Who Gives A Crap

This post is not sponsored. I’ve been buying from Who Gives A Crap for close to a year now. I love it and just want to share!

I do have a $10 off referral link for you at the end, if you want to try it out for yourself.

Who Gives a Crap

About 18 months ago, my family went travelling and camping through central Australia.

It is very remote there, and there are not many facilities and services between the towns. So if you happen to stop at a remote location, you are encouraged to take your own litter away with you.

We made many stops… and saw first hand the disgusting, eye sore on the landscape – blinding white toilet paper everywhere!

Ribbons of it waving in trees and bushes, sticking up out of the ground, crumpled up and littered on the earth.

At that point, I decided to start buying biodegradable toilet paper – and I found Who Gives A Crap.

(I was introduced to the brand by 3 friends!)

Who Gives a Crap

Their toilet paper are made from 100% recycled paper, good for the environment, forest friendly, with no inks, no dyes, no scents.

They don’t wrap their toilet paper in plastic.

All the inner cores of the toilet paper and cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper too.

They donate 50% of all their profits to non-profit organisations working to help build toilets and to improve access to hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries.

What’s the difference between Biodegradable Toilet Paper vs. Standard Toilet Paper?

Most standard toilet paper are made from virgin trees!

Standard toilet paper breaks down at a slower rate than biodegradable toilet paper and it needs more water to fully decompose.

Biodegradable toilet paper is usually made from a fast growing material, such as bamboo, which needs less water and matures faster. It also dissolves and breaks down faster (in less water) than standard toilet paper.

It can also be made from recycled paper, which means no trees are cut down.

Basically, biodegradable toilet paper is much better for the environment.

Who Gives a Crap

We buy the tissue boxes too!

My kids say it’s a little difficult to get the paper out, but omg I tell them to get over it, it’s a small price to pay.

What’s the Cost?

In terms of cost, YES it’s a little more expensive than buying it on sale from the supermarket.

But I feel… if I want to do something good for the environment (as opposed to just feeling all sad about it), I can support little businesses trying to be transparent and trying to do some good and make a difference to the world. My money is my vote!

I haven’t worked out how much more it costs me each year, but if it’s something like $50 more, I’m totally happy with that!

(Some people would prefer to have luxurious toilet paper and donate $50 to an environmental cause – which is perfectly fine as well haha!)

Who Gives A Crap has a subscription option and normal one-time purchase option.

For the subscription option, you can get a delivery every 4 weeks (for 5-6 people), 6 weeks (for 3-4 people) or 8 weeks (for 1-2 people). I don’t use the subscription option.

We are a family of five – 2 adults and 3 boys (aged 15, 13 and 9) and I’ve found that we finish a box of 24 rolls in about 8 weeks. Maybe because boys use less toilet paper?!

So I just make a one-time purchase every 7-8 weeks.

Who Gives a Crap

Special Discount Link

You can get $10 off your first order, if you use my referral link here.

I think you have to spend over $48 though, and it’s free shipping over $30.

If you do purchase, I get a reward of $10 put into my account, but seriously, I’m not doing it for money, I’m sharing the discount, hoping others try it out and make a switch to a more environmentally friendly option too!




Wedding in the Family

We haven’t had a wedding in the family in yeeeears – and now we have TWO in two months and we are getting the wedding marquees hire packages sunshine coast offers to have an amazing event outdoors.

My brother in law got married on the weekend. It was such a beautiful, intimate and happy wedding venue  – it was so touching that I cried.

Unfortunately I can’t share too many photos, as I don’t really have permission to share faces :)

RS Wedding

This is my husband and father in law getting dressed.

If you’re new here, my husband was born in Scotland, his family migrated to Australia (on a boat!) and they grew up in Perth.

They don’t own these kilts, they hired them from a hire shop. The pattern was chosen to be as close as possible to their family “clan”… however, it was also chosen based on what the hire shop had available that day haha.

Having said that, the pattern looked suspiciously like a tartan pencil case I once owned in primary school, so I do wonder how accurate it is as a single clan’s historic identity.

Oh and yes, that’s my son in the background with a gimbal and camera. He did an awesome job! Modern technology these days! Kids these days!

RS Wedding

Here’s a group photo of us and the bride and groom – it really is no fun without the faces!

From left to right: my oldest son, me, the groom, the bride, my husband and my second son.

(My youngest son is going to be so pissed off that he wasn’t included in this pic. The third child is always left out of everything right?! But he was just too short for my head crop.)

RS Wedding

This is the wedding cake made by my father in law and sister in law! Amazing!

So much talent, care and family love went into this cake.

RS Wedding

And lastly, here are some teeny tiny polaroids of us, taken at the end of the day, for the guest photo wall.

Can you believe we were all so busy and having so much fun, that I forgot to take a family photo of just 5 of us together??  Ah well. These little polaroids are perfectly fine as keepsakes!

What I Wore: Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

Isabel Marant Boots and Hello Parry Dress

We’ve had some cold, wet, rainy days in Perth lately… but finally the sun is out!

I went out to lunch with my family and some friends (to eat deep fried fish heads + noodles to be precise!) and wore a few new items:

Hello Parry Benna Dress – Haha this was the perfect dress to wear for a big Chinese noodle lunch!

Black, to hide any soup splashes. Relaxed shape, so no need to suck in my tummy after the big lunch. Plus it’s super cute and needed no ironing. Throw on and go!

It’s a ONE SIZE dress – so because I’m quite short, I actually hemmed up the skirt by 1 inch, because I wanted it to be more of a “mini length” than a “mid thigh dress”.

I also lightened the photo so you can see the embroidered detail on the dress. It’s not see through at all in real life.

Isabel Marant Dicker Boots – I’ve actually worn my new boots quite a few times throughout winter – just with jeans of course. I didn’t need to break them in, because they were so soft, supple and they fit me perfectly.

But this was the first time I wore my boots with a dress and I loved it! They were light and comfortable enough for the warm weather.

I’m always at risk of looking EXTRA SHORT when wearing skirt + boots, so it’s a fine balance between finding the right skirt length and boot height.

I do love the hint of cowboy/boho style and if you’re looking for a studded version of the boot, the Dacken Bootie is a nice choice.

As for my handbag, it’s a Tory Burch Thea Saddle Handbag (old) and I’ve had it for over 4 years. Surprisingly, I still use it often, even though it’s not black!

Have a great week!


My Easy Nourish Bowl Salads

I love buying nourish bowls in cafes – they are always so delicious and healthy.

But they can get quite expensive at $18 a bowl!

They are pretty easy to make and I make them all the time, especially when I do meal prep for the week for myself and my husband.

To make things EXTRA easy for myself, I like to make a roast lamb for  dinner (the night before), and I just bake extra potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini that I’ll use for my salad the next day.

Nourish Bowls

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Recycling Computer Equipment in Perth

Recycling Computer Parts

This is not a sponsored post :)

This is just something we’ve been doing for years and many people have asked me about it.

We collect all our old computer parts and regularly take them to Officeworks for their “Bring IT Back” Recycling Program – to keep all this waste out of landfill.

The equipment is sent to recyclers where up to 98% of the material recovered and recycled. Which is kind of amazing!

They accept desktops, laptops, computer mice, monitors, printers, scanners, multifunction printers, keyboards, computer power supplies, printed circuit boards, motherboards, network cards, disks and CD drives.

You can also bring empty ink & toner cartridges, mobile phones, batteries and accessories.

All the materials are used to make roads, garden beds, pen, rulers, plastic pallets and steel products.

It’s a super easy process. We just throw all the items on a shopping trolley, wheel it into the store, the person greeting customers will call someone to receive it and takes it away, while you’re still standing at the door  – so good!

You can find out more information about the program here, and here is the list of Officeworks stores that accept the items.