Fitness Update: Running Essentials


A few of my running essentials: Water, tunes, running watch and running fuel. I tend to drive to a nice running spot, so I can leave all my bits and pieces in my car. Adidas Originals Sneakers from here.

Monday: Nothing!

Tuesday: 6km run

Wednesday: Yoga

Thursday: Nothing!

Friday: Practice yoga at home

Saturday: 30 minute HIIT workout at home

Sunday: Practice yoga at home

New Lettuce

Lettuce Harvest

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve kept a vegetable garden.

I’ve had endless problems with ants, rats, fruit flies, old reticulation… so much so, I needed to take a break from growing my usual run of snow peas, tomatoes, beans, zucchini and broccoli.

(I do keep  5-6 herbs though, because they are so simple to keep.)

However a few weeks ago, I found half an old wooden barrel and I just had to put some potting mix and lettuce together!

Now every few days I get a lovely bunch of fresh baby lettuce leaves to toss into a salad. Just like my old organic gardening days!

What We Wore: Emoji Costume Party

Recently we were invited to an Emoji Themed Birthday Party!

It was the birthday of my two gorgeous cousins, turning 18 and 21. Naturally they chose something uber-cool and millennial haha. They invited friends and family, all my aunties, uncles, my parents and grandparents… and most people made a fab effort to dress up.

We spent a week on our costumes – planning, sourcing props and creating them. It was heaps of fun.

This is what we wore!

Emoji Costume Party

I was the haircut girl!

I was going to lacquer my hair to make it stiff and flat, but I couldn’t get it right. So I decided to make a cardboard wig instead. It looked so silly. But authentic.

I also found a little girl’s pink top for $3.

Emoji Costume Party

My husband was too busy with work to get involved with any planning or creation of a costume.

So I made one for him – The “Frustrated Face”. Very apt, I thought haha.

Check out my mad painting skills. I even painted it up with a gradient and all!

Emoji Costume Party

My oldest boy chose to go as a money bag.

I bought some cloth, sewed up the sides like an upside-down pillowcase, then he painted a $ sign on it. We filled it up with balloons so it would look bulky and full.

He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts underneath, but the moneybag covered his clothes, so it looked a bit weird, like he was naked?!

He also made some little wads of bills, that he gave out to people and left in little piles lying around around the party.

Emoji Costume Party

My middle boy was a chocolate donut. So cute!

We made two cardboard donuts and strapped them together to his front and back.

But during the party, he collected up a few of the emoji props and added them to his costume.

Emoji Costume Party

My youngest boy wanted to go as a lollypop.

He also explained to me in great detail, WHAT his costume was going to consist of, and HOW he was going to wear it. He just wanted to print out the emoji and sticky tape it to his t-shirt.

It seemed too simple and quite frankly… inferior and substandard as a costume.

At first, I said “NO it has to be a 3D costume”, “It has to match all of our 3D costumes!”

We were going as a family and we all had to match!

I was completely happy to make him a huge, AWESOME cardboard lollypop that he could carry around, or wear on his head or body. But he refused.

I fought with him for 4 DAYS, arguing and negotiating, sweetly trying to convince him, involve him. I also tried using emotional blackmail… but nup. He wouldn’t budge on the issue.

So in the end I gave in. Humph.

Other costumes for the night – Someone dressed up as a poo emoji, a toilet, the dancing girls, my little nephews went as 3 matching sushi (salmon, tuna and prawn, so cute!), a dolphin, a city building, lots of faces, lots of girls in pink!

It was such a fun party!!

Diva Drape for Swimwear Cover-Up

Brought to you by CiaoBella Travel

Diva Drape from CiaoBella Travel

Hey hey everyone! I’m going to Bali in a few weeks – for the first time!

In preparation for the hours of poolside lounging and cocktail sipping, I’m testing out this Diva Drape from CiaoBella Travel.

Yes there are a lot of photos of ME in this post, standing in exactly the same pose, with the exact same smile. So if that creeps you out, feel free to scroll on by, haha.

I also have a 15% off discount code to share, so again, feel free to scroll to the end to grab the code.

What is it:

The Diva Drape is a versatile drape that can be worn 10 ways or more.

It’s a made from a light weight, quick-dry, crinkle chiffon, so you don’t have to iron it. You can just roll it up and pop it into your bag, or tie it in a knot on your handbag handle like a scarf, or just wear it as a scarf on the plane. It’s pretty cool!

I thought it might look a bit daggy as a kaftan… but it’s actually quite sexy and looks great!

Here are some of my favourite ways to wear it:

Diva Drape from CiaoBella Travel

The drape is actually two bits of soft fabric held together with some metal studs.

You can pop your head through it and the drape becomes a shawl top.

I’d be very happy to wear it like this, over my swimsuit. But I guess you could wear it as a top – with jeans and a tank top underneath.

Diva Drape from CiaoBella Travel

If you turn it the other way, it becomes a kaftan.

I really like this one and would definitely wear it like this.

I like that that is it sheer enough to see my bikini, but *just* enough to cover up too.

Diva Drape from CiaoBella Travel

I really like this version too!

The drape becomes a strapless dress. I just tied a double knot at my chest, and it felt secure and comfortable.

Because the fabric is thin, the knot wasn’t bulky and it was easy to move around in.

Again the fabric is just sheer enough to show off a bit of my swimsuit.

Diva Drape from CiaoBella Travel

The drape also turns into a sarong.

I like this version because it’s so simple, comfortable and easy to tie up and go.

Diva Drape from CiaoBella Travel

Hey look, I made this version up!

It’s kind of a halter neck dress and it just needed a small double knot behind my neck.

It looks quite stylish! You’ll definitely see me wearing this by the pool with a book and cup of tea!

Diva Drape from CiaoBella Travel

This one was quite nice too. It’s a bolero robe style and it was just so effortless.

If I was wearing a tank, with jeans or a skirt, I would be happy to pop this over as a cardi / shawl thing.

Diva Drape from CiaoBella Travel

Lastly, I like that when I fold the drape lengthwise, it becomes a scarf.

It’s not bulky, heavy or itchy. It’s versatile and lightweight.

Despite all the folding, draping and tying, the textured fabric still looks great. No need to iron!

This drape design also come in other colours. It is also made in Silk, or a Spandex Mesh material. So it depends on what you prefer.

Overall, I love versatility of it and can’t wait to try it out when I go to Bali!!

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