My Favourite Cauliflower Rice Recipe

I loooooove cauliflower, especially big chunks of roasted cauliflower.

I don’t usually make cauliflower RICE, because I can’t be bothered to use and wash my food processor.

But I made it recently and I really enjoyed the texture and flavour. And now I’ve been making it once a week for myself, and eat it instead of rice.

Super easy to make! Not soggy or mushy!

Cauliflower Rice Recipe

My Favourite Cauliflower Rice Recipe

1) Cut and wash a head of cauliflower. Process it in batches.

2) Add these ingredients:

3-4 tablespoons of olive oil
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon of ground cumin
1 teaspoon of chilli flakes
1/2 teaspoon of salt
small bunch of fresh coriander, chopped

3) Toss, spread over a pan. Put into 180C over for 40 minutes, take it out midway to stir.

Notes – I sometimes bake it at 200C for 30 minutes. I like it with a bit of raw/not over-cooked crunch.

Cauliflower Rice Recipe

It’s so yummy!

The only problems is: if I eat it on it’s own, it doesn’t fill me up, so I end up having 3 (maybe 4) heaped bowls of it – oh well.

Today was a crappy day

Boys at the Beach
(Sharing a photo from a day that was less crappy!)

Wow guys. I don’t mean to complain so much. But this whole “parenting teenagers” thing is the shits!!

I’ve read so many books, read so many articles, listened to so many podcasts and followed so many mummy blogs over the last 10 years… who would have thought that it was ACTUALLY THIS BAD?!

I thought that maybe, after their very loved upbringing, their simple and down to earth early childhood years, their years of living with our strict/fair rules… maybe we got lucky with our teenagers?

Haha nope!

Oh the fights! Oh the shouting! The constant nagging. The mood swings. The crazy emotions. It’s such a cliche.

This might actually be worse than the newborn, sleep-deprivation stage, or the crazy 4 year old stage.

My boys are 15, 13 and 9 and my biggest battles are: 

1) Screen time + obsession with digital devices/gaming.
2) When they aren’t on a digital device, they fight with each other and are reluctant to do anything else.
3) Showing respectful behaviour with actions, especially when living with other people (ie. when you make a mess, you clean it up.)
4) Taunting siblings

Sometimes I get soooo frustrated, so angry, so furious, so ming-numbingly ENRAGED… I really do shout and shout and shout at them. Listing out what they did, how they could have avoided it, maybe used their brain, maybe thought about how to fix the problem, how pissed off I am, what happens now, what it all means. I go on and on. I just have to step back and walk away. This is not who I want to be.

I’m trying so hard to deal with them with less shouting.

More love. More patience. More humour. More hugs.

And more running!

I put on my running shoes, my music, and smash out into a run until my lungs burn and my body hurts. 30 minutes and I’m done.

Just need a break. A restart. Then back at it again.

It’s ok, I’m not looking for sympathy here. I’m not giving any advice either. Life goes up and down. Some days it’s really bad. Some days it’s amazing. I don’t need more articles to read, thank you!

Just sharing! I always feel good after a mum rant!

Wearing: Grana French Organic Cotton

Grana French Organic Cotton

Over the last few years, I’ve been trying to buy basics that are eco-friendly, sustainable, or ethically made.

Sometimes it’s so hard to meet ALL the criteria. Sometimes I can never know if the brand is really disclosing everything, or if it’s just another marketing ploy to sell to people like me?!

There is a 2018 Ethical Fashion Guide that you can download that rates brands and companies. According to the website, the guide is a “measure of the efforts undertaken by each company to mitigate the risks of forced labour, child labour and worker exploitation in their supply chains”.

I’m keen to feature it in another blog post, so I’ll talk more about it another time.

Grana French Organic Cotton

While trying to be conscious of ethics and environment, I’m quite particular with my style/fabric quality… and so I just love the effortless, casual, minimal and high quality items from Grana.

They are currently having a special Eco Sale, offering 20% off all eco-friendly styles with the code “ECO20”.

The sale features items made from French Organic Linen, Tencel (sustainably made from quick growing Eucalyptus trees, without pesticides or fertilisers) and Lenzing Modal (sustainably made from natural Beech tree forests).

I was gifted this Jersey Racerback Tank (French Organic Cotton) a few weeks back and I shared it on Instagram. But with this Eco Sale on, I wanted to share the photo on my blog too (not getting paid for this!).

I just love how it feels and it’s slouchy style. I wear it as a casual top for wearing out and about (mum duties!). I wear it to yoga / working out, over a sports bra top.

It’s a style that will last me for years. And by the feel of the material, it will definitely last me years too.

And you know what? It actually does make me feel a little proud that I’m wearing something good for the earth!

If you’re a new customer, and you want to buy a full-priced item, please feel free to use my code “karenxgrana” to enjoy 10% off your order and free shipping!


I Am Pilgrim

I am Pilgrim

After I read Jane Austen’s Emma… I was keen to read something a bit more modern and gritty haha!

I found I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes at my local op shop for $2 and my first impression was: omg it’s soooo thick.

I don’t really like crime/thriller books, but I gave it a go.

I sped through it in 14 days! It was a excellent read – written so well, it zoomed by at a fast pace, just like a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

It’s a crime story, twisting investigation, modern day terrorist, kind of book.

Really enjoyed it… but now I need  something a bit more slow paced and cerebral :)

Crushing: Pastel Floral Dresses

I am TOTALLY crushing on pretty, floral dresses at the moment.

I’m currently experimenting with 1) floral/pastel colours and 2) trying to wear summer dresses in cooler weather. I’ll share what I come up with soon!

I went on a floral bender, adding tonnes of styles into my wishlist (kind of like making a mood board) and these are my top nine favourites from Shopbop’s 25% off Sale (ends 15 April 2018)…

Shopbop Spring Florals 2018

Lavendar: Ulla Johnson Penninah Dress

Pink: Rachel Zoe Jillian Dress

Yellow: Marissa Webb Kaya Silk Print Dress

Shopbop Spring Florals 2018

Pink: Nicholas Lilac Floral Frill Mini Dress

Blue: Alice + Olivia Halsey Dress

Nude: Amanda Uprichard Evalina Dress

Shopbop Spring Florals 2018

Yellow: Self Portrait Pleated Asymmetric Floral Dress

Green: Giambattista Valli Print Sheer Mini Dress with Ruffle Hem

Pale Purple: Young Fabulous & Broke Costa Maxi Dress

Yes some are ridiculously expensive (!), but hope you find some inspiration to switch things up a bit for the new season!