The Odyssey by Homer

The Odyssey by Homer

After reading my last book, Circe by Madeline Miller, I was utterly obsessed with the Greek Gods and mythology… and I realised that I knew very little about all the classic Greek stories.

So I decided to go all hardcore and challenge my brain a bit…

I read The Odyssey by Homer.

I loved it so much, that I read TWO versions of it.

Apparently The Odyssey is the 2nd oldest book in Western literature, written around 750BC.

It’s actually an epic poem, telling the story of a hero name Odysseus trying to get home after the Trojan War, but the Gods kept messing with his journey, which involves him bumping into the Cyclops, Calypso, the sea monsters Scylla and Charybdis, the Sirens and more.

Obviously it was written in Ancient Greek, so most of the modern English editions have been translated into text that is VERY READABLE.

It’s not heavy at all. It’s a fun, adventurous read.

(Gets a bit violent in parts. Gets a bit long winded too.)

One version I read, the story was adapted into a novel form (the teal cloth-bound book in the photo above), so it reads like a story. It was written and translated in 1991 by D. C. H. Rieu. I recommend reading this version if you’re a newbie.

The other version I read, (the dark red book in the photo) retains its original poem form and it’s a lot more lyrical and rhythmic. Some words are kept in their Greek spelling such as Circe = Kirkê and Sirens =Seirênês.

But omg it’s absolutely, intoxicatingly beautiful to read as a poem.

That edition was written and translated in 1963 by Robert Fitzgerald.

(In fact, I was so intoxicated by the text, I went to the library to find another version, as I wanted to read it in a super-modern poem form, but it wasn’t as good and fun to read – and I felt that lots of the over-the-top, dramatic Greek spirit was left out. Omg listen to me crap on like this. Do feel sorry for my husband who had to hear me blabber about this every night for the 1 month it took me to read 2.5 editions).

I have now added “The Iliad by Homer” to my reading list, but I think I’ll give my brain a bit of a break haha.

Also… I think I would like to learn how to read a few words of Ancient Greek before I die :)

What I Wore: Leopard Print Skirt

Leopard Print Skirt

I’m expecting to be working in a shared office soon (more on that later!)… so from now on, a lot of new additions to my wardrobe will be work-friendly pieces.

Putting together a work-friendly wardrobe is a lot easier for me because I work in the creative industry, where dress codes are pretty flexible!

Well I’ve been stocking up on lots of midi-skirts lately and I finally picked up a leopard print skirt.

Leopard print, snake skin print and zebra prints are always in fashion – but they are having a VERY big fashion moment this new season.

The latest trend is to wear print on print on print! But if you’re like me, I like to stick with classics.

I picked out this Leopard Print Satin Skirt courtesy of Showpo.

It’s slightly thin, but not see-through and it’s very affordable for a trend piece.

Leopard Print Skirt

I’m wearing it with:

Grana Black Silk Cami

Kitsense Necklace

Cult Gaia Acrylic Ark Bag

Tibi Lia Slingback Pumps

Can’t wait to share more of my work-friendly pieces!


My Review: Teeth Whitening by Iconic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening By Iconic Dentistry

Hello from me and my dorky teeth selfies!

I recently had my teeth whitened – and I am so sooooo happy with the results!

What I Did:

In-chair teeth whitening at Iconic Dentistry.

The whitening system and unique delivery technique was specially developed by Dr Michael Chan founder of Iconic Dentistry featuring a whitening solution by Pola White.

My Previous Bad Experience:

So I had my teeth done about 6 years ago, by another dentist. I found Samaritan Dental through a Google search and they seemed to be highly rated and have good reviews. The whitening system they used was called Zoom. It gave good results, but… OMG I HAD SO MUCH PAIN, I COULDN’T HANDLE IT. I paid $900 for 1 appointment in the chair, with 3 lightening sessions. But I couldn’t sit through the whole 3 sessions. I had to ask her to stop because I was shaking with pain in my teeth, bones, jaw, skull, head – I honestly rated it as bad as childbirth.

I was so traumatised by the whole experience that I found it a bit hard to talk about it without feeling anxious and a bit ill. Thus I decided not to share on my blog, because I honestly would not recommend it to anyone!

After 6 Years:

I was NOT keen to get my teeth whitened again.

But because I drink lots of tea, coffee and eat lots of curry… my teeth were quite yellow, and I had a bit of yellow staining in the crevices. It wasn’t THAT noticeable. I just tried not to wear white so much, because it enhanced the yellowness of my teeth.

So part of me really wanted to get my teeth whitened.

Why I Chose To Go To a Dentist:

I wanted an expert, like that cosmetic dentist glasgow southside that is offering a variety of cosmetic dental procedures in Glasgow Southside, to look after my teeth, not someone who did a training course. The post by Eccella Smiles can help you a lot more with this

I wanted someone who would be mindful of the long term health of my teeth, had vast experience with teeth and able to spot any possible underlying problems I had. If you’re looking for a Cypress dentist who will treat you with professionalism and respect, Universal Smiles has the top-rated dentist in Cypress TX and surrounding areas.

The dentist would check out my teeth to see if I had any decay, enamel problems, gum issues, or fillings that might react to the whitening solutions.

And being in a dentist’s chair meant I have access to full dentist services like x-rays, teeth cleaning tools, spit basins, comfortable chair and more basically I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. If you are too in need of a dental check up, check the page of your local dentist and request an appointment.

Teeth Whitening with Iconic Dentistry

Why I Chose Iconic Dentistry

I do a bit of social media work with Dr Chan for his Iconic Medispa and he told me about his unique technique for delivering the whitening treatment that significantly increases its effectiveness.

He also told me how it was VERY RARE for his patients to complain about pain, and certainly not at the level of pain I experienced.

I asked a few other people who had tried the whitening service with Dr Michael… and everyone was super happy about it all and no one mentioned any pain.

So I decided to give it a go with him.

Teeth Whitening with Iconic Dentistry

The Process

1st Appointment for a check up + moulds

He checked out my teeth. Took x-rays. And he gave me a good clean – oops!

I had a few problems with my teeth (receding gums), an old filling, but they would not hinder the whitening treatment. My teeth were excellent candidates for teeth whitening.

He took hi-res photographs. He prepared my mouth and made moulds of my teeth.

2nd Appointment (two weeks later)

I was nervous. I was expecting it to be very painful.

My mouth was prepped and whitening solution put on.

Saliva neutralises the whitening solution, so there was a lot of care to eliminate contact with saliva. I was given a soft, hi-tech, saliva sucking thing that rested inside my mouth (another good thing about going to a dentist) so I didn’t have to swallow/choke on my saliva. It was all very comfortable.

I was given sunglasses, BOSE headphones (so luxe!), put under a LED lamp – the same lamp used in medispa facials.

I sat through 3 light sessions, and Dr Michael gave me a 4th session, because my teeth responded really well and I wasn’t feeling any discomfort.


In the end, I had 2 tiny twinges of discomfort (which lasted about 1 second). I wouldn’t even call it “pain”. It was more like a small, surprising sensitivity in a single tooth, and it felt like absolutely nothing compared to my last whitening treatment.

After the treatment, my teeth had a tingling sensation for a few hours.

The Results

Teeth Whitening with Iconic Dentistry

He took photos of my teeth immediately after the treatment.

I was blown away by the before and after photos.

So fresh, so natural and so beautifully done!

The results were not fake or blinding white. I was sooooooo happy.

I was given perfectly made teeth trays and a take home kit for at-home whitening — the teeth trays need to be a perfect fit to make sure my saliva doesn’t mix with the whitening gel.

I need to use the trays at home, for 3 days after the in-chair whitening. But I don’t need to do any “top ups” for around 6 months. These are all included in the total price.

I came home and my husband, who isn’t a big fan of cosmetic or beauty treatments, was also blown away by the results too, saying my teeth looked really nice and natural.

And now he is booked in for the same whitening treatment!

I was so impressed by the professionalism, the step by step explanations, the details to patient care and comfort, the careful delivery technique, the everything.

Unlike my first experience, this time, I have been telling EVERYONE I know about my teeth!

And just in case you’re wondering, I do a little bit of freelance design work for Iconic Medispa and in exchange, my whitening treatment was a complimentary service. However, because of my first bad experience, I was a bit skeptical about the treatment (haha sorry Michael!), and I didn’t make any undertaking to do this write up, in case err… it didn’t go well.

But hey, the experience and the results were amazing… and I’m so proud I get to work with super-duper highly-skilled experts who truly care about their service, their product and go the extra mile to ensure an excellent result!

A biiiiig thank you to the team at Iconic Dentistry!