Investment Lover Lace (Thanks to the Revolve Sale)

Brought to you by Revolve

Lover Lace from Revolve Clothing

Sometimes all you need is one beautiful top to make yourself realise that you probably shouldn’t have blown your last month’s fashion budget on cheaper, trendy tops – oops!

Over the past few years, I’ve tried to be a bit more considerate about what I buy.

I’m trying to stick to a few rules and you’ve probably heard them a zillion times:

Go for the investment piece. Go for the classic. Be deliberate. Buy something that you absolutely love.Lover Lace from Revolve Clothing

I recently purchased this stunning Arizona Lace Top by Lover (which is still on sale).

I really ummed and ahhed over whether I should buy it.

Because when you think about it, it’s essentially a lace top and lace tops are quite common. I could probably get something similar from Topshop, Forever New or ASOS. Why spend all that money on ONE top, when I can have FIVE tops?

I took the plunge, and all I can say is… would I rather have five MEH tops or one BLOODY AMAZING top that makes me feel like a million dollars and that I can wear again and again?? I’ll take the latter thanks.

Wardrobe investment all the way!

Lover Lace from Revolve Clothing

It is a beautifully slim fit. It has zero stretch, but thankfully it fits me perfectly (I’m a standard size AU 6 and 45kg). It has a hidden zip all the way down the back, but it was still a bit tricky to put on.

The lace is out of this world. It’s so soft and cottony to touch and not scratchy at all. It does feel a bit delicate to wear and there are some movements I wouldn’t do – like twisting at my waist to grab something behind me or hugging myself (??) as there’s not much stretch.

I absolutely love how versatile it is!

I wore it dressed down, with a denim skirt, just like the model on the product page and it looked awesome.

This particular day, I’m wearing it with Black Culottes by Hello Parry and Pointed Flats by Charles and Keith.

Lover Top from Revolve Clothing

Revolve Clothing are having their BIG sale of the year for AU/NZ customers only. It’s an amazing time to get that big ticket investment item you’ve been eyeing.

Hit up the Revolve Sale Here and take 20% off everything (including sale items), but some brand exclusions do apply.

Just use the special promotion code 20OFF at the checkout. Sale ends 3 March.

Happy shopping!!


Fitness Update For The Week

Running Gear

I’ve been doing pretty well with my fitness activities this week!

Sunday: Ran 12km, 6:39 min/km

Monday: Netball Game and Body Weight Exercises

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Bootcamp

Thursday: Ran 5km, 5:49min/km (ouch!)

Friday: Pilates

Saturday: Rest day!

(I do my bodyweight exercises, yoga and pilates at home… so apart from my bootcamp sessions and netball, all my exercises have been free!)

Pictured: Nike Free 5.0 Sneakers (on sale), Lululemon Sports Bra, Nike Running Shorts (or similar here)


Eating Colourful Salads Every Day

Summer Salad Back in Oz

Yay, I love eating colourful salads!

This is a salad I made for dinner the other evening. I usually make it about 3 times a week, using whatever vegetables I have in the fridge. It’s about 6 cups of chopped vegetables.

I usually eat 2 cups, my husband and my 3 boys will eat 1 cup each.

We might eat it with steak, baked salmon, grilled chicken and some carbohydrate like roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, garlic bread, brown rice or quinoa (my kids hate quinoa! but they’ll reluctantly eat it).

Lately I’ve been skipping or reducing my carb portion and eating more salad (hence the 2 cups) or eating more protein… and I’m pretty full by the end of dinner.

We don’t use salad dressing, mainly because I don’t like salad dressing. So my kids have grown up eating plain salads, and when we are served salad with dressing, they refuse to eat it, which is a bit annoying.

Ok the truth is… we have some kind of fresh salad everyday. Maybe not such a huge serving. I always offer a variety.

Big tip for eating salads everyday: Fill your fridge with lots of colourful vegetables! Yeah it’s kind of obvious.

I always have cos lettuce, carrots, celery, tomatoes, a capsicum and a red cabbage in my fridge, to use as my salad base, because I find they last a long time. Then every 3-4 days, I buy a rotation of snow peas, sprouts, zucchini, cucumbers or spinach.

If my base vegetables start to look old, I’ll throw them into a vegetable curry.

Big tip for easy salad prep: Buy a julienne peeler. Or a spiraliser. Or some kind of grater.

Happy eating!

Fitness Update: First Time Doing Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

I’ve heard so many people talk about Reformer Pilates.

It seems to be really popular and I know lots of people who do it and love it.

The other day, on a whim, I signed myself up for one class, just to give it a go.

I don’t know that much about it, only that it’s supposed to be good for your core, muscle sculpting and toning… and it uses a machine with a sliding table that looks like a torture device haha!

What did I think?

It’s really good for targeted muscle toning!

It’s really low impact. It’s great for strength. It feels a lot like using weight / resistance machines. I don’t have a weak back or hips or anything, but I imagine it would be really good for people with those problems.

However I am very susceptible to motion sickness… so I got really dizzy on the sliding table thing (lying on my back and bouncing horizontally) and I felt like throwing up. Omg I was so embarrassed. I just had to lay still and let the waves of nausea pass over me!

I lost a lot of muscle strength over the Christmas-New year period and while I was in London for 4 weeks. So I felt a bit weak and couldn’t keep up with some of the exercises. I could only do 5 bicep curls?!

I might try it a few more times. I would like to get to a stage where it feels like a good work for me. I’m sure my abs would love it.

Hopefully I won’t throw up though!

Meli Melo for Timeless Style

Brought to you by Meli Melo

Summer Woven Bag by Meli Melo

Hi everyone!

Since the start of the year, I’ve had the pleasure of having several “omg somebody pinch me” moments in my life and work.

(Having said that, I think watching a nice sunset is a pinch-me moment haha!)

Anyway, one of those pinch-me moments comes from my latest collaboration with Meli Melo.

Meli Melo is a London bag brand, created and founded by Melissa Del Bono in 2005, who sought to create beautiful, timeless and practical handbags (without showy logos) for everyday women.

The brand has a strong focus on timeless Italian craftsmanship mixed with a London understated cool.

I first heard of the brand a couple of years ago, when Olivia Palermo was snapped carrying one. The bag caught my eye because it looked surprisingly “everyday” for Olivia. But it seemed to hit the magic trifecta – it looked really practical, stylish and effortless – like the perfect everyday bag! I didn’t recognise the brand, so I went to check out who designed it.

Meli Melo Thela Bags

Turns out it was the classic Thela Tote Bag – so nice right?

The style is considered to be one of Meli Melo’s Signature Bags and it’s easy to see why with its simple and timeless design.

Summer Woven Bag by Meli Melo

For my review I decided not to choose the Thela, because I was looking for a tote bag and something a bit more different (but not too different!)… so I chose this Rosalia Woven Bag – another of their signature bag styles.

I wanted a tote style bag with no top flaps, with a nice big opening and a discrete zip.

The Rosalia Woven Bag features an embossed woven leather, evoking the rustic wicker baskets of Sicily, where the designer Melissa grew up.

I love this unique texture! It’s so eye catching, because it looks like a woven basket and captures a sense of whimsy, wanderlust, uniqueness and like it holds a story from my childhood. It looks like it has lots of personality!

Usually woven basket textures give a sense of casual/resort styling, but because of its sleek shape and the long shoulder straps, it fits really well with city and urban styling.

Summer Woven Bag by Meli Melo

It isn’t a delicate, thin and slouchy kind of leather bag, that collapses into a puddle of buttery, soft folds.

The leather of the body is beautiful, luxuriously smooth and very thick, making it strong and structured, so it keeps its lovely shape when you place it down.

I loved putting it on a cafe chair next to me – because it stood straight and strong and opened up easily so I could quickly see and grab my things inside.

It seemed pretty resistant to scratches, scuffs and bumps, so it was nice to NOT have to worry about that when using it.

The thickness of the leather handles and straps are slightly thinner for comfort and usability, but still thick and strong.

Perhaps the downside of the bag is its weight, which is 1.1kgs. So it’s a solid weight, but not too heavy that it hurts my arm or shoulders.

It really feels like a luxury quality, leather handbag. It will last me years and years and it feels like the kind of bag that will get better with age.

meli melo Rosalia

The Rosalia Bag comes in nine different colours – lots of lovely pastels and subtle shades. I’ve shown my favourite 4 colours above: Light Tan, Taupe, Heron (light blue), Midnight Blue. It also come in Elephant Grey, Sand, Khaki, Lime and of course Black.

It also comes in a smaller “Mini” size which can be worn in a cross-body style. That’s super cute too!

If you buy from the Meli Melo website, they offer free worldwide shipping.

Or you can also buy Meli Melo from Shopbop (and you might be able to nab it on sale).

I absolutely loved using this tote as an every day bag for doing all my errands. Look forward to lots more photos of me and my bag haha!

Happy shopping!!