What I Wore: Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue

Hello Friday!

This weekend, my 12yo boy is having his Basketball Grand Final for Under 14s — omg I’m so excited for him! As much as I tell my son that it’s not about winning, it’s about the journey… I really want the team to win haha!!

I’m so nervous for them; my stomach is so fluttery, I might actually throw up. But of course, I have to hold it together, and play it cool.

I have two birthday dinner parties and a couples dinner this weekend. Yay for actually having a social life again!

One birthday party is for my mum, who turns 70 this year.

I’m a bit bewildered by this fact, because she is the most active 70 year old lady I know. Are all 70 year old Asian aunties this active?

She’s constantly dancing with her friends (for exercise), doing tai chi, looking after her garden (climbing up trees with a chainsaw?!), cooking a banquet for 16 people at the drop of a hat, caring for her own mum, and much more.

Did I mention we both went to Paris together and she and I walked for 10 hours in one day. Then 5-6 hours the next day. I was complaining about a sore lower back and she had zero complaints, sheesh.

I definitely want to be like her when I’m her age.

We’ve booked out a Chinese restaurant and we’re going to have one helluva seafood banquet!

This weekend, I’m also going to a 50s dress up party.

I’ve been to a 50s dress up party before, and that time I wore a conservative Mad Men style tailored top + skirt with a big faux fur coat.

But this time, I’ve bought a curly blonde wig and I’m going to dress up as Bad Sandy from Grease – haha!

I’m sure there will be lots of Bad Sandy’s, so I’m hoping for lots of twinsie pics.

Stay tuned for photos!

Blue on Blue

I’m running lots of errands today in my gorgeous Hello Parry Cali Palm Tree Top – which is so pretty, slinky and easy to wear. It feels so effortless and comfortable.

I think it’s the perfect shade of blue to match denim jeans. It has that denim-on-denim cool, but without that awkward feeling of double denim haha.

The top runs a bit small. I’m usually a size 6, so I’m wearing this top in a size 8.

I’m actually wearing it backwards – just for fun and it works!

Also loving my A.P.C Half Moon Handbag, my Adidas Stan Smiths from ASOS (on sale!) and my no brand denim mini skirt.

Have an amazing weekend!



What I Wore: Off Shoulder Knit

Marjorelle Sweater + 3.1 Phillip Lim Bag

Whoa! Don’t you just LOVE IT when you stumble across a top, or shoe, or in this case, a knit, that is such an amazing addition to your wardrobe, that you want it in ALL colours – black, white, grey, blush, navy, maroon?!?

I’ve definitely found my latest staple knit.

This is the Twister Sweater by Majorelle.

Not sure why it’s called a ‘twister’ sweater, because it doesn’t twist at all. It’s an off-shoulder ribbed knit, but expertly cut, and made from a beautifully, heavy knit that sits nicely and feels luxurious to wear.

The fabric is 80% cotton and 20% nylon, it feels soft, smooth and has a good weight and substance to it. It’s not see-through at all.

I am always dubious when it comes to non-casual knits – because to me, knits are in the casual category – but this one has a really polished and sophisticated look to it, and I think it looks really lovely.

I’m wearing a Size XS and it think it’s a tiny bit big for me. But I have a short torso and arms haha. It is quite long in the body, as it’s supposed to cover your bum, but I just rolled up the hem at the bottom to make it look more proportionate on me.

It’s flattering, a bit sexy and a little different to the standard V-neck knit.

Marjorelle Sweater + 3.1 Phillip Lim Bag

I’m also wearing this Elijah Mini Skirt by Lovers + Friends.

It’s 100% cotton and it has some distressed denim details which I really like. The model on the product page is also wearing this exact off-shoulder knit and denim skirt combo and she looks positively hot!

I’m wearing a Size 25 and I’m usually Size 25 in jeans (Frame, Paige, AG, Acne) so it was a pretty easy for me to find my fit.

I actually bought a black Cotton On Denim Mini Skirt last summer, but after a few months of wear and washes, the cotton pilled (which is strange for denim) and the edges curled up and it didn’t sit nicely. The cotton also went stiff and hard, and it didn’t seem to soften with age.

So this Lovers + Friends skirt is a much better quality denim skirt (well it feels like it’s much better quality!) and here’s me hoping it keeps its shape and feel over time.

It’s another brilliant wardrobe staple.

And that brings me to my other TWO wardrobe staples…

3.1 Phillip Lim Soleil Bucket Bag is getting an excellent workout lately.

I love the size, it fits everything I need and my camera too. I’ve forgotten how much I love bucket bags. I’m also getting so many compliments for its unique shape and design.

I wore my Acne Studios Jensen Booties all over London and Paris when I was there earlier this year. But ever since returning to the Australia summer, I haven’t worn them till now. With the weather cooling down, I pulled the boots out, half expecting them to be stiff and hurt my feet, but nope. The leather is still soft and comfy, but rigid enough to keep its shape.

It won’t be long until winter!

Liam Turns 8

Liams 8th Birthday 2017

My little baby turned 8 last week!

Which means it has been 8 years since I did all that newborn stuff – labour, child birth, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, reflux, changing nappies, endless laundry, mixing formula and making baby food – yikes!

When I think about it in a big, fluffy, general sense… it feels like only yesterday.

But when I try to recall all the little, tiny details, it feels like a lifetime ago. (That is, I have no idea how many millimetres of milk my kids used to drink in one feed, so please don’t ask haha!)

So my little Liam celebrated his birthday with a few of his closest friends at a bowling and arcade centre.

I think all the kids enjoyed putting coins into the machines to collect tickets, to swap them for styrofoam aeroplanes, more than the actual bowling itself!

We made a double-layered, chocolate cake, with a layer of hundred’s and thousand’s icing mixture in between. We decorated the cake with three of Liam’s favourite lollies – Skittles, Maltesers and Jelly Snakes. Sugar overload!

It was a bit of a mess in the end, but he was beyond happy!

Swimming for Fitness

Brought to you by Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Clubs

Swimming for Fitness at Next Gen

Hi everyone!

I recently joined Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Club in Kings Park, and I am loving the aquatic facilities there.

I do one swim per week, which, admittedly, knocks me out for a few days, because I’m not used to all the swimming haha!

It has been fantastic for my cardio fitness, building muscle, burning calories – it’s a whole body workout for me.

The freestyle stroke has been particularly good for working out my upper body, and my arms feel stronger and more toned. It has definitely helped me build up my overall exercise stamina – yay!

Swimming for Fitness at Next Gen

Admittedly, I’m not great at swimming.

I used to be a pretty good swimmer – I was in the swim team in Primary School! And before kids, I used to swim in the ocean, go snorkelling and scuba diving.

But in the last 10 or so years, I think I would go for a swim about once a year – oops!

Anyway, I’m slowly trying to change that. I believe that doing a wide variety of fitness activities is good for the soul… and it opens your mind and body up to new learning experiences and new brain connections.

Swimming for Fitness at Next Gen

For relaxation, I like to use the outside pool.

I don’t do any fast swimming there. I like to have a slow breaststroke swim, so I can soak in the view and just enjoy the moment of moving through water in the sunshine. It’s like a gentle meditation!

Then I like to wind down in the spa and sauna.

Swimming for Fitness at Next Gen

And then to finish off my afternoon, I like to enjoy a soy coffee and banana cake in the Club’s café before rushing off to pick up my kids.

If you’re keen to check out any one of their clubs in Australia or New Zealand, pop over to their website to find out more!

Reading: Far From The Madding Crowd

Thomas Hardy - Far from a Madding Crowd

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m reading Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy and I’m a few chapters away from finishing it.

Yes it’s a romance set in 19th Century English countryside. If you like books by Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, then you’ll probably enjoy this one.

I read my first Thomas Hardy last year and he totally floors me with his writing and language.

Here’s one of my guilty, dorky secrets haha: I like to read with a pencil nearby, so I can circle sentences  and paragraphs that make my eyes pop and my brain explode. Then I fold over the corner of the page, so in the future I can pick up the novel and quickly re-read my favourite parts of the book.


Anyway, since I share stories, photos, food and clothes that inspires me, I feel that I have to share my favourite snippets from this book!

1) Context: Gabriel and Bathsheba [the novel’s heroine] met along the path and Gabriel couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Rays of male vision seem to have a tickling effect upon virgin faces in rural districts: she hastily brushed hers with her hand, as if Gabriel had been irritating its pink surface with a long straw, and the free air of her previous movements was reduced at the same time to a chastened phase of itself. Yet it was the man who blushed, the maid not at all.”

2) “The rain stretched obliquely through the drab atmosphere in liquid spines, unbroken in continuity between their beginnings in the clouds and their points on him.”

3) “Bathsheba loved Troy in the way that only self-reliant women love when they abandon their self-reliance. When a strong woman recklessly throws away her strength she is worse than a weak woman who has never any strength to throw away. One source of her inadequacy is the novelty of the occasion. She has never had practice in making the best of such a condition. Weakness is doubly weak by being new.”

4) “To persons standing alone on a hill during a clear midnight such as this, the roll of the world eastward is almost a palpable movement. The sensation may be caused by the panoramic glide of the stars past earthly objects, which is perceptible in a few minutes of stillness, or by the better outlook upon space that a hill affords, or by the wind, or by the solitude; but whatever be its origin the impression of riding along is vivid and abiding. The poetry of motion is a phrase much in use, and to enjoy the epic form of that gratification it is necessary to stand on a hill at a small hour of the night, and, having first expanded with a sense of difference from the mass of civilized mankind, who are dreamwrapt and disregardful of all such proceedings at this time, long and quietly watch your stately progress through the stars. After such a nocturnal reconnoitre it is hard to get back to earth, and to believe that the consciousness of such majestic speeding is derived from a tiny human frame.”

5) “He had been held to her by a beautiful thread which it pained him to spoil by breaking, rather than by a chain he could not break.”

Ah sorry, I could go on. But I’d better not. It’s a lovely book to read.

And I can’t wait to read some of his poetry!

If you’re interested, you can take a peek at my Goodreads Reading list here if you like.