colours) from White + Warren.

Not exactly on the cutting edge of fashion here, but hey, fashion and style is a practical and personal endeavour that changes with your life – so I love diving deep and embracing it all!

Life has been splendid!

Elizabeth Quay Oct 2019

This time last year was a big year of transition for me.

All that stuff about stepping outside your comfort zone, doing what scares you, thinking bigger, seeking change and growth… blah blah blah, even though these phrases made my eyes roll, it turned out that it was exactly what I needed.

I wouldn’t say I was unhappy. I was just plodding along, stuck in a rut and needed a new challenge :)

And now that I’m in the thick of this new challenge, I’ve learnt so much about myself.

It’s been an amazing process that I’ll share soon.

As for this photo:

This particular day we were at a wedding lunch in the city and I got to dress up for the occasion.

I’m wearing a gorgeous dress by Ganni.

Ganni seem to be doing lots of surprisingly mid-priced dresses. Their dress styles have a lot of bold, retro prints and colours, which are very popular and fun.

I use this A.P.C Bag for work everyday and I didn’t have time to switch it with another “weekend bag”. But with a bag this cute and quirky, I’ve found it goes with everything anyway.

Lastly, I’m wearing seriously luxe Aquazzura heels (which I got on sale).

Rock Climbing with My Team

Rock Climb Team Day

Helloooo from 60m up the side of a cliff!

I recently went for a whole day of rock climbing and abseiling for my company’s regular “Team Day”.

I’ve never been abseiling before. And I’ve done indoor rock climbing once – with my kids – where we followed colour-coded hand grips that indicated levels of difficulty.

But this was outdoor rock climbing.

No perfectly formed hand grips! No air conditioning! And no hot coffee waiting at the end!

28 of us headed over to a popular outdoor rock climbing spot, an old quarry in the Perth Hills.

As I was waiting for my turn at the top of the cliff, I informed the climbing instructor — Look, I apologise for being annoying and being THAT person…but I’d like to take a selfie halfway down.

*Cue eye roll*

Actually the guys were super lovely about it.

Rock Climb Team Day


Best moment 1: The moment I gave up all rational thought as I tipped my body over the cliff, backwards!

The feeling was awesome and I made sure I looked backwards at the rocks below to drink up the insanity. You can’t get that feeling from a YouTube video!


Best moment 2: Halfway down the cliff, stopping to enjoy the view. Registering the distance of my foot in relation to the ground.

I figured there was no point having this once-in-a-lifetime moment, if I didn’t have the images burned into my memory… so I made sure I looked around and enjoyed the scenery.


Rock Climb Team Day

My colleague took some pictures of me, for context and proof.

I did have another Best Moment: Team trust (literally holding my director’s life in my hands — stressful much?!), team banter, team respect and team love. I absolutely adore the people I work with!

It’s been while since I’ve done anything remotely outdoorsy or adventurous. So I was glowing with the thrill of doing something new and crazy.

For those who were not into heights, there was also Taichi, Capoeira… and there was even freshly brewed coffee waiting for us at the end.  It was such a great experience.

Huge thanks to my company and Adventure Out!