Review of Isabel Marant Loafers (and other work-friendly flats)

Shopbop are currently having a Sale on Isabel Marant (leather goods/accessories) and Isabel Marant Etoile (clothes) – close to 40% off for most of them!

For me, I’ve been looking for a work-friendly “statement” loafer.

By “statement”, I don’t mean gemstones, hot neon pink colours and loud clashing prints.

I simply mean, loafers that are a little different, and stand out from the usual plain, black flats.

Sooo I picked out these stunning Isabel Marant Fezzy Loafers in Cognac.

Isabel Marant Loafers

Hellooooo babies! They are simply divine. A statement indeed!

I considered buying a pair of Gucci loafers… but as I said, I wanted something a bit different and I fell in love with this snakeskin colour.

Although the whole snakeskin trend is very popular at the moment, I believe I’ll be wearing these for years to come. The colour is a kind of tan/camel hue, so it’ll look AMAZING with a wide range of colours.

Most importantly, they will elevate an otherwise dull, black and white outfit.

Isabel Marant Loafers

By the way, the shoes are not actually made from snake’s skin.

They are made from lovely, soft leather, embossed and printed with a snakeskin pattern.

The inner shoe feels perfect. They are not hard or scratchy. The leather is firm, but not overly stiff. I don’t think the leather will warp.

When I wear them with no socks, they are a tiny bit big and they slip off at the heel.

But I always wear mini socks for most of my flats (mainly for comfort and cleanliness), and so they are a perfect fit.

The loafers also have collapsable heels, and they convert into mules, which will be great for warmer days. Of course, when worn as mules, I don’t have to wear socks.

Isabel Marant Loafers

As for other work-friendly statement flats, these are some of the ones that caught my eye and my shoe-crazed heart.


Work-Friendly Statement Flats

Left: Varina Flats by Salvatore Ferragamo

Right: Deneuve Ballet Flats by Aquazzura


Work-Friendly Statement Flats

Left: Cendrillon Ballet Flats by Repetto

Right: Kitty Flats by Charlotte Olympia


Work-Friendly Statement Flats

Left: Romina Loafers by Schutz

Right: Loraine Loafers by Sam Edelman

Review of Everlane Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jeans

Everlane Jeans and Silk Shirt

I’ve been hunting around for a GREAT pair of jeans – ones that are good for the planet, sustainable and ethically produced.

I don’t mind paying a bit extra. They just have to be a good fitgood quality and last.

I basically wanted to fall in love with one style, then just buy them in all colours: blue, light blue, black, maybe dark grey. Because I’m lazy like that!

I bought these Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jeans from Everlane back in November 2018.

(This post isn’t sponsored. I bought them myself. I do get a little bit of commission if you click on my link and buy something though.)

Sizing and Fit

I wear Size 25 for Acne Studios Jeans, Rag & Bone, GRLFRND, Frame, Levis, Nobody. For all of them – I have to roll up the length about 4-5 times for them to fit me in the leg. Most times I just get them hemmed up for $15.

So I bought these Everlane Jeans in a Size 25, Ankle length in a Mid Blue.

They are FREAKING INCREDIBLE. They fit me sooooooo well.

Waist, hips, bottom, thighs, ankles – all are perfectly figure-hugging, with an excellent stretch.

I don’t have to get the leg lengths taken up – amazing!

And they are actually tight/slim around my ankles – super amazing!

(I’m 160cm, or 5’2″ and usually wear AU / UK Size 6.)

Everlane Jeans and Silk Shirt


I have always been wary of high-waisted jeans. But now I can’t live without them.

They help flatten my tummy – there I said it :)

I feel slimmer, more tucked in, I think they help with my posture and they make my legs look longer, ha!

The denim is a little thicker than usual, making them feel strong and robust. So I feel like I can give them a good, quick tug (when I’m rushing in the morning) and I won’t rip or warp them.

They also feel soft, smooth, stretchy and they are VERY comfortable to wear.


After Washing

Of course, the jeans felt a little stiff and firm after washing and air-drying.

But once I put them on and wore them for a bit, they soften up and felt absolutely fine. Learn how to properly clean and dry your jeans at


World’s Cleanest Denim?

Everlane says that their jeans are the “world’s cleanest denim“…using renewable energy, a closed system that recycles 98% of all water used, 85% air dried jeans, and the toxic byproduct of denim is shipped to a factory and mixed with concrete (so it doesn’t get leeched into the environment) to build affordable homes.

I have NO IDEA how anyone could verify any of this… but Everlane have been around for quite a few years and you’d think that someone would shut them down and that there’d be more of a public outcry, if they were making false claims right?!

Aaaaand last of all, the jeans are only US$68. Or AUD $98.

So yep, I’m completely in loooove with these, and will purchase again.

Everlane Jeans and Silk Shirt

Final Thoughts

I’d say these Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jeans are definitely my favourite and best “normal” jeans to wear from my whole wardrobe.

(As they don’t have distressed holes, studs or flares!)

My Acne ones are mid-rise and they are not slim in the ankle. My GRLFRND ones are too distressed and “fashiony” although they are fab to wear. My Frame jeans look amazing but they are a *bit* tight and at times, look a bit too sexy.

Honestly, I’m not crazy about this colour. It’s TOO blue. I’d prefer a more faded “Levi’s 501” kind of blue. So I might buy the black and dark blue.

My plan is to NOT buy anymore non-sustainable jeans ever, and just keep buying from Everlane, or any other sustainable jeans brand I try.

I used to collaborate with Grana (I still looove the brand and buy tops from them every 3 -4 months!) and I tried 2 styles of their jeans. But I found the sizing a bit inconsistent and I found the jeans were a bit too tight or too loose, the denim was a bit stiff, and not soft/luxurious enough for me haha. Those styles have been discontinued, so perhaps they realised those styles didn’t work. I haven’t tried their High Rise Cropped Skinny Jeans yet, as I am not confident about their jeans sizing.

Also Wearing

I also bought the Relaxed Silk Shirt, which I’m wearing in this photo, in April 2018. It’s really nice! It needs LESS ironing/steaming than my Grana Silk Shirts.

White Slingback Shoes from Diane von Furstenberg.

Alix Shoulder Bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim