New in: Quilted Handbag

Rebecca Minkoff Purse

It’s the Chinese New Year and according to tradition you’re supposed to buy a new outfit to wear. Sounds pretty good to me!

While not exactly an outfit, I picked out this new Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Mini Affair Bag as my go-to clutch for simple, evening dinners. A lot of my bags are medium-sized and in a casual style. I’ve never owned a black leather clutch for more “dressed up occasions”.

Anyway – yay – this quilted bag is a great size, made from lovely leather like the stylish leather bags I recently purchased from, and it’s a classic style that goes with everything.

I can fit my purse, phone, lipstick, keys and compact camera in this baby. To buy the most amazing handbags you can catch the designer handbags australia collection at the link

Rebecca Minkoff Purse

I was tossing between this Quilted Mini Affair style, or this Geo Quilted Crossbody Bag or the Love Crosbody Bag.

I eventually chose the Quilted Mini because of its smaller size (20cm x 15cm), the chain on the shoulder strap is thicker and it has a 2-length strap, which means I can easily change the length of the strap (long crossbody style where the bag sits below my hip or having it sit above my hip).

Yes, it’s very Chanel-esque without the Chanel-esque price tag, which is why I chose it, but it means I get to save for another bag I have my eyes on — oops!

Also pictured here are my Marc Bale Rose Gold Watch and The Peachbox Pearl Orb Bangle and Acne Studios Suede Pumps.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Fika on Brix, Beckenham

Fika on Brix 2018

This is not really a foodie review! It’s more a way for me to collect pretty photos of food, so I can be inspired to recreate them at home haha!

I recently caught up with some girlfriends (and our swarm of kids) and went to Fika on Brix, Beckenham.

It’s a bit out of the way, but it is right next to Mills Park Centre, a huge reserve, nature play space, playground, piazza and skate park, soccer, footy oval, and tennis courts (you have to pay to hire the courts though).

It’s a perfect place to take primary school aged kids and teenagers, as you can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee and the kids and run off and play. It’s probably not a great cafe to take toddlers, as you’ll be chasing after them the whole time (it’s huge playground!), unless you like drinking your coffee while standing, or maybe your kid actually sits still while in a cafe?!

Fika on Brix 2018

We had coffees and milkshakes all around.

My girlfriends ordered Trio Garlic Mushrooms, Vietnamese Coconut Poached Chicken Salad , Shoestring Fries and Curly Wedges.

I pretty much wanted to eat everything on the menu. I wanted to try the Smashed Avocado, Eggs Benedict, Chicken Katsu Bao, Waygu Burger… but in the end I ordered this:

Fika on Brix 2018

Brioche French Toast, two slices of brioche French toast, black sesame custard, lemon curd, homemade granola nut crumble.

It was really yummy! I found the custard a bit sweet for my tastebuds, but my kids loved it. I really liked the granola and lemon curd too. It was all good.

It was a lovely spot and I can’t wait to go back to try more food!

Fika on Brix
Mills Park Centre
86 Brixton St

What I Wore: The British Museum

Topshop Khaki Coat

This is me at The British Museum! My lovely mum and I stood against this white wall and tried to dodge the huge crowd of of visitors, tourists and school kids – which was close to impossible!

I’m showing off my new Double Breasted Coat from Topshop.

Love the colour! So affordable and great quality too.

I wasn’t actually planning to buy a coat during my trip. I have so many at home in Australia.

You see, I didn’t pack a nice, wool coat for my 4 week stay in London, because my sister said I could borrow her coats. She and I are the same size, so it made sense to reduce my luggage weight, which actually just meant I brought 5 pairs of shoes instead of 4.

Anyway, when I found out her only wool coat was a Burberry one – I borrowed it once, wore it for 7 hours, walked around all day doing some shopping and sight seeing, slinging my backpack over my shoulder – I KNEW that I would scuff it up and wear it out at the shoulder (from the constant rubbing of my bag strap).

So I didn’t want to damage her coat, so haha that was my excuse to buy myself a new coat.

Not a Burberry one though!

I’m also wearing a Turtleneck Wool Sweater from Country Road (old season), Uniqlo Heattech Top (lovely and warm!), Frame denim Jeans, Adidas Stan Smiths (on sale at ASOS), and my Rebecca Minkoff Backpack.

Museum Highlight: Iznik Ceramics

Iznik Designs from London Museums

One of the highlights of my visit to London were all the Turkish Ceramics and Middle Eastern designs at The Victoria and Albert Museum and The British Museum.

I’ve seen and studied Iznik Ceramics in books before…

But this is the first time I’ve seen ACTUAL Iznik artefacts from the 1550s, up close, with my own eyes, staring at their intricate patterns, their tessellating tile goodness, each teeny-tiny brush stroke, and marvelling at the way the colour puddles at the end of each painted line.

Yeah I got a bit excited.

And yeah I’m a bit embarrassed that I’m just in a London museum and not actually in a mosque in Istanbul, looking at these Iznik patterns, in their natural surroundings.

(There’s a travel goal in that one!)

Iznik Designs from London Museums

london-Iznik Designs from London Museumsiznik03

Iznik Designs from London Museums

So I really couldn’t contain myself. My heart was singing and doing cart-wheels all over the place!

I took hundreds of photos and just HAD to share some of my favourites!



What I Wore: COS and Burberry

At the Victoria and Albert Museum

This is me looking like a school girl at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the museum of art and design.

Not so hilarious, because I was acting like one… reading every panel, examining every detail and taking zillions of photos.

That place was AWE-INSPIRING! Loved it so much! We spent hours there!

As for my outfit…

I went shopping on Regent Street the day before and I bought this dress from COS, a Straight Cut Crinkle Dress (on sale too!).

Wearing a BambooBody Scoop Singlet under the dress for extra warmth.

I have my lovely Acne Studios Jensen Booties, which were so comfortable to wear all day.

My Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack, just to make myself look even more like a school girl :P

And I borrowed my sister’s Burberry Wool Cashmere Coat, which was flipping amazing.

Tee hee, it’s very cool that we are exactly the same clothes size and shoe size. Too bad we both live on different sides of the world though!