Review: Everlane Silk Shirt

Everlane Silk Shirt Review

I first heard of Everlane yeeeears ago, when everyone was raving about the Everlane Silk Shirts and how amazing and affordable they were.

But I never bought one back then, because of their crazy shipping fee to Australia (years ago it was something like $30-$40, I’m not exactly sure anymore).

Over the years, they have reduced their international shipping fee and NOW they offer a Flat Rate of US$15 to Australia.

I know Everlane occasionally offers up free international shipping, so I waited until a promo came around and finally purchased two items!

This post isn’t sponsored or gifted by Everlane. I purchased these items on my own, because I found a gap in my wardrobe and I was curious to check out their quality.

PLUS I wanted to support a fashion brand that focused on transparent and ethical processes. I read up about all their factories around the world, it’s really interesting!

I figured that… the more I spend on these transparent brands, and less on those that are not transparent, the better.

Everlane Silk Shirt Review

My Silk Review

I’m no textile expert. I have no idea about thread count, or how to compare silk weight or weave.

I just own a lot of silk shirts haha! I own 3 Equipment Silk Shirts, 1 Isabel Marant Silk Shirt, a few silk tops by Tibi… and lots of silk items from high street brands… and so I have just a solid opinion on which silk I prefer most.

I’ve read heaps of online reviews about comparing Grana vs. Everlane vs. Equipment Silk Shirts but really, in the end, I believe it comes down to your own personal preference and what kind of silk YOU like to feel and wear.

For me, I don’t really like silk with a slippery satiny feel, because to me, the fabric looks and feels like satin or polyester. And it reminds me of tops I could buy from Zara or Witchery. But I’ve found that this satiny kind of silk is a bit more crinkle resistant.

Grana silk shirts have a more velvety crepe kind of feel. My Isabel Marant silk shirt is also velvety, but much more sheer and delicate.

My Equipment and Tibi silk shirts are somewhere in between satiny and velvety.

And my preference is somewhere in between, but tending towards more the velvety feel.

What Do I Think of Everlane’s Silk?

I’d say that Everlane is more of the slippery, shiny kind of silk (almost no velvety feel), but it feels thick and strong, and has a kind of matte finish, so it’s quite nice.

When I rub the fabric between my fingers, it feels like a quality garment. So so soooo much better than high street stores. The cut and craftsmanship is there.

The inside stitching looks really good, the seams and edges don’t buckle. It’s great quality!

I did find two loose threads, one at the armpit and one at the cuff, but when I gave them a tug, they came away and no stitching came apart.

It was pretty creased up when I took it out of the packet. I had to give it a low/medium iron with lots of steam, which took me ages! The shirt seemed to handled the iron just fine, which is so good!

How’s the FIT?

I bought “The Relaxed Silk Shirt” in Size 00.

I’m usually a AU6 or UK6. I’m 160cm and I weigh 46kg.

The fit was absolutely perfect! Perfect across the shoulders and back. Comfortable around the chest, waist and hips. Brilliant length for body and arms. And cuffs were perfect too. I’m super happy!

How’s the STYLE?

Grana silk shirts have hidden buttons (which I don’t like) and no chest pockets.

Equipment shirts have exposed buttons and chest pockets and pocket flaps – nice style, but a bit safari looking maybe.

Everlane has exposed buttons and no chest pockets – I really like this combo!

I think I like the style of this Everlane shirt more than my Equipment Signature shirt. It’s just a bit more minimal. And it depends on my mood :)

Maybe because this is a pinstripe shirt, and maybe if I were to wear a plain coloured Everlane silk shirt, I’d feel that the style was a bit too plain?

Overall opinion?

Overall, I really like this shirt. I’m absolutely delighted that you can get such a great style of silk shirt in a high quality, with excellent wearability, for such a good price.

Except for the two loose threads I found, I can’t really fault this shirt!

I’m dying to get it in more colours now!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a discount code to share with you all.

I do have this referal link to the Everlane Website, and if you like my review and buy from them, I get a bit of credit put into my account. But no worries if you don’t use it!

Ghost Empire by Richard Fidler

Ghost Empire by Richard Fidler

One thing I love about my husband is that he is a fast reader. This means, I can pass him a book and say, “Please read this. I want to talk to someone about it”.

So we are our own little book club!

The two of us, snuggled on a couch on a Friday night, bitching about character development, writing style and plot arches haha!

While I read my last book, Istanbul by Bettany Hughes (I wrote about it here), my husband read this other book about Istanbul/Constantinople: Ghost Empire by Richard Fidler.

Then we swapped. But of course, he finished his book much faster than I did.

Richard Fidler is a well known Australian radio presenter, podcast interviewer and writer, with an interest in Istanbul starting since he was a teenager.

Richard goes on a journey with his teenage son to Istanbul and tells many, MANY fascinating stories about the city and it’s history.

But it’s not a typical historic book.

It is an easy-to-read, well-written, quick-to-digest run down about the BIG events surrounding Istanbul/Constantinople.

Personally, I found that it jumped around a lot and it wasn’t linear, which annoyed me.

But overall, it was a great read and I really enjoyed the way he brought the stories to life.

Ancient Roman history is like a real life Game of Thrones!

Hard Gel Nails from Glamour Nail Bar

Glamour Nail Bar

Before: Eeek I’m a bit embarrassed to share this haha! But hey this is real life for me.

These are my 4 week old shellac nails. I’m impressed the shellac even lasted 4 weeks. Usually they peel/lift off after 2 weeks, but they were starting to crack and one had lifted off the day before. My nails are so brittle and damaged from the shellac process, I really hate the cycle I’m stuck in, but I keep doing it because at least it gives me nice nails for 2 weeks.

I’ve never been to a high-end nail salon before. I’ve only ever been to polygel nail kit or cheerful shopping centre nail shops, where the ladies don’t speak any English.

Glamour Nail Bar

After: And this is me, after having Hard Gel Nails done at Glamour Nail Bar. I looooove them!

The results and whole experience was frankly AMAZING!

The nail technicians from Glamour Nail Bar are true professionals. They really care for your nail and shape each nail to utter perfection. They don’t just slap on the polish, throw you under the lamp and kick you out after your 30 minute time slot. Yes it’s a bit more expensive, but like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

They share expert advice, nail care, nail tips and explanations about nails treatments and process. I was even able to ask tricky questions and I learned so much about nail stuff. I’ve never had that before!

This nail service was kindly gifted to me in exchange for some social media posts, I wasn’t required to write a blog post about the process, but I got so many direct messages about it, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned.

How are Hard Gel Nails different to Shellac Gel Nails?

Continue reading Hard Gel Nails from Glamour Nail Bar

Istanbul, A Tale of Three Cities

Istanbul, A Tale of Three Cities

In preparation for our trip to Istanbul, I bought this book, Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities by Bettany Hughes, purely because of its raving reviews.

I didn’t know it was a historical BIOGRAPHY (oops, not a love story then!), and I didn’t realise the author was a famous historical tv host!

The book was pretty much a historical text book, but told in a conversational kind of way, and the author used big /academic words I had never heard before, like – Phagocyte, Demotic, Stultify, Encomia, Ebulliently (I wrote them down because I thought they were hilarious).

What did I think of the book?

I loved it!! It started in 80,000 BC and covered everything until the 1940s, focusing on the events of Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul.

So I feel like I have travelled through time, through the whole history of the world and emerged with a new perspective of the world and life. It was very cool.

Things that struck me:

– There was So. Much. Killing. So much politics, so many wars, mass slaughter, murder, assassinations, beheadings, eye-gouging, mutilations, rape, slavery. It was horrific!

– The history of Christianity and Islam was fascinating .

– Omg people died so young back then.

– Interesting to read about all the horrible stuff happening to society back then and realising that not much has changed, especially when it comes to crazy people in power, and perhaps while we might believe that the world is completely insane right now, compared to the shit that happened in the past, we are living in glorious and blessed times indeed.

Anyway, I’m officially obsessed with the history of Rome!

I’ve since read another historical non-fiction novel, and I’m currently addicted to listening to historical podcasts about Rome and Byzantium. I find them weirdly meditative :)

What I Wore: Pink Coat + Red Shoes

Pink and Red

Hi everyone!

Are you a fan of pink? I’m not a huge fan.

I like blush/nude/dusty rose. But I’ve never worn very much “Baby Pink”, as I find it much too cute/pretty/feminine/Barbie/Hello Kitty… but hey look at me now!

I bought this coat from Zara when I was in London last year. It was on clearance sale (I think it was $50) and it was a size too big. Yes it was totally an unnecessary, impulse, holiday purchase!

It’s not really a coat, as it’s not lined. It’s shapeless and baggy. It’s more of a felt blanket with sleeves and buttons… but hey, it’s extra snuggly.

I thought I would regret the purchase, but it turns out I have been loving it!

I’ve found that it works with monochrome outfits, with an additional colour, such as a denim blue shirt, or in this case, bright red shoes.

I can’t seem to find anything online that’s similar.

Unless you count this lovely Helmet Lang Pink Coat, which is similar, but it’s a gazillion dollars and much more Barbie.

Or this ASOS Pink Wool Coat with a leopard print collar.

With pastel candy colours being on trend this season, I think a pink coat has been an awesome addition to my wardrobe.

I’m also wearing:

Heart Breaker Pumps from Shopbop (Red colour is sold out) I love these so much I want a pair in black!

Alexander Wang Roxy Hobo Handbag from Shopbop (also sold out) hopefully more stock will be coming in soon, as I waited for ages for it to be restocked twice!

Star Button Down Shirt, mine is a Korean brand, based on the original design of this Equipment shirt. But I’ve found that it’s cheaper to buy an Equipment shirt from Revolve (with free shipping) or secondhand from eBay.

Have a fantastic week!