What I Wore: Majorelle Portia Dress

Revolve x Majorelle Portia Dress

Hi everyone!

Spring in Australia is literally one day away and I just had to dress up for the occasion!

The amazing team at Revolve have sent me some gorgeous Spring + Summer dresses and I’ll be featuring them over the next few weeks.

The whole “minimal trend” is starting to make way for “over the top styling” with patterns, florals, lace, mixed textures, ruffles, volume and more.

I picked out this Majorelle Portia Dress because I love a good wrap dress!

It’s not too “over the top”, but it’s just perfect for me. I know it’s the kind of dress I’ll wear a lot.

It’s a very flirty style – deep V neck (not wide though), short mini skirt, ruffled details, big bow. Makes me look 5-10 years younger I reckon haha.

The sleeves are longer than usual, which is a nice thing. It keeps it balanced and slightly modest (ok maybe not).

I think you have to have boobs for this dress, or at least wear a kick ass push up bra (I wear this one!), and be happy to show a bit of cleavage.

I like that the V is narrow. I dislike wearing wide V necks, because I hate wearing double-sided tape.

Revolve x Majorelle Portia Dress

Since it’s a wrap dress, I did have some concerns about the dress unwrapping and “popping open”, as there are no buttons or zips to keep it together. It’s like wearing a robe?

The only way you are stopping the world from seeing your girls, is with your ability to tie a knot.

I never did any girl guides courses, so I made two shoelace knots, and a bow at the end. Looks a bit wonky but it did the job!

* Sometimes I like to use a hidden safety pin JUST TO BE SURE, but I didn’t have to in this case, because the length of belt is wide, so you can feel it firm in place against your skin.

Anyway, I love that it’s a simple WOW dresses, that tucks in at all the right places and makes you feel like a million bucks.

I’m wearing a Size XS and I’m usually a size AU6. When it was first released, the dress was completely sold out, then restocked. It’s now on Pre-Order, so more are coming soon.

Remember, Revolve have free returns for Australian customers!

Revolve x Majorelle Portia Dress

Wearing the Majorelle Portia Dress ,Rosalia by Meli Melo, Aquazzura Sexy Thing Heels, and vintage scarf (from my mum!).

Can’t wait for that Spring weather!


A Quick Self-Tanning Product Review


Self Tanning Review

Hello hello!

A few people have asked about which self-tanning products I use – so with Spring just around the corner, I’m running through a few brands and products I’ve tried, liked and disliked.

Pictured here are some random bottles I happen to have in my cupboard. Three of them are months old and their solutions have turned green, so I threw them away after I took this photo – oops!

This isn’t a sponsored post.

In the past, I’ve declined to accept tanning sponsors, because… well, the products are either great or crap. I don’t see the point of dancing around the truth and recommending something I don’t like. Plus, what works for me, might not work for someone else.

Side note: I find it so hard these days to find good, honest, balanced product review from bloggers!!

OK whatever, let’s get started.

As much as I LOOOOVE my natural skin colour, which is a fair olive tone, I am rather addicted to self-tanning.

When my skin is a deep, warm, honey brown colour, it makes me feel healthy, lively, full of radiance and glow.

Yet, I’d be rubbing tanning mousse into my legs and I think OMG this is totally stupid, fake and so unnatural haha!

But if I spend 4-5 hours in the sun, my skin would be exactly the same darker shade?! So IT IS natural!?

At least with a bottled tan, the glowing brown colour is evenly spread out across my body AND there’s a significantly reduced risk of developing skin cancer, sun spots and ageing skin.

I’ve never paid for a spray tan (where someone else does it for me) – I’m sure I’ll get around to it one day – I just like to buy stuff to use myself.

I’m pretty flexible (thanks to yoga) so I can reach my back just fine.

I’ve been using different brands/mousse/sprays/oils for about 6 years now, here’s a quick rundown on what I think:

Not a fan of these….

Ecotan – Strong smell, too orange, feels sticky, it’s always patchy due to my poor application, too bad because an organic, chemical-free formula is a nice idea.

Bondi Sands Mousse – Used to buy this often, loved the end colour. But it stains my clothes/sheets DAYS after, very annoying, strong smell, feels sticky.

Le Tan Mousse – Patchy (maybe from my poor application), comes off in patches/flakes and shows creases in my skin after a few days. Don’t like it.

Le Tan Instant Spray Tan – This used to be awesome, so quick and easy, lovely colour, fast drying, but maybe they changed the formula because the last bottle made my skin greenish brown and so I never bought it again.

Loves these…

St Tropez Mousse – omg hands-down perfect wow colour, flawless even colour (even with poor application) but ugh so expensive.

Rimmel Mousse  – Develops in 1 hour, perfect for last minute tans, great colour, so cheap, I always have a bottle handy, absolutely zero staining on white dresses/tops which is a bit disconcerting!?

JBronze Mousse – Absolutely love this one, no staining, no strong smell, have bought it 4 times in a row now. (Notice the multiple bottles in the photo!) I also love the face tanning one.

Loving Tan – never tried this, but very keen after reading lots of really good reviews.

I also like Dove Summer Glow – Gradual Self Tan, more like a body moisturiser to help my tan last longer. makes my skin feel a bit sticky though. Nice smell, doesn’t stain.

I usually buy the darkest shade in any brand, which looks best with my skin colour. Medium and light hardly make a colour change on my skin.

Lastly, here’s a tip. Watch out for products on sale/clearance. I suspect the products/solutions are a bit old, and therefore not as effective. Every time I’ve bought a product on a clearance sale, I noticed it didn’t work as well, or looked a bit different??

By the way, no one paid me to write this review, however my links to products are through an affiliate, so I do get a 3-5% commission if you buy something! Just don’t buy the crappy ones haha!

Happy tanning!


Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies (With No Extra Sugar)

Gluten-Free (With No Extra Sugar) Chocolate Brownies

Hi everyone!

I’m not sure what to call these, as they are a slight variation of my Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe, which I have featured on my blog many times before!

I made this recipe, because I needed something NOT TOO SWEET to throw into lunch boxes, and for quick on-the-run snacks.

My boys also need extra protein for growth/muscles, and this brownie is pretty much made from almonds (protein), egg (protein), butter (protein) and chocolate (bit of protein)!

Yup, they are perfect for my boy’s school lunch boxes.

They are soft and moist like cake, but they hold together really well, like a fudge brownie.

Their taste and texture are similar to that of a light, chocolate cake.

They are SO yummy and easy to eat, as they are not super-sickly sweet.

They don’t taste weird, bitter, overly nutty and “healthy”.

So easy to make, only uses 4 ingredients!

I use 140g of cooking chocolate — half milk chocolate (70g) and half dark chocolate (70g) in order to reduce the sugar. Too much milk chocolate is too sweet, and too little milk chocolate makes it a bit bitter. Maybe you’d like to play around with the ratio to suit your own tastes, but I found my perfect ratio is 70g milk : 70g dark.

I tested this recipe about 12 times now haha!

Gluten-Free (With No Extra Sugar) Chocolate Brownies

Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies (With No Extra Sugar)

100g butter, salted
70g cooking milk chocolate
70g cooking dark chocolate
3 eggs
140g of almond meal

1. Preheat oven to 160C. Line a 20cm square cake tin with baking paper.

2. Slowly melt chocolate, butter on VERY LOW heat, and keep stirring until JUST smooth. Then let it cool for 10 minutes.

3. Whisk the eggs lightly in a separate bowl. Sift in the almond meal, or just stir out all lumps.

4. Stir egg + almond meal mixture into the chocolate mixture, until well combined.

5. Pour into the cake tin. Give the tin a thump to get rid of air bubbles.

6. Bake for 30 minutes or until your skewer comes out clean. Cool in the tin for another 10 minutes. Slice it up and eat!

Super easy! Enjoy!

Gluten-Free (With No Extra Sugar) Chocolate Brownies

So moist and yummy to eat!

Gluten-Free (With No Extra Sugar) Chocolate Brownies

They are easy to freeze and store too!

As some of you might know, I used to make a lot of protein balls – which is basically a mixture of almonds, oil, dates/sugar – but omg I hate rolling those balls, because they are messy and I’m lazy.

For me, these are much easier for me to make!

Review: Däv Rain Boots

Hi everyone!

This isn’t a sponsored post. I was given a pair of rain boots to test out and to see if I liked them, with no obligation to write a post.

Well, I’ve had them for 2 weeks and I’ve given them a good go – in the rain, mud, grass, school runs – and they are awesome! So I was keen to share.

Dav Rain Boot

I have been a soccer mum and footy mum for a total of 8 YEARS!

At some point, all THREE of my sons played football, so I was going to 3 games each weekend – including all their training sessions too. That’s a LOT of standing around in the rain, on cold, wet grass. I constantly have to find cleaning methods for my footwear with all the different kinds of harsh weather I put them through. Some options do really clean and protect your shoes. Others offer protection to all kinds of shoe materials while some are best for specific types. What I found is to have a protector spray that protects more than one type of object a bit more convenient. I recommend reading Lilly Harvey’s guide on ShoeAdviser regarding how to shine your shoes with protector sprays.

During those 8 years, I had always wanted a pair of “investment” rain boots (you heard me right, don’t judge!)… but they were ahem… AUD $260. I tried them in a store once, but because my calves are small, the top of the boots  flobbled around and made me look like a pirate. I couldn’t really justify the cost, so I didn’t get them.

I did get some $25 Target rain boots though. But I found they lacked cushioning, they weren’t great for the soles of my feet. Plus they were a bit stiff, so my walk was more like a march. Again the top of the boots were so wide for me, and there was so much flobble.

Anyway, Däv Rain Boots offered me some rain boots this winter and I jumped at the chance to try them.

I picked out these Glasgow Ankle Boots, because they were under AUD $90 and I loved that they looked like classic Chelsea Boots.

Dav Rain Boot

They don’t even look like gumboots! They look more like stylish, patent leather boots.

The inside of the shoe is really comfortable, it has a bendy + flexible sole, the sole has a good grip, it’s super easy to slip on and off, and the mesh panel makes it breathable.

I’m usually a Size AUS 6 for boots. But I chose the EU 36 – AU 6.5 (because it was the smallest size available). It was a perfect fit, with socks.

I wore some thick socks with them one day, and I swear they felt as comfortable as sheepskin ugg boots. I was happy to walk in them all afternoon.

The only thing I wasn’t too happy about was, when I first wore them, I wore ankle socks, and one of the inner stitching at the top kept scratching my ankle and was quite painful. I found that I only could wear thick, long socks with them, which suited the weather just fine.

However, after a few wears, the itchy stitching disappeared or maybe it smoothed itself off. So it’s all good now, I can wear ankle socks with them.

Even though I’m not a soccer or footy mum anymore, I’m still in the park every other day with my kids and I love wearing these boots to keep my toes dry.

Däv Rain Boots have recently launched their boots in Australia, offering Free Shipping over $100 Australia wide from their website. They have a pretty good range of styles, and I had a hard time picking my favourite.

Apparently they’ve been seen on various celebrities. And I did a bit of snooping around and they used to be stocked on Shopbop.

Hope you enjoy my review!

And I hope you keep your toes dry too!


What I Wore: Tularosa Winnie Blouse

Winnie Blouse from Revolve

The other day I went out with some girlfriends (one of whom was my sister) for ALL YOU CAN EAT Japanese Buffet Lunch!

The restaurant was a big, spacious, fancy place, perched handsomely next to the river, with crisp white tablecloths and waiters with waistcoats and shiny shoes.

I only highlight all this to paint a picture of contrast…!

You see, all my girlfriends were new mums and brought their 6 month old babies + prams along. That indeed is true dedication to Japanese Buffet haha. I was so impressed with them. I would have never thought of doing something like this with my 6 month old baby!

I pigged out on sashimi, gyoza dumplings, karaage and takoyaki, which were all pretty yummy. The sushi wasn’t that great. But that was ok, because I loooove Japanese squid salad and I ate about 6 bowls of it (they were very small bowls).

Winnie Blouse from Revolve

I wore my Tularosa Winnie Blouse (courtesy of Revolve) with dreamy ruffles, bow and semi-sheer sleeves for the first time.

I actually ordered it a few months ago, before my big trip, but it was much too cold to wear it then. So I’m pretty happy that the weather is slowly warming up now and I can wear lighter clothes again.

Unfortunately the top is almost all sold out in white, (but you can still get it in black) as it was recently featured by a couple of mega-babe-instagrammers – Aimee Song, Tash Oakley and Andreea Cristina!

However, if you pop over to the product page, click on “Can’t Find Your Size?” you can enter your details and they’ll let you know once more come back into stock.

Revolve has also introduced Free Returns for Australian customers – which is just awesome!!

If something doesn’t fit, or if it’s just not right, of if you ordered two different sizes, you can just return it, refund your money or exchange it for free! You just fill out your details, print out a label, stick it on the parcel and drop it off at a post office.

Winnie Blouse from Revolve

As for the rest of my outfit, I’m wearing my Acne Studios Jeans (which I rolled up to be cropped jeans), ASOS flat mules, 3.1 Phillip Lim Soliel Bag.

Have a lovely week everyone one!