Coffee Catch Up: July 2019

King Street July 2019

Helloooo there…

For those who missed it, I’m now working full-time as a UX Designer for a software company that specialises in developing cloud based apps, data platforms and infrastructure modernisation etc etc.

I’m about 6 weeks in and each day I’m learning new things, using my skills and working with the loveliest + smartest bunch of people.

Each day I leave the office feeling happy, valued, respected… and each day I feel like I’m building skills in so many areas: work / life / career / working in a team / problem solving / creativity / knowledge / personal interest.

I have been absolutely loving it!

Most evenings, I can’t switch my brain off. I have zero interest in watching Netflix and relaxing. I desperately want to read technical books, business books, psychology books, philosophy books, management books, fascinating articles, biographies, memoirs, case studies, opinion pieces, and yeah, even more classic literature and history books. I just want to pile on more and more into my head!

Thus I have been feeling a bit guilty. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about work 24/7. But to me, it’s doesn’t really feel like “work” work… It’s like more: personal development, my interests, my hobbies, general skill building, intellectual pursuits… all rolled into one!

So to combat my tendency to burn myself out, I’m trying hard to keep my life really balanced – making sure I spend quality time with my husband and kids,  hang out with my extended family and girlfriends, and make sure I fit in time do other things I love, like running, yoga, cycling, cooking, baking, gardening and being creative with art, fashion and photography.

Okay so everyone has been so modern, so polite and so politically correct! No one has asked me “What’s happening with your kids? Who’s going to look after them?”.

I know it’s a bit of a no-no to say that to a woman these days. But honestly, I wouldn’t be offended if someone asked me that. I’ve been stay-at-home and work-from-home for 15 years… so I see it as a very normal, friendly, conversational and quite an obvious question to ask me.

And personally, listening to someone talk about their “life change” is lovely and all, but really, I want to know HOW they manage to get it done and listen to all the real-life struggles and “in the trenches” stories that come with the journey and success.

So what’s happening with my husband and kids?

My answer:

Now that I’m working full-time, my husband has left his job of 20 years. I guess you can say we’ve switched roles and he’s having a break from the 9-5 life. He’s working from home, freelancing and contracting. He’s doing the school runs, taking kids to sports games, being the taxi parent, managing the house, doing the house cleaning, cooking, laundry and life admin.

He’s doing a pretty good job. And I think he’s even enjoying it.

In fact, my husband has delegated most of the tasks to my sons, who are now 16, 14 and 10. With me at work, my boys have had to step up in a significant way. It has kind of forced them to NOT rely on me so much. It’s been brilliant.

They cook dinner, clean the kitchen, do the laundry, clean the toilets and bathroom… I don’t really know what my husband does all day?! Haha just kidding.

My only complaint, is that my standard of FLOOR CLEANING is not the same as their standard. So most days I just have to look the other way, smile and be happy that I don’t have to do any cleaning!

I’m really enjoying the commute to work again. It’s so nice to have some quiet time that separates home from work.

I love the fact that I leave work at 5pm and I don’t need to do anything until 9am the next day! Amazing! No late night deadlines, no extra emails, no invoicing, no following up and chasing people for money, no frantic stress, no constant hustling, and no more going to bed at 1am and feeling like I hardly scratched the surface of my workload!

I know lots of people believe that running a small business and working for yourself is the ultimate career goal. I enjoyed my time in it, but it was time for a change.

My kids have been taking the change just fine. If anything, I’m the one who has been emotionally affected by the change. I feel a bit guilty that I don’t spend enough quality time with them. So when I get home, I’m pouncing on them and hassling them: TELL ME EVERYTHING!

But they are usually busy doing their homework or housework, so we do our “real chats” on the weekends and that’s when I hear all their funny stories and thoughtful randomness.

I work right in the middle of the city, in the fashionable end of town. I love the coffee, cafes, the bookshops, the Japanese food, the street style, the city scape, having lunch with friends and feeling like I’m in the middle of all the action.

That’s all from me for now!

I’m wearing:
Coat by (unknown Korean brand!)
Green silk top by Witchery
Black jeans by Acne Studios
Silver Boots by Rag and Bone
Bag by Proenza Schouler