My Isabel Marant Dicker Boots Review

Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

I finally took the plunge and got myself a pair of Isabel Marant Dicker Boots.

They are boot classics and look aaaamazing!

This style has been around since 2010… and many other brands have since copied the style, so it’s kind of cool (ok, very cool) to have the OG pair.

I have been eyeing and drooling after a pair for years; stalking eBay for a black or tan suede pair, but none came up.

Anyway, Shopbop recently announced that they were going to stock Isabel Marant (leather goods) and Isabel Marant Etoile (clothes)… so I took that opportunity to splurge using a birthday discount, courtesy of Shopbop.

Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

Sizing: They are true to size.

I wear EU 36 / AU 6 / UK 3 for all my shoes and boots and these fit me perfectly.

They are super soft and super comfortable.

When I wear thin, cotton ankle socks, they lift up a bit when I walk. So I wear semi-thick, cotton socks and they fit great.

I’m hoping to wear them into Spring and maybe early summer, so I might still wear thin, ankle socks and hopefully my feet will expand a bit? I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Another thing to note: I have narrow/small feet. But I can imagine if I had a wider-than-average foot, these boots would feel a bit tight across the toes.

Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

The suede leather is lovely, supple and soft.

It is lined with a leather inner sock, so it keeps its structure… but the boot still buckles when you move, which is a nice thing!

(My Acne Suede Jensen Booties are very stiff in comparison.)

I did give the boots a double spray of rain and stain repellent (specially designed for waterproofing suede) too.

Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

I the zip is chunky, but kind of hidden.

The wood block heel is a good everyday height at 60mm.

They are very easy to walk in, and I can spend all day in them.

Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

I just love their cool, casual, raw, chunky look, with a boho and cowboy vibe.

I plan to wear them with dresses, ripped jeans, cropped jeans and denim shorts!

Haha I don’t have a bad thing to say about these boots.

I’ll let you know how I feel about them in 5 years time.

I bet I still love them :)

Review: Grana Easy Cotton Pants

Grana Easy Cotton Pants

Hi everyone,

Today I’m talking about pants! I’m 5’2 or 160cm… and it is soooo hard for me to buy nice, cotton pants!

The pants that I try on in the shops are always too long in the leg or too bulky at the hips and bum. And it’s hard to find a plain, classic pair – with no frills.

I’ve tried on pants from Zara, H&M, Cotton On and other high street brands, where they cost around $49-$99. While they fit ok, I just don’t like the quality of the fabric – too see through, scratchy or cheap looking.

I recently had to opportunity to work with transparent fashion brand Grana and I jumped at the chance to pick out these Easy Tailored Pants made from 100% cotton twill.

Grana Easy Cotton Pants

I’m usually a size AU6 / UK6. So I picked out a size XS in these pants.

They are loose at the waist and hips. So I should have chosen a size XXS.

However, they are very comfortable when I sit down, they don’t pinch me and they are not too tight at various places, so I’m happy with this size. They are very relaxed and easy!

And when I wear a belt and tuck my shirt in, they are fine.

Grana Easy Cotton Pants

The cotton fabric is lovely and light. The fabric is perfect for warm weather.

The pants have a nice structure, drape and it keeps it’s tailored look.

The leg length is kind of perfect, as you can see. Especially for when I wear heels.

I would definitely turn up the cuff when I wear them with flats or sneakers.

They are AU$95, which I think is a great price for clothes from a transparent, ethical brand.

I’m not 100% sure if the cotton is organic though.

Overall, I really like them. I’ve never had cotton chino pants like these before and these are just great!

Grana have a few sales on at the moment.

They are celebrating Women’s Equality Day, with 21% off women’s clothes with the code: paygap21

They are clearing out their winter stock with 30% off selected cosy essentials with code: babyitscoldoutside

(It’s a great time to pick up on some cashmere jumpers!)

And if the sales are over after this weekend, you can always use my ongoing code for 10% off and free shipping, with the code: karenxgrana.

Happy shopping!

Enjoy xxx

Cinnamon Scrolls (with reduced sugar)

Cinnamon Scrolls

This recipe is based on a combination of this recipe and this one.

I reduced the sugar, used half the butter, half the egg, and it still tasted aaaamazing!

I also reduced the steps to save on washing up haha.

Cinnamon Scrolls (with reduced sugar)

Dough Recipe
60g butter
1 cup milk
2 teaspoon of dried yeast
1 egg, beaten
2 tablespoons of caster sugar
1/2 teaspoon of salt
3 cups plain flour

20g of butter, softened
3 tablespoons of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

30g of butter, melted
2 tablespoons of icing sugar
1 tablespoon of milk

1) Melt the butter in a large heatproof bowl (I just pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds). Add the milk and heat again. Add yeast, stir and set aside for 2 minutes.

2) Throw the rest of the ingredients (egg, sugar, salt and flour) into the yeast mixture. Stir well for a good 5 minutes. I don’t use a mixer, I just use a big spoon and my hands, for easy washing up. Cover with cling wrap, set in a warm spot for 1 hour for the dough to double in size. I put it on my bench top in the morning sun.

3) Make Filling: Mix butter, brown sugar and cinnamon in a bowl and set aside. OR you could skip this step and save on the washing up!

4) Make Glaze: Melt butter in microwave. Mix in icing sugar and milk. Set aside.

5) Lightly flour your surface. Give your dough a really good knead. Roll it into a log shape, about 40cm long. Use a rolling pin to flatten it out into a rectangle about 40 x 25cm.

6) Spread the butter, sugar and cinnamon filling evenly over your dough.

7) Start with the longest side, roll up the edge, and tightly roll into a scroll / log. Cut into 12 even pieces (I did 16 pieces). Place them side by side on a greased pan. Set aside for 30 minutes.

8) Preheat oven to 180C. Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven, drizzle over the glaze. Eat while hot! It can keep for up to 3 days in an airtight container.



My Oversized Pink Coat

Pink Coat from Zara

I get lots of people asking about my pink coat!

Once again, I bought it from Zara when I was in London in Feb 2017. It was on clearance sale (yay!), so in the end I think I paid GBP 50 for it.

It’s not really wool. It’s a soft, wool-like material, unlined, oversized and in a “boyfriend” style. (Not that your boyfriend would wear a pink coat? Maybe he might?)

I managed to find a very similar one on ASOS called Pink Cocoon Coat by Current Air.

But you have to be quick, because it’s on 50% sale and there’s very low stock :)

Pink Coat from ASOS


What Cameras Do I Take While Travelling?

Istanbul, Gülhand Park

Oh my, I love this photo! I love how it captures my son’s curiosity and wonder of the world.  I took this snap while we were in Istanbul, walking through some quiet back streets from Topkapi Palace to Gülhane Park.

I took it with my phone’s camera – and I believe that “capturing the moment” is much more important than using a “proper camera”. You see, I have a lot of photographer friends, who poo-poo my constant use of my phone camera haha!

I feel a little pang of guilt too, because in my freelance gig, I actually work as a photographer for some clients! My house is full of new and old cameras. I have very expensive camera gear and lenses. Yet they hardly ever leave my house :)

Two Cameras

So what cameras do I take while travelling?  

In the last few years, I’ve been to Singapore, Bali, Tasmania, London, Paris, all over Australia, Istanbul, Scotland and Dubai.

For all my trips, I took two cameras.

1) My iPhone –  To capture ALL the small moments.

Istanbul Photo Tile

Here’s a little edit of my camera roll during our last family holiday in Istanbul.

Basically, I like to take photos of us sitting, walking, eating, looking, smiling, laughing, horsing around.

But I’m very stealthy about it! I whip out my phone from my bag, take two snaps and immediately put it away. It takes me 4-5 seconds from identifying the moment I want to capture, getting my phone out and taking the shot, which is perfect for spontaneous moments.

I don’t go on and on trying to get “the perfect shot”. I don’t try to stage or force things too much. And I don’t like to be too intrusive to the moment itself.

I’m very aware not to annoy the people I’m with. But they do oblige me with a smile when I do.

The gallery of photos I take is like a frozen documentary of our trip. My kids LOVE it and can see the benefit of it, even days later, when we’ve forgotten all the details and order of events.

2) Sony RX100 Mark 4

This was a bit pricey for a compact camera. It cost me about $1,100 in 2016. It’s a high-end compact, with full manual controls and takes high quality video.

I wanted something small and compact to put in my handbag. I wanted to take high quality HDR + Raw photos. I didn’t want a mirrorless camera with inter-changable lenses, as I find them just as chunky as my DSLR pro camera.

It takes me about 20-40 seconds from identifying the moment, taking it out of my bag, unzipping the case, turning it on, waiting for it set up, check and change it to the right setting, then snap!

So I always find that I miss “the moment” with this camera.

I use it more when I know I want a higher resolution in my photo!

Another thing I wanted to share is my REASON for taking so many photos.

I take photos for my kids.

Not for social media, not to share with my friends (although, I usually end up sharing the highlights on Facebook).

I make photo books for all our trips, I stick the book on my bookshelf and every now and then, the kids will pull out the photo books and go — WHOA I REMEMBER THIS! THIS WAS AWESOME!

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, a delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight can really throw a wrench in your plans. is to inform you of your rights and defend your interests against the airline in order to get you fair compensation for the damage sustained.

And I hope one day they will show all the photos to their kids!