Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

I’ve finished my first book of the year, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

I am always interested in WHY someone reads a book. So I always like to tell people what motivated me to read certain books!

My main reasons for reading this book:

1) I bought it for $2 from an op shop, as one of those old classic stories that I’d love to read one day, and it has been on my shelf for years.

2) My oldest son starts Year 11 this year. I was very sad he didn’t choose to do English Literature… and I discovered that the first novel that was being studied in English Lit was Frankenstein. So I felt that someone in this house had to read it!

3) Frankenstein is considered as one of the very first science fiction novels.

4) The story was conceived when Mary was 18. It was published in 1818, when she was 20. And to put it into perspective, Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813.

What did I think?

I was surprised by a few things, as I had no idea of what the story was about – apart from cartoon depictions of Frankenstein’s monster being created on top of a dark tower.

It’s a short book and quite easy to read.

It does ramble around a bit, but that’s characteristic for early 19th novels.

The story is written with a frame narrative, where in this case, the main monster story is framed with subplot of a man (Walter) discovering Frankenstein the scientist in the North Pole, who shares his story of the last few years of his life (and making the monster), and the story eventually goes back Walter.

The actual “bringing the monster to life” scene was done in TWO sentences. I was a bit disappointed by that.

I had always thought the monster was mute. But he goes into a 6 chapter rant about how unhappy his existence was!

Overall, I really liked it and totally recommend it to other book nerds!

What I Wore: Isabel Marant Skirt

IM Skirt

I’m absolutely loving this glorious Summer weather… and heading out in the evenings in nothing but a summery dress!

While I love my dresses, I feel that investing in statement skirts is far more effective way to extend the life of your wardrobe.

When I buy a statement skirt, it has to be superb quality and be in a different style to all the other skirts I have.

But it also has to fulfil just ONE of these criteria —

1) Beautiful or unique fabric

2) Unique print or colour

3) Brand – I love supporting my favourite brands!

So it could be a $60 skirt with a stunning print.

Or it could be a $120 skirt one of my favourite sustainable brands.

In this case, I’m wearing this Isabel Marant Skirt from one of my favourite brands – unfortunately this style is sold out, but there are quite a few other beautiful colours and patterns available.

Also wearing:

Celine Baby Audrey Sunglasses from Vision Direct.

Kitsense Earrings

Cult Gaia Bag (still on sale with 30% off)

Isabel Marant Etoile Skirt (This style is no longer available)

Zara Mules (old). Other pretty + similar styles of Low Heel Mules here

If you’re interested, I wrote a more extensive review of the skirt + sizing in this blog post.


Lil Sunflowers

Oh the things we get up to when there’s a screen ban in the house!

Sunflower Rappers

It’s still the school holidays here in Perth.

To combat the boredom, my kids planted sunflowers from seed.

20 of them sprouted, which produced much joy for everyone.

Then they named the sunflowers after rappers, singers, song lyrics and rap song references.

(Why? Because Post Malone has a song out called “Sunflowers”)

Sunflower Rappers

Now when they water the plants, I can hear them rapping in the garden.

My kids are seriously so funny.

How to Invest in Gold and Silver

If you’re looking into investing in gold and silver, these companies are worth a serious look. Rather than operating mines themselves, streamers royalty companies finance mines. The primary differences are that streaming companies pay a dividend, while royalty companies only pay cash to fund the operation of the mine. Some miners also share a royalty with a streamer, with some paying more and some paying less. I would recommend not only reading the article on investing in mining, but also reading the accompanying Forbes article on mining. The focus is on the specifics of mining, which is where most of the winners and losers are. Getting into the streaming royalty business isn’t as easy as it appears.

In theory, it seems very similar to buying shares in a mining company, but you have to do a lot more to get paid for your shares. One major distinction is that you are actually leasing shares in the mine to a streamer, so your share ownership is fixed, whereas you have an option to sell shares to the mine. Other notable differences include that a streamer’s royalty cash flows are capped at certain levels, as well as how much they can gain (or lose) from investments. It is also highly centralized. Instead of working with a pool of independent operators, the streamers in this industry are mostly subsidiaries of larger entities, and may even hold equity stakes in these entities. Even the investments are in the mining companies. investing in gold and precious metals can be a real risky business as you have to be a skilled investor with the ability to predict the direction of gold.

If you get into the streaming business, it is crucial that you find an advisor that has a lot of experience with streamers and the streaming industry. These advisors can give you more insights into the industry, as well as provide the capital to get into the game. When you find an advisor, you should read the business plan first, before seeking capital. A guide to investing in streaming is also available from, entitled How to Invest in Streaming. At you can be able to find related articles about gold investment. Alternatively, you can also contact an advisor that specializes in gold mining, such as John Marusak of Newmont Mining Corporation (NEM), or consider creating your own streaming company yourself. Both are great places to start.

Some of the fundamentals of investing in gold are: you need to have a short-term horizon of more than one year, and you need to have lots of capital available. If you can invest in these two, you can invest in gold and silver with reasonable certainty. “The short-term future simply refers to the value of the precious metals in terms of the contracts they are trading. Mining companies, streamingroyalty companies, and miners all operate in the same business cycle as other businesses. The increase in the price of gold and silver reflects mining companies’ gains in reserves, and the decrease in the price of gold and silver reflects mining companies’ losses in reserves. These companies are also based in multiple countries, so they may have different business models and operations. If the mining company is based in Australia and you buy gold and silver, the company may have holdings in the United States. The same applies to streaming companies and miners. Let me review some basic benchmarks to help you navigate the complex and murky world of gold and silver investing. According to the gold price historical chart at Wikipedia, the most recent gold price in dollars, expressed in USD ounce, is $1,461.63.If you put this in terms of gold ounces, it would amount to 12.96734 ounces of gold (the actual ounces you purchase at the precious metals dealer or through a bullion dealer). You will find the best investment Brokers analysis by

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What I Wore: Vince Silk Skirt

Vince Silk Skirt

Lately I’ve been a lot more mindful about the fabrics and clothes that I buy.

I’ve been trying to buy better quality pieces that will last longer and stay timeless, so I can wear them again and again. Plus it’s kind of good for the earth.

I’ve been obsessed with finding stunning and timeless silk pieces.

This Vince Silk Skirt has been an absolutely dream to add to my wardrobe.

The exact colour is sold out, but there is a very similar Vince Bias Silk Skirt in Dark Blue and Taupe if you’re keen (on 40% off sale too!).

I’ve been wearing it everywhere. The silk is so soft and fluid. It is stunning to wear.

Plus I love that the panels make the skirt look a bit deconstructed.

Vince Silk Skirt

I’ve worn it with chunky knits, t-shirts, button down shirts and camisoles… worn it dressed up and dressed down.

I feel good in that, instead of buying 5 skirts, I just buy one utterly gorgeous skirt  that I love… and wear it for the next 10 years – because lets be real here, the LA brand Vince is pretty exxy but omg their stuff looks so good!

I just want everything from their collection of essential luxe dresses and simple stylish tops.

They are the kind of luxe basic items that I can mix with more colourful, trend pieces.

I’m also wearing Grana Silk Camisole, Mansur Gavriel Bag, ASOS Slides and Kitsense jewellery.