Christmas Update and Boxing Day Sales

Wow is it just me? Christmas kind of snuck up on us and now suddenly it’s all over!

We had such a lovely and decidedly slow Christmas. We’ve been battling a lot of sickness and roller coaster issues over the last few months, so it was wonderful to just keep things simple and surround ourselves with the loving warmth of our family and friends.

Over Christmas dinner there was a bit of discussion about present protocols for couples… and I admitted that my husband and I don’t really swap surprise gifts. We both love books, so we buy each other books that we specify :)

If there’s something we really want, well, we don’t wait for Christmas, we just buy it ourselves, preferably when it’s on sale! And sometimes we buy each other random presents through out the year, so we don’t actually wait for Christmas.

So aside from my new pile of books, I did receive some other lovely Christmas gifts from my family and friends… candles, a new takeaway coffee cup, chocolate, homewares, earrings and beauty essentials – hehe my people know me so well!

Aaaaand I also purchased a bunch of items for myself during the Cyber Sales… and promised I wouldn’t open them until Christmas. So I feel like the universe had doubled my Christmas gifts this year :)

I also have to mention that some of these items are listed on Shopbop as Clearance Sale Items for Boxing Day.

Shopbop Boxing Day 2018

I absolutely love the brand Cult Gaia. Yes I even love their boxes.

I adore their quirky, striking aesthetic.

And I love the matchstick bamboo look and chunky acetate details.

Yes even I will admit that their bags can be a bit impractical, but they are sooo gorgeous to hold and look at. It’s like carrying an art work around.

Shopbop Boxing Day 2018

This is the Cult Gaia Acrylic Ark Bag which is on sale right now.

While I haven’t used it yet, my first impression is that I feel the acrylic version is stronger than the bamboo version, therefore I’ll be happier to use it more often.

I also feel the black is a bit more suited to an “evening look” and will match a lot more of my outfits.

Shopbop Boxing Day 2018

I also picked out these Cult Gaia Eva Earrings which are a lot larger than they look here.

They are definitely big, chunky statement earrings, that are perfect for summer.

Shopbop Boxing Day 2018

I have been looking for a pair of mid heel white shoes (in leather) to replace my cheap ASOS ones.

Diane Von Furstenberg have a new range of shoes, which look very nice, sleek and minimal.

These are the ​Diane Von Furstenberg Mortelle Slingback Pump and they also come in different heel heights and colours.

(I almost picked out these ​Diane Von Furstenberg Koko Slingback Flats.)

Shopbop Boxing Day 2018

They are so lovely and soft. I’m so happy with them and they are still on sale too.

Check out the rest of the ​Diane Von Furstenberg Shoes here.

Shopbop Boxing Day 2018

Shopbop Boxing Day 2018

Lastly I picked out these ​ Rosalyn Point Toe by Schutz, which again are so good to wear in summer, especially with floaty white dresses.

There were lots of other Schutz Shoes Mules on sale, lots of sizes still available too.

Can’t wait to wear them all over the New Year break!

Happy holidays, happy shopping and hope you also had a wonderful Christmas!


Upcycling: Scooter Transformation

Scooter Transformation

It’s the school holidays and we love a good UPCYCLING project!

Actually the truth is… our 9 year old desperately wanted a brand new $350 stunt scooter for Christmas – uuum nope! Sorry kid!

We already have 2 scooters in our shed, which are old, scratched up and rusted. But they are still perfectly good scooters! A friend of ours actually purchased one from a review she read on Ken Miller’s We decided to give repairing the scooters a try as it would teach him the value of taking care of things.

So as a lesson on “recycling” and “saving the environment” we led him through the magic of a new paint job.

New Scooter

We took an old scooter apart.

Spray painted the bars.

Bought some new wheels, bearings handgrips, grip tape, stickers…

We customised it a bit. Then experimented with different colour combinations.

And hey presto, new scooter!

Personally I dislike his colour choice. Can you believe that he still likes pink?

(When he was a toddler, he was obsessed with the colour pink and he would go around collecting pink objects and put them into a pink box under his bed. It was so cute!)

But he’s happy with the scooter.

(Meaning: it’s now better than it was before, haha!)

It’s still a work in progress and he’s always thinking of new ways to change things around and customise it further. So I guess it’s the good sign and hopefully he won’t want a new bike for next Christmas!

Launch of Sparkling White Smile in Perth

Sparking White Smile 2018

A little while back, I was kindly invited to a launch by the team from The Perth Collective. They always host such amazing, stylish and luxurious events, so I was super excited to get an invite!

The launch was a bit mysterious at first, as I didn’t know what the brand was at the time I accepted the invitation.

It turned out to be Sparkling White Smile: a mobile teeth whitening service, established in 2014 (in Sydney) and now launching in Perth.

Sparking White Smile 2018

Their unique point of difference seemed to be:

They are a mobile service (they come to you!), you can book for multiple people and save money, you can get a full consultation and follow up service in the comfort of your home.

Other interesting snippets:

They position themselves as an “affordable but deluxe service”. Apparently the business has been so successful, it’s now a multi-million dollar business and the founder, Alison Egan is just 24!

They are also rolling out a new whitening product in collaboration with a major Australian airline – um, amazing!

And they also seem to have made a huge splash in the Australian media circuit, with lots of Australian celebrities, personalities and influencers endorsing it.​

Sparking White Smile 2018

The theme of the event was “Luxurious Summer Brunch by the Beach” at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel.

The set up was gorgeous. The food was delicious. The setting, details, flowers, vibe, lighting… all styled to perfection!

Sparking White Smile 2018

Sparking White Smile 2018

We also had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Alison Egan (pictured left), who shared her business journey with us. Basically she borrowed $10,000 from her parents and started her business when she was 20!

Also pictured here is Nikki (right) from The Perth Collective.

Sparking White Smile 2018

Me and my bunch of gorgeous girlfriends – missing a few though!

It was such a fun networking event – meeting new people, catching up with friends, enjoying a lovely brunch and getting to know the SWS brand.

Most of all we ate, ate, ate and talked, talked talked – even about teeth whitening!

Credit: Shot by Thom for Sparkling White Smile 2018

These two photos were taken by Shot by Thom. You can see more photos of the event here.

* Just have to make a note here… I haven’t tried their teeth whitening service.

Kind of a funny story: I actually had my teeth whitened through a sponsorship collaboration using a DIFFERENT service, 2 weeks before this event! I was very happy with that service and the whitening results, so I’ll be sharing about that different service in another blog post.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to review Sparkling White Smile’s service, as I need a bit of further dental work done, which SWS doesn’t provide. They have professionally trained technicians, but I needed / wanted a dentist to do use their professional dental whitening system on me.

I do know a few girlfriends who have tried SWS and they loved their results and the overall experience.

So if you’re looking for teeth whitening, my advice is to ask around, get to know the brands in the market, do lots of research and talk to your dentist first.

Good luck!

Hello to my new look


Well look at that!

After years of procrastination and working at a glacial speed, I’ve finally updated the look of my blog.

My last blog design was made in 2010 – it was a hand-coded, hacked-up version of WordPress, made by me, kind of an ode to my old school blogging days, which I still love in essence.

The biggest differences now:

  • My blog now scales nicely on mobile devices (omg finally)
  • I have lots of NEW CATEGORIES, so my older posts are easier to find
  • The photos are larger
  • You can now leave a comment (way hey!)
  • And boring technical stuff. My posts are in a new database. New WordPress framework. This is a bought theme. I didn’t hack up the php this time (ok only two changes).

Embarrassingly, I’ve been working on this update for 3-4 years.

Why did it take me so long?

I have over 3000 posts on my blog, with my first post starting back in 2003. I’ve edited them all.

It captures 15 years of my life and my family’s life, albeit only an edited portion of my life.

Working on this was like writing a freaking autobiography. The story of my life! It was emotional. Overwhelming. Entertaining. Hilarious. So many great reads. So many funny stories. So many stories I would never share now, but I’m happy I did share them back then… and happy to keep sharing.

I try to stick to my rule of 50% fashion and 50% life stories.

I hope you like it!

If you’d like to browse around, I recommend you find a random date on the right-hand column —>(which I have left there intentionally, because the size of my archives looks ridiculous haha!).

Or take a peek at the menu on the top of the page.

Or check out my About section.

I’ll be making little tweaks here and there over the next few weeks.

Feel free to say hi in the comments!