My Skin Journey: After 6 Months

Hi everyone!

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Collagen Induction Therapy from Iconic Medispa

Months ago I shared the start of my 30s skin journey – I talked about seeing a dermatologist, discovering the amazing results of prescription Vitamin A and I chose not to have any laser done.

Instead of laser, I decided to have Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) for my acne scars at Iconic Medispa in South Perth.

Here’s my initial blog post about CIT, where I explain the details of the treatment and my experience of the whole process.

For me, blemishes, redness and pigmentation were easy to cover up with makeup. So I wanted to target my acne scars, large pores and skin texture – but my overall results were soooo much better than I expected.

I never thought I’d be one to put such close up photos of my face on my blog, but there you go.

Everyone (including me) loves a good before and after photo!

Results are everything!

Eek! Pretty bad pigmentation, scarring and redness right?? Ha!

Honestly, I was fine with how I looked before. I was never the girl with smooth, flawless skin anyway. I’ve always had bumps, spots, scars and redness, since I was 15. I’ve gotten used to it. It’s the way I am! I have pretty good self confidence, so it never bothered me that much. I just wear lots of makeup. It’s no biggie. I love makeup!

But now, looking at my before photo, I cringe and I can’t believe how bad my skin looked?!?

And I can’t believe how easy (non-invasive and non-risky) it was to make my skin look so much better.

This was my treatment spread out over 6 months:

2 x HydraFacials to boost the health of my skin up for a CIT treatment.
1 x Collagen Induction Therapy
3 x HydraFacials
1 x Collagen Induction Therapy

That’s it.

There is such an awesome improvement in my acne scarring, redness, skin tone, pore size, pigmentation, dullness, and fine lines. The benefits of skincare and laser hair removal is also well explained by Touch Up Laser.

My skin is radiant and glowing!!

I used to wear a full face of makeup (medium coverage foundation) every single day, if I was leaving the house. But by the end of the treatment, I felt I only needed a tiny bit of makeup (concealer and a light dust of mineral foundation) – amazing! Never happened before!

Interesting things I learned

* It takes a long time to see results. It’s a journey. Everyone is different. Good skin doesn’t magically appear in 2 weeks.

* You have to be committed to work with your beauty therapist. It’s like having a personal trainer, where your end goal is to lose weight and be stronger/fitter/healthier. They do their part, and you have to do your part.

* Hormones, stress, lack of sleep, too much sugar, an unhealthy diet, forgetting to wear suncream, going on holidays, not having a good skin care routine…. it ALL effects your skin. You have to be open and honest with your beauty therapist and work with them on all these things.

* Again with the gym analogy, if you go more often you can maintain the good results. However you don’t have to go for a facial as often as you should go to the gym! I think once every 4-5 weeks is what they recommend.

I went on a 4 week holiday after doing these treatments, and while I used suncream twice a day, my skin looked terrible by the end of it! It didn’t go back to it’s original state, but I started leaving my house with a full face of makeup again (a bit of a habit for me) and I had lots of breakouts and redness… and I realised “My skin is so bleh! I probably should go have a facial??”

So once I started my regular facials again, my skin was back to being radiant and glowy again.


I’ve started using a range of cosmeceutical products (only available through a medispa and prescribed by a qualified therapist) to target my pigmentation, improve my texture and hydration and maintain my skin health.

They check and assess my skin every 3-4 weeks. I report to them how it’s going, tell them what works for me and what doesn’t. We tweak the products and my usage. They take controlled hi-res photos each time I visit, we look through the photos together to discuss my progress.

The products have been really good (so far!) and their service/client care/attention to detail are all excellent!


To give you an idea of pricing at Iconic Medispa, HydraFacials are about $175 (40 minutes, face only) and one treatment of CIT is about $450. Initial skin consultation (with no obligation) is free.


I am long-time friends with the owners/team at the Iconic Medispa. I do casual work including graphic design, social media management, photography and copy writing for them. I am paid with credit, which I use on treatments at the medispa. I was not obliged in any way to do this blog post. I did it because I absolutely LOVE my experience with them and am so happy with my results. So this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

Hope you enjoyed my review!