Black Friday Favourites From Shopbop

Shopbop Cyber Sale 2018

It’s the sale of the year!

You might recognise a few of my favourite pieces shown here, because I wear them all the time :)

(I also snuck in a brand new item that arrived the other day, pictured at the top, a new dress by Ganni.)

Shopbop are having their Buy More, Save More Sale with up to 25% – 75% off!

UP TO 25% Off on Full Price Items
UP TO 75% OFF on Sale Items

15% off orders of $200+
20% off orders of $500+
25% off orders of $800+

Code: MORE18
When: 20 – 25 November Sale

Let’s take a closer look at some of my favourite brands on sale for 25% – 75% off!

1. Self Portrait – Perfect for high impact statement tops and dresses

2. Gorjana – Wonderfully simple and understated jewellery pieces.

3. Ganni – Gorgeously chic brand from Copenhagen

4. Cult Gaia – Unique wooden or acrylic clutches that will elevate your outfits!

5. Charlotte Olympia – Love the little cat motif. Still have my eye on the flats.

6. A.P.C. – Simple, chic pieces with a low key Parisian cool.

7. Converse – These low top Chuck Taylor Sneakers are still my favourite sneakers.

8. Acne Studios – Got a bit ahead of myself here. Yes it’s one of my favourite brands, but Acne Studios isn’t included in the Buy More Save More Sale. There are a few items listed on the regular sale with 30% – 50% off though!

* Also check out Fashion Must Haves Under $200 for a fantastic edit!

Hope you find something you love!



A Weekend in Sydney


Karen at A+S Wedding

My husband and I flew over to Sydney for a quick, weekend trip to attend a wedding.

We were only there for 2.5 days. But we flew without kids and oh boy, it was soooo relaxing and fun!

This is me wearing my Self Portrait 3D Azaelea Dress. I love that I can fold it up, shove it into my suitcase… and then throw it on and go! No ironing required!

Also wearing Schutz Cadey Lee Heels. And gold tassel earrings by Mezi.

(I swear I’ve worn this ‘heels and earrings’ combination for the last 3 years, with every dress I’ve owned haha!)

Sydney 2018

The first morning, my husband and I woke up early at 6am to go for a walk, in search for a coffee by the river.

We stayed in the Kirribilli area (a very old and posh suburb, where the Prime Minister lives) and the houses and gardens were just beautiful, amazing and full of character.

I guess, if you’re rich, you can afford a gardener and you can water your garden to perfection haha.

Sydney 2018

We found a cafe by the river called, The Flying Bear.

The view was stunning. The coffee was just ok.


Sydney 2018

We walked down a street and I noticed that it was really pretty – lined either side with blooming jacaranda trees.

I took a few quick snaps… then I noticed lots and lots of other people taking photos.

Girls in ball gowns. Asian tourists. Photographers with very big cameras. Matching couples. Backpackers. Families. It was like a street festival.

Later on, I found out that we had stumbled across one of those “Instagrammable Hotspots” and the street was a bit famous.

Search up “McDougall St, NSW” or “Kirribilli, NSW” to find it.

Sydney 2018

The next day, after the wedding, we woke up at 9:30am (yes, 9:30am).

It was the best sleep-in ever. I felt rested, fresh and like a completely new human being haha. I don’t think I’ve felt like that in 15 years!

We stumbled over to join the rest of the family and wedding party (who were staying at an AirBnb, which belonged to celebrity chef, Rick Stein!) for a long, relaxing, chatty, 6-hour brunch.

In the late afternoon, my husband and I spontaneously decided to head out into the city – because you know, we were travelling without kids and we could do whatever the heck we wanted haha!

So we caught the ferry into Circular Key, caught a glimpse of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, and walked around for a few hours.

We went back to the Airbnb for dinner with the family again, left early for an early night, and caught a cab to the airport at 6am.

It was a quick and simple trip, but yep, I didn’t have to do any cooking or anything important, so it was my idea of a relaxing holiday!

What to wear this season: Cute slides and smock-style dresses

There are so many sales on at the moment!

I love that the Northern Hemisphere shops are getting rid of their summer gear – it’s so perfect for us in the Southern Hemisphere:)

I was so fortunate to be given a sneak peek at the Shopbop Sale, featuring items that are up to 75% off. If you’re a fan, you must take a look as there’s so much good stuff on sale.

These are the items that I’ve added to my wishlist. I’ll let you know what I bought for myself when it arrives in the mail!

What’s in fashion this season?

This summer I’m focusing on cute slides, bow mules and smock-style dresses.

Shopbop Click Sale

Ganni Sabine Slingback Pumps – White (40% off)

Steven Foreva Slides – Tan (30% off)

Shopbop Click Sale

Ganni Barra Dress – Black Polka Dots (40% off)

Ulla Johnson Rory Dress – Red (40% off)

Shopbop Click Sale

Ancient Greek Sandals Taygete Bow Slide Sandals – Black Polka Dot (30% off)

Ancient Greek Sandals Taygete Bow Slide Sandals – Red Polka Dot (30% off)

Shopbop Click Sale

Equipment Alexandra Dress – Black and White (40% off)

Ulla Johnson Della Dress – Blush  (30% off)

Happy shopping and I hope you find something you love!


Reading: Obsessed with Ancient Rome


I am currently completely obsessed with reading about Ancient Rome!

I’m ALSO obsessed with Victoria Beckham (front cover of Vogue Australia this month), Ultraceuticals 50+ SPF suncream, and my new Hexagonal Ray-Bans.

But getting back to Ancient Rome… why am I obsessed?

I’m not entirely sure why. It’s not a particularly natural interest of mine.

I never studied it in high school.

I didn’t know anything about Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Augustus – except on a very superficial level.

I pretty much avoided anything to do with politics, war, military history… but here I am, completely intoxicated by all the crazy stories!

What do I love about it?

I love the drama, the intrigue, the corruption, the ups and downs of a growing society.

I love hearing about all the leaders of Rome in chronological order, learning about the lesser known characters, the rise and fall of emperors, what made them a good leader, what made them a bad leader, the beginnings of western civilisation, the history of western politics, war strategies (surprisingly interesting!), the history of a war obsessed empire, the history of Christianity and beginnings of the Islamic Empire.

One particular topic I’m fascinated about is political propaganda. Why were the Romans so swayed by it? What is it about mankind that makes us all so susceptible political propaganda and savvy marketing?

I have already read 3 books about Roman and Byzantine History, and I have listened to 180 podcasts about the History of Rome (and now re-listening to them all – because they’re just so good!).

Someone asked me, why not go study Ancient History? I looked it up and discovered that it’ll cost me about $19,500 to do a 3 year degree – holy crap no thanks.

To me, it is just pure entertainment.

Some people watch tv in the evenings, I’m just happy to read.

And happy to tell people random facts!

The Ancient Romans were delighted by all the imported fruits from their growing empire (pomegranates, oranges, apricots, peaches) but they simply called them all “[country of origin] + Apples”. Everything was an apple! Ha so cute!

I recently read Rome by Robert Hughes (famous art critic for TIME magazine), pictured above, and oh boy, I don’t recommend it at all!

Yes, he had a very interesting perspective on ancient Roman art, but everything else was very hard to read as it jumped about, he repeated himself, he was so vague, he wrote as if the reader already knew all about the history of Rome (I have a basic understanding and I found it hard to follow).

So I’m picking up another book, considered to be an “undisputed masterpiece of English historical writing”  and I’ll let you all know how I go haha!


When Old Becomes New: Self Portrait Strappy Lace Dress

Confession: I have a “section” in my wardrobe, where I hang my lightly worn clothes (um… lightly worn and too smelly to wear again). They are items that I can’t hand wash, so they’re waiting to be dry cleaned.

And sometimes the “section” gets so full, that I have nothing to left wear HAHA. Not really, but kind of true.

Anyway, recently I have been using a VIP Dry Cleaning Service in Perth, offered by Stannards Dry Cleaning, where they pick up and deliver items straight from your home or office. The delivery is a FREE service – but of course you have to pay for the actual dry cleaning, and you have to book in a minimum of 4 items.

They have been a complete lifesaver for me, because I’ve been so busy with meetings, errands, and rushing around like a crazy woman trying to get shit done.

And now suddenly, I have all these “NEW” dresses to wear!

For example, this dress: one of my favourite dresses from Self Portrait.

Self Portrait Dress

This dress is called the “Strappy Lace Dress” from 2 seasons ago and it’s a slightly different version of the popular Azaelea Dress, which I also have in a “Tomato Red” colour (links go to Shopbop, but the dresses are sold old).

I used to think that after wearing this Strappy Dress for 4-5 occasions, I would sell it. But it feels like a brand new dress again, plus it fits me really well… so I might hang on to it for a few more years.

In fact, I used to do this exact trick when my kids were young: hide their toys, wait for them to forget about the toys, then after a few months, take them out and SUDDENLY WOW WE HAVE ALL THESE NEW TOYS!

Self Portrait Dress

If you’re keen for an Azaelea Dress, you can buy direct from Self Portrait website, or keep an eye out for the Self Portrait section on Shopbop and you might catch one on sale!

Their sizing are always a bit tricky. I’d recommend going a size up.

I’m a Size AUS 6 and UK 6, (usually I’d choose a US 0) but for this dress, I’m wearing a US 2.