In Love With Rixo

Rixo Dress at CultStatus

Wearing a loud, colourful dress to work, because I can!

My office dress code is very casual and everyone usually wears jeans, tee and sneakers.

But I have waaaaaay too many lovely clothes sitting in my closet… so I gotta let them see the light of day.

This is my Chelsea Dress by Rixo, courtesy of Shopbop. I love LOVE the bright, bold pattern and style – it’s so unusual. It’s cut perfectly and falls so effortlessly, I adore wearing it.

It’s probably a great dress to wear to a wedding, but hey, sneakers make any outfit look casual enough for work.

Also wearing OAK NY leather jacket (also from Shopbop)

Converse Sneakers

Proenza Schouler Mini bag


Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

In keeping with my obsession of all things Roman History, I picked up Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Marcus Aurelius was the emperor of Rome from 161 to 180CE and was known to be one of the last “five good emperors” of Rome, before it all went to shit.

If you’ve watched the movie Gladiator, Marcus’ character was basically the old father (of the evil emperor Commodus), who died early on in the movie… before everything went to shit.

Marcus is also known for his love for philosophy and for writing this book.

Interestingly, he wrote this body of work as a bunch of personal thoughts and never intended it to be published.

It’s split into 12 small “books” and it’s full of wise, old, rambling nuggets of wisdom.

I’m quite in awe that we live in a world where we can read the diary of one of the world’s greatest leaders and thinkers from 2000 years ago. It makes me wonder: what will people in the future think about our society today?

But I’m mostly disturbed by Marcus’ legacy…

He’s considered to be a great emperor (but most of his successful reign was set up by the emperors before him). It takes several generations to establish peace, stability and prosperity in the region, and he came into power at a good time. He didn’t mess things up during his watch, so I guess that’s pretty great.

Marcus won a lot of significant wars, so he’s considered to be a great military leader too.

And he’s said to have been a deep thinker, a philosopher, who was contemplative, wise and virtuous.

YET! His son was completely off the rails in so many ways, out of control and just one evil mofo. Commodus was possibly one of the TWO most messed-up emperors in Ancient Roman times.

So the argument of whether parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour – is a troubling one for me.

— I think NO, but at the same time I’m very judgemental of Mr Aurelius!

Do I recommend the book to the general public? Nope.

It’s a bit hard to read. It’s an unclear, stream of consciousness.

Read from a modern perspective, it feels like it’s got so much potential to fill you with punchy inspiration, but it falls flat. He really needed an editor to clean up some concepts to deliver his strong underlying messages.

It’s like reading the brain dump of a really old, wise dude – which is what it was!

(Yikes I can’t believe I’m dissing it so badly. Sorry Marcus! Sorry universe!)

Basically it is a great book for pondering over. You have to read the words several times, think, reflect, go back to it, ponder, think about history, the author himself, think some more. I suppose that’s why it’s called “Meditations”?

There’s so much rich depth and beauty in it.

It’s almost like a slow, lyrical sermon, with no strong conclusion.

Here’s a nice example:

“Consider any existing object and reflect that it is even now in the process of dissolution and change, in a sense regenerating through decay or dispersal: in other words, to what sort of ‘death’ each thing is born.”

Lovely stuff.


Do I recommend this book to someone interested in Ancient History? YES.

It’s a must read, because it’s from The Man himself.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with two of my favourite shorter and snappier quotes.

“Your mind will take on the character of your most frequent thoughts: souls are dyed by thoughts…”

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts…”

I hired a dress and I’m in LOVE!

Dress Hire from All The Dresses

Now that I’m working in a different industry (technology, not fashion!) I’m being a lot more considerate about how I spend my money when it comes to clothes.

With a mixture of…

  • wanting to make more sustainable fashion choices,
  • wanting to save money,
  • yet still being in LOVE with designer style and craftsmanship,
  • still wanting to wear beautiful and on-trend pieces, not to mention…
  • I only go to a few events per year now,

I think I may have found a solution in online designer dress hire.

I’ve dabbled with dress hire years ago but didn’t have the best experience, and I found that the range available from local dress hire shops wasn’t great.

But I recently discovered All The Dresses, after co-founder Olivia reached out to me. They bring together all the items available for hire from online rental companies across Australia into one website.

It seems dress hire has come a long way since I last tried it! The range included all new season from my fave designers and it was super-easy to compare prices and sizes between different dress rental companies, without having to trawl through heaps of different Google searches and websites.

I just hopped onto their site, threw my filters – in my case, Zimmermann, Dresses, Size 6 – and bam —> it told me there are 150 dresses to scroll through on one page. Pretty easy.

Check out the Zimmermann Dresses for hire here.

I scrolled, scrolled, scrolled, favourited, favourited, favourited, culled, came back another day, added more favourites, culled again, then haha – finally – chose the dress I want.

My BIGGEST Concern:
I was nervous about sizing, but I discovered that most of the dress hire boutiques on All The Dresses help with that by offering things like Simple Returns if it doesn’t fit, the option of a backup dress (so good!) and some even offer try-ons by post for a small fee, if I’m really unsure.

The dress arrived THE NEXT DAY, coming from Melbourne.

It came in good condition and with a pre-paid and pre-addressed return postage satchel. I was soooo happy with it.

Dress from All The Dresses

It was absolutely stunning! I wore it to a special event and I got so many compliments!

It was a tiny bit big, but just wore it a little higher and no one seemed to notice :)

That evening, I took the dress off, bundled it carefully back into the provided post bag, and popped it into the post box the next day on my way to work, and it was DONE!

Dry cleaning is taken care of by the rental boutique and is included in the price. The whole experience was easy, smooth and fast.

As they say in the tech industry, the user journey was a “frictionless experience”. I am one happy customer.

I’ve got a few dresses I LOVE sitting in my wishlist on All The Dresses and can’t wait for my next occasion to pick one of them to hire! Thanks to the team at ATD for giving me this experience.