14 Years

Callum Turns 14 (2017)

My oldest boy turned 14 years old a few weeks ago!

It took me a while to post about it… because I went looking into my digital photo archives to find THE CUTEST POSSIBLE PHOTO I could find of him, and I ended up spending hours/days/weeks reminiscing about the good old days.

I finally found this photo and I decided: YUP this is the winner!

Funnily enough, it was a printed photo, so I had to carefully peel it off a cardboard backing and scan it. Who has time to do that these days?

Ironically, I didn’t even take the photo. It was taken by his kindergarten teacher when he was 6 years old. The teacher made all the kids sit in the sand pit, one by one, in the exact same spot, both hands on the exact same sand toys, and in the exact spot of shade — sit, smile, snap, done, next! Haha!

The fact that my first born has reached 14 years doesn’t really phase me.

He’s growing up to be an incredible and awesome young man, and I’m so so proud to be his mum. He has such interesting and strangely insightful opinions and perspectives, he has a great attitude, he’s full of funny stories, happy boyish talkative energy, crazy ideas, yet he’s so smart, focused, sensible, reasonable and reliable (most of the time).

He has definitely been an easy “first kid”. He’s definitely been a blessing to our lives. So as I look towards the rest of teenagedom: parties, driving, curfew, trust, part-time job, peer pressure, social media, exams… I’m not too worried.

The other day I was sorting through some old boxes in the shed. There was a folder full of my son’s old drawings, done when he was 4 or 5 years old. Squiggles, circles, faces, trees, apples, boats, Buzz Lightyear, pirates and more. I remember all of the drawings. All of our conversations.

I remember sitting at our wooden dinner table, with pencils spread out everywhere, there was a whole stack of white A4 paper and we drew and drew and drew and talked and laughed and ate fruit and I taught him numbers, shapes, colours, concepts… and NOW he’s editing video and learning algebra?!?!

Seriously. My mind was blown. Where did the time go?

That’s when it hit me. I choked up. I missed my little boy.

I missed his little round face. His giggles and grins. His cuddles. He’s obsession with trucks, lego and rhyming books.

I missed his little hands. And his little shoes.

He’s a lot bigger now, but he’ll always be my little boy!

What I Wore: Casual Days

GRLFRND Boyfriend Jeans

Hellooo! Ahhh the kids are back at school and my home office is deliciously quiet again!

However, instead of being home and enjoying the peace, I’ve been out and about – running errands, going to the gym, having lunch with my sister (who is back in Perth after 9 years living in London!) having meetings and getting shit done.

Most days, I try to dress up and look polished, mainly to convince myself that I’m running a legit business.

But today, I decided to feature myself in my casual glory :)

My t-shirt is by Sportsgirl and I think this is it. It’s a linen-style t-shirt, which is slightly see through. I bought it a few years ago for $30 and it is like THE perfect t-shirt. I have worn it so many times, that it has tiny holes in it and buckled seams that would impress any Kayne West fan.

Jeans are the Karolina High Rise Skinny Jeans by GRLFRND. I wish I could say that these jeans are the best loose fit jeans ever, but they are the ONLY loose fit jeans I own, so I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I DO know that I desperately want these similar Karolina High Rise Jeans in Black. But I might have to skip my smashed avocado for a few months to afford them.

My beloved slides are by Raye; they are my summer favourites and I’m happily wearing them right into Autumn.

Have a great weekend everyone!

What I Wore: Pinafore Woes

Pinafore Woes

Hi everyone!

Last month, I was very curious to try out the whole “pinafore” or “overalls” fashion trend.

While it looks very similar to wearing a white t-shirt under a slip dress, I suspected I wouldn’t like it.

To make matters slightly ironic, I already OWN a pair of sand-coloured, linen overalls, which I bought when I was, um 16. However, it’s in storage. And I was slightly bigger back then (size 8-10), so I think it would be a bit baggy on me now.

I decided I wanted a black, mini, pinafore dress, with thin straps, no buckles (just a button), thick cotton but not denim. Damn it was hard to find!

I eventually found one and purchased this Pinafore Dress from The Iconic ($80). It’s by a brand called All About Eve, which is an Australian label that I quite like. Unfortunately the exact one has been sold out, so there are some similar ones here (ASOS).

This one (Forever New) and this one (City Beach) are almost exactly the same as the one I bought. This one was another of my options (ASOS) but it was denim and it had buckles. This one was quite nice too (SurfStitch).

Pinafore Woes

Anyway, this All About Eve Pinafore Dress was SO CUTE!

Looking at these photos, even I would say: Yep this is a cute look! Styled perfectly! Definitely a keeper!

But fashion is less about how it looks, and more about how it makes you feel…

And I felt WAY TOO CUTE.

I felt like I was 16 again?!

I felt like I was trying too hard to look young.

I didn’t feel comfortable at all haha!

In terms of styling – I tried the pinafore dress with a white t-shirt, a black and white stripe t-shirt, a navy v-neck t-shirt, white button down shirt (all my wardrobe staples!) and I didn’t like how any of it looked on me. I only liked wearing it with this white off-shoulder top.

So if I would only wear it with this one top, then it really wasn’t worth keeping in my wardrobe – especially since it cost me $80! I returned it, and The Iconic were fantastic with their returns.

Oh. I also bought a pair of black overalls with this order. And that was a fail too!

I’ll post about that soon :)

Life From Laziness

Ok here’s a funny story.

Before I left for my 4 week long trip to London and Paris (in January)… I snipped off a pretty hydrangea flower stem from my garden, placed it into a tall jar of water and left it in my laundry.

You know, for decoration.

Then I hopped on a plane and left my husband and three kids at home.

4 weeks later.

I noticed that no one thought to throw out the rotting stem?!

Hydrangea Sprout

But I also noticed that a baby hydrangea had sprouted!

It was very cute.

Hydrangea Sprout

I didn’t know hydrangeas grew from stem cuttings!

And I wouldn’t have known this because… I would have NEVER left a rotten stick in a jar of water for 4 weeks!!!

Online Store Based in Australia / Singapore : ELONE

Dress from Elone Online

I haven’t reviewed a new, independent online boutique in ages!

I’d like to introduce everyone to ELONE, an online store that stocks Australian brands specially chosen for their quality clothes, on-trend styles and affordable/reasonable prices.

Best thing about it: Edit of high-quality dresses. There are some really pretty stuff here!

Dress from Elone Online

The founder of ELONE is Elif, who is half Singaporean and half Australian. Even though I’m not Singaporean, my parents were originally from Singapore, and I spent some time working and living there in my 20s – so Elif and I have a lot in common and love to talk about our greatest love – FOOD haha!

The first time I met her, we were at a mutual friend’s dinner together. I forgot my purse and she paid for my meal – which was so kind and generous of her and so embarrassing for me!

Anyway, she is a lovely person in real life, with a beautiful personality and an equally gorgeous personal style.

You can see her style reflected in the choice of clothes in her store – feminine, classic, fun, polished, and stylish (but not over the top). Safe to say, I love everything in there!

Some brands you’ll find: Steele, MLM Label, C/Meo Collective, Suboo, May The Label, Talulah, Senso and more.

Dress from Elone Online

I’m wearing the Steele Agatha Dress in Jardin print (courtesy of Elone).

I’ve seen lots of girls on Instagram wear Steele dresses before, but this is the first time I’ve tried one out myself.

It is a stunning dress. It is really good quality in terms of its fabric, cut, stitching, construction, draping, and ruffles.

It has a fantastic weight. It’s not lined, but it’s not see-through.

The fabric is 100% rayon, so it’s easy to iron/steam and not overly delicate. It is easy to wear, effortless to move around in and has a lovely flow and drape.

It doesn’t have weird bunches of excessive fabric at the hips or chest, which is often a feature of cheaper-made dresses.

I absolutely love it! I think it looks best with nude or black strappy heels, or white even sneakers.

Dress from Elone Online

ELONE has free shipping for Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand for orders over $100.

Head over to see their insanely pretty collection of Dresses. They have shoes, knits, leather jackets too. Like I said, it’s a great edit.

And check out their Sale section to grab a bargain.

If you’re keen to buy, you can use my code “KAREN15” to receive 15% 0ff your whole order!

(Also wearing my trusty Mezi tassel earrings (old) and Schutz Cadey Lee Heels.)

Have an amazing week!