Shoe Dog By Phil Knight


I bought this book for my 16 year old. I wasn’t planning to read it myself.

As the cover says, it’s a memoir by the creator of Nike, Phil Knight.

My son loves shoes. He loves finding out about how people make money. And he’s a voracious reader.

My son loved it. His review: “Cool, but it all sounded a bit unbelievable.”

After he said that… I couldn’t help it. I had to read it for myself.

I loved it!

At the time of the book being published, Phil was 78 years old. He tells the story of his childhood, his education, his travels, his career pathway, the tales of setting up a business, launching NIKE, the struggles, his family life and his life lessons. He has a few “life regrets” which I do admire him for sharing.

I don’t usually read memoirs. Yet I found it exciting. Insightful. Gripping. It’s quite a ride.

It’s very easy to read. And it’s a brilliant story.

I learned so many things:

Phil was one of the first people to introduce Japanese-made sneakers into the American market.

He had to work as a full time accountant, while trying to run his shoe business.

At one point, his shoe selling business (the one he ran, before he created Nike) was making millions of dollars, but he was still flat broke.

He travelled all over the world as a young man and was introduced to different cultures and philosophies, which gave him a broad appreciation of the world and people.

And lastly… I finally realised that I will never become a billionaire. Phil’s life – as visionary and exciting as it was – was just waaaay too work focused, insanely stressful and he lived on the edge of financial ruin for years. Don’t think I could handle that, haha oh well!

What I Wore: Autumn Floral Dress

Floral Dress from Showpo

I’ve been a bit sick these last few weeks.

I’m actually sporting a puffy face, red nose, blue eye bags, aching muscles, zero energy, faded tan and really bad hair… so I don’t look like this picture at all!

In fact, I look at this photo and I think — Who is that?? How is that even me??

Jokes aside, I wore this a few weeks ago to an event.

The dress is actually a playsuit: Lost in the Wind Playsuit courtesy of Showpo (still available in sizes 6 – 20).

I picked it out because I loved the print and the Autumn colours. I got quite a few compliments for it… and two girls thought it looked like a Zimmermann dress! The neckline is a little lower and plungier than I usually wear, but it sat nicely against my body and I didn’t need to tape it to my chest.

My mini bag is a new addition from Coach’s luxury ready-to-wear line called Coach 1941, courtesy of Shopbop. I don’t have many white/cream clutches, and this one, with its metal-floral detail, is just perfect dressed up or down. It seems to go with everything so far.

My heels are my trusty Cadey Lee Strappy Heels by Schutz. I’ve had these for years and I still love them every time I put them on! I think I might wait for the next sale and buy the same style in black.

Necklace is by Kitsense. But I’m also wearing a Celine look-a-like “K” pendant given to me by a friend.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


This Is What My Stress Looks Like

When I’m stressed, or tense, or anxious, or over busy, or just have a lot of stuff on my mind…

I find it very relaxing to water and tend my garden.

You’ll find me in the evenings, wearing a big straw hat, a cup of tea in one hand, hose in the other hand, watering my plants and absent-mindedly pulling out weeds. There’s a time when I suddenly want to mow my lawn but I don’t know what to do! I remember my first time driving a zero turn lawn mower, I’m a little bit terrified and excited at the same time, I don’t know what I am doing! It’s funny right? No Problem, I did it right!

It brings me so much stillness and deep joy.

So as an indication of my mental well being — check out how green my plants are haha.

Garden 2019

They look so happy, like they are bursting out in green orchestral song.


Garden 2019

They are like little, gleeful children, with crazy fun personalities, thriving under my care and attention.

It makes me feel like such a great person. Look what I made! I’m so clever!


Garden 2019

On the flip side.

When I’m happy, relaxed and cruising along in life… um, funnily enough, my garden dries up and dies!

It gets overgrown with weeds. Dead leaves and branches fall all over the place and make it look messy. The outer leaves of plants die. There are no flowers. No new buds. No growth here.

It might go on for months. Until I find a moment to step outside, to throw out the rubbish or something and notice — OH SHIT. OOoooops. Yikes I let that ball drop! Sorry little garden! Must make you a priority! Tomorrow!


I say all this with a big smile on my face.

It’s not exactly a great parable. Not sure what I’m trying to say. There’s no real message of inspiration here. It’s just a funny story!

What I Wore: Bec & Bridge Red Dress

Bec & Bridge Red Dress

For years I have stayed away from bright red dresses!

Even though I grew up in Australia, my parents practiced a lot of Chinese traditions, including wearing bright red clothes during the festive season. So I used to associate this kind of red with old-fashioned traditions, which, as a teenager, I thought to be extremely dorky and daggy.

But I’ve definitely come full circle… embracing my ethnicity, embracing my old traditions and embracing RED!!

So even though I think I look like a Chinese firecracker here – it was so empowering to wear this red dress haha.

They say wearing bright colours can change your mood – well, I felt absolutely electric and vibrant in it.


Bec & Bridge Red Dress

This is the first time I have tried, wore and bought a Bec & Bridge dress.

The stretchy material is quite amazing. It is thick, strong, yet soft on the skin. It kind of pulls me in, in all the right places, a bit like a comfortable corset. It’s so easy to wear, move, walk, sit, drive and dance in.

It doesn’t have any zips. I just step into the dress, pull it up and hey presto, perfect fit!

I’m wearing the Size AU 6 here.

This dress is called the “C’est Cool Dress”, it’s a past-season dress, hence it was on sale. They have updated the style and it’s now called the “C’Est Magnifique Midi Dress” with thinner shoulder straps, but essentially it’s the same dress.

I seriously can’t get over how fabulous this dress is, in terms of flattering fit and quality, so I’m considering to try out more Bec & Bridge Dresses!

*I was kindly given a gift card courtesy of Garden City Shopping Centre to celebrate the new Autumn/ Winter season and I picked out this dress for an upcoming event.

Also wearing:

Cult Gaia Ark Bag
Tony Bianco Heels
Joie and Dean Earrings