Ending the Year with Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga on New Years Eve

I ate soooo much over the Christmas break. So much ham. So much chicken.

And like every good new year cliche, I decided to end the year doing something positive – rather than ending up a food coma!

It’s been 9 months (I think) since I’ve been to a hot yoga class. I was very surprised that I could keep up with the instructor. I did quite well! So happy!

But I forgot about all the sweat. Omg the sweat!

Imagine someone using a water spray bottle and squirting it into your armpits, until the water is dripping – no trickling – like a little stream, down your body, puddling in your bra strap. It’s such a weird sensation.

And who would have thought that sweat was so salty?!

It was pouring down my face, dripping into the corners of my mouth (Bleh! I was drinking my own sweat! You can’t really spit on the ground in class! Gotta sip it up! Eeew!). And my eyes too. I was wincing in pain from the salt stinging my eyes, making my vision blurry. I tried to wipe my eyes with my shoulder, but my shoulder, my forearm, the back of my hands were all soaking wet.

I was pretty much having a shower in my own sweat.

But you know, it all isn’t that bad.

The ultimate gross-ness is AFTER the class: It’s when I am returning my borrowed foam block to the back of the studio hall, walking across the floor and stepping in the puddles of OTHER PEOPLE’S SWEAT. Then dragging the collective sweat around the floor and stepping in other people’s collective sweat + feet sweat, which has been there for a a bit longer, so it’s slightly colder sweat.

Haha it’s sooooo gross!!

But thankfully I had a shower and I felt that beeeaaaautiful glow all over my body that reminded me why I love it so much. Kinda!

Shopbop Boxing Day Picks: My Dress Wishlist

Hi everyone!

Today I’m collborating with Shopbop to share some of my Boxing Day Sale picks.

It is a 3-day Sale on Sale : Simply use the code ‘JOY25’ to enjoy 25% Off All Sale Products!

Ends around Friday, 29th Dec 4pm (Perth time, UTC/GMT + 8)

Shopbop Boxing Day

For me, I’m still in holiday mode, enjoying the slow-paced routine that comes with this time of year.

I was going to give the Boxing Day sales a miss this year, but then I spotted the discounted price of a coffee machine and milk frother (which I have been eyeing since Mothers Day) and decided to head up into the stores after all!

I’m a real slow shopper. I make a mental list of things I want and stalk them for months, and sometimes I realise that I don’t want one thing anymore (which is a good thing!). And when I’m sure I still want something after a few months, I’ll wait for the price to drop during the sales hehe.

These are some items I had stalked for ages… and have since bought. I wore them to a Christmas lunch and didn’t spill anything on the white shirt!

Shopbop Boxing Day

I’m wearing Stylekeeper Off Shoulder Ruffle Top – on sale from approx AUD $150 to $45. I bought this a few weeks ago at a previous sale, but for Boxing Day, there’s an additional 25% off.

Stuart Weitzman Daisy 90mm Pumps again I got these a while ago, on a sale, but with the discount, they are $243, from $464.

My handbag is 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Micro Cross Body Bag in Fawn colour, but unfortunately it’s out of stock.

Jeans are by GRLFRND Denim.

Lover Dress - Shopbop Boxing Day Sale

Ahh, I know I already have a Lover Dress! But it’s so beautiful that I want another one :)

In particular, I’m looking for a Lover dress either in navy or black, with a lace design with a “tight” pattern.

I have been eyeing THIS Lover Oasis Dress for aaaages. I am so in love with it! It’s on sale for 55% off (or something crazy like that), but unfortunately it’s not in my size – ugh!

Zimmermann Dress - Shopbop Boxing Day Sale

Again I already have a silk Zimmerman dress. It is short and black. I love it, but it looks very summery and casual.

I have been thinking of getting a more formal Zimmermann silk dress, in a classic and simple style… very much like this Zimmermann Bow Bodice Dress.

This one is available in my size. But I was actually looking for a deep red or maroon colour!

Self-Portrait Dress - Shopbop Boxing Day Sale

Another dress on my wishlist is this Self Portrait Floral Mini Dress.

Yes I have a Self Portrait dress and a top, so I know I’m onto a good thing here.

I’ve been looking for a long sleeve dress to wear in winter. And I like the fact that it is a short mini length, so it won’t overwhelm my short-ness.

Also on the wishlist is this Self Portrait Azaelea Dress, but it’s not on sale :)

Tibia Dress - Shopbop Boxing Day Sale

I’ve been completely smitten by Tibi’s latest collection, full of voluminous shapes and dramatic forms, but still elegant and simple designs.

I have two very lovely Tibi camisoles, but none of their iconic cotton pieces.

So I was considering to buy this Tibi Midi Dress, but my size sold out pretty quickly. Probably a good thing!

Enjoy the holidays!

Hope you manage to find something you love!


Christmas Celebrations for 2017

Christmas 2017

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your families and loved ones!

We have had back-to-back parties, dinners, BBQs, lunches and outings leading up to Christmas. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been very stressful at all. It’s been very chilled, manageable and very enjoyable to catch up with everyone.

Once again, we hosted dinner on Christmas Eve with my side of the family. I managed to delegate lots of dishes, so in the end I only had to make three things, including the ham.

It looked great in the end!

Funny story, I had to look up my Christmas blog post from last year to make sure that I decorated my ham differently haha!

Christmas Table 2017

I did go a bit fancy this year, with white tablecloths, candles and a formal table setting – no plastic plates here! And although it looked really lovely, I don’t think I’ll do that again, as I prefer a more casual, relaxed vibe, where people can move around and sit with other people to talk throughout the evening.

For Christmas Day we usually wake up at a normal time, eat a hot breakfast of leftover ham, eggs and toast, then go for a walk if the weather is nice. Then we invite a few grandparents over and sit around the Christmas tree to open presents.

This year was the same. Except that this time, I felt that the kids were a little bit disappointed, because they didn’t receive brand new devices, phones or tablets or anything of that sort. Maybe they are a bit older now and were expecting more?

They had been begging me for new devices for months, to which I had said, “Absolutely not!”. And I think they believed that I would surprise them just because it’s Christmas?! Nope.

I don’t really believe in buying my kids brand new devices, just because they simply want a new one or want to own the latest version. They can just live with their old, secondhand items with cracked screens.

Anyway, they were still pretty grateful for the gifts they received, and they did thank us happily.

In the late afternoon, we celebrated with my husband’s side of the family. Kids had a blast in the pool. We all ate lots of Christmas food and desserts.

Then we are off to a few more pool parties and BBQs by the river before the year is over.

I love this time of year!

Christmas 2017

Keeping on top of my fitness during the holidays

Park Running

Wow it’s not even Christmas yet and I’ve been eating eating EATING!

Brunch with girlfriends. Lunch with my parents. Evening BBQs with friends. Dinner parties with family.

It’s such a blessing to be surrounded by good people and good food all the time….

Buuuut, I have to keep on top of my exercise, or I’ll feel absolutely terrible, lethargic, moody and have poor sleep. Not to mention, I’ll probably gain 5kgs with all the eating.

Here’s a rough look at my routine at the moment which I also combine with what is called best testosterone booster.

Sunday – Run 5km

Monday – Yoga

Tuesday – Walk

Wednesday – Run 5km

Thursday – Yoga or Strength

Friday – Nothing!

Saturday – Nothing!

For my strength exercises, I’ve been doing a bit of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Workout (not that I’m aiming for a bikini body) I’m just looking for exercise routines, but first I need to check sfgate to find a good supplement for my workouts.

I pulled a muscle in my neck a while ago, which rendered me useless for a few weeks. It was so frustrating to get into a good exercise momentum, get so far in my strength, then have to go back to square one. Sigh. I got some legal steroids for sale online and I started bodybuilding and losing weight, I feel a lot better with these ones that don’t have side effects.

But hey, we have to look after our bodies right? I can only do what I can with what I have.

All the best for your exercise routine during the holidays!


What I Wore: Mixing Plaid + Ruffles

Tularosa Payton Off Shoulder Top

I’m so pleased to have finished all my Christmas gift shopping – and it’s still early December!

I have a lot of nephews and nieces to buy presents for, but as they are all reaching their teens, they have all asked for “MONEY” or “GIFTCARDS”.

Part of me feels that this totally evaporates the magic spirit of Christmas, but hey, it’s practical and it makes it super easy for me. They’re happy, I’m happy.

I guess kids these days are saving up for big ticket items, like devices, tablets, gadgets, consoles, (which cost a fortune when you have multiple kids!), hence their wish for money.

So my tiresome shopping trip went something like this: Drive to shops at 8:45am (no need to for carpark rage at that time), buy 10 gift cards, get a manicure, drive home. Not complaining at all!

Tularosa Payton Off Shoulder Top

I wore a very un-Christmas gift shopping outfit. Looked more like I was going to a summer lunch at the pub?!


Tularosa Peyton top (super easy to wear, love the unique pattern mixed with ruffles)

Lovers + Friends Elijah mini skirt (wearing this skirt everyday, thankfully it’s black so I don’t need to wash it often haha) and…

Airflex slides (again, so easy to wear and looks so good. I kind of wish I bought the Gucci version now.)

How’s your Christmas shopping going?