Vintage Missoni at Varga Girl

I had the pleasure of being invited to a special event at Varga Girl, a boutique in Leederville.

This event launched the first capsule from the “ML Vintage Collection” featuring original, never-been-worn 1970s vintage Missoni, Versace and Courreges and Krizia clothing and accessories.

There is a pretty cool story behind this collection!

Vintage Missoni at Varga Girl

Mary Lipshut was a fashion buyer and owned a fashion label. She worked for Myer Australia in the 1970s where she bought labels such as Pucci, Missoni and Courreges… plus made friends with fashion royalties such as Gianni Versace, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni and Anna Piaggi (fashion editor of Italian Vogue)!

However in the early 70s the French began nuclear testing in the Pacific, and the Australian government impounded all imported French products for 2 years as a protest. So by the time Mary was allowed to sell her shipment of garments, the fashion had changed and it was too far behind.

She decided to store her shipment and over the years she added other unique and vintage pieces by Versace, Pucci, Missoni, YSL and more. The extensive collection has over 4000 pieces of clothing and accessories!

25 years later she decided to open up and share her collection with the world, and began ML Vintage, selling to the public, and displaying her garments in museums and galleries.

Mary passed away from cancer early this year, and her family has worked with Philip Boon (celebrity stylist) to curate capsules to take around the world to exhibit and to sell, to tell Mary’s the story and celebrate her passion through photographs and charity events.

Philip’s first stop was Perth! At Varga Girl in Leederville!

Vintage Missoni at Varga Girl

The collection was pretty amazing and rare. The pieces all looked like vintage, second hand clothes – but they were brand new! New vintage!

This printed skirt caught my eye and I quickly grabbed it try on.

Vintage Missoni at Varga Girl

OMG I was in love! It was a 1980s Vintage Missoni silk wrap skirt with a loud flower print. It was way too big for me (like double my waist size?) so I had to pin it at the back.

It cost $495, which was a bit out of my price range. But I was happy to wear it for a few minutes and prance around the store!

Um, it was actually extremely embarrassing, because I was the only one trying on clothes, taking photos of myself in the big mirror and everyone was looking at me like I was modelling the clothes as part of the entertainment?! Ugh, a part of me wanted to crawl into a hole and die. But I knew I wanted some great photos of the clothes being worn, so I just swallowed my pride and my sheer embarrassment that I looked like a self-absorbed, self-loving, look-at-me fashion blawhger (cringe!).

Vintage Missoni at Varga Girl

This is me and stylist Philip Boon, looking very loud, colourful and like a pair of happy peacocks.

Turns out that after I reluctantly put the skirt back on the rack, another lady tried it on and eventually bought it! I wanted to high five her!

Vintage Missoni at Varga Girl

Speaking of peacocks… I looked like a tropical bird on heat in this 1980s Vintage Missoni Floral Silk Top ($525).

It even had the classic 1980s big boofy sleeves and front-tie. It was totes cray cray :P

Vintage Missoni at Varga Girl

I also tried on this 1970s Vintage Missoni Rainbow skirt ($275) and I even hitched it up to turn it into a dress.

The colours were more subdue, but I still really liked it. I think the fact that it is such a rare piece, made it very desirable.

Vintage Missoni at Varga Girl

Just to mix it up a bit, I tried on some NEW Missoni clothes (launched this season and also in stock at Varga Girl). My favourite piece was this amazing printed knit top. Looks like I threw a bunch of tropical birds, some butterflies and a leopard into a blender? Can I say that on a fashion blog?

Missoni is well known for their crazy colored knits featuring a zig zag pattern, but this blended bird and butterfly print still seemed to fit beautifully in the new collection.

It perfectly matched my colourful necklace too.

Vintage Missoni at Varga Girl

This is the zig zag pattern I’m talking about. Missoni have recently collaborated with Converse to release special edition sneakers with the signature Missoni print! They are selling for $149 at Varga Girl.

Vintage Missoni at Varga Girl

And lastly, this is what I wore to the event. A white sleeveless shirt from ASOS, tulle skirt from Birdsnest, multi-colour jewel necklace from Colette Hayman, heels from YesStyle, bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I was told that this collection is only Capsule 1 from ML Vintage. Philip Boon is off to launch other collections in LA and New York. Then he’ll be back to launch Capsule 2 in Perth, in November. So hey, if you’re in Perth, make sure you pop into Varga Girl to check out (and try on) these rare, never been worn, vintage pieces!

Varga Girl
148 Oxford Street
Leederville, Western Australia, Australia
(08) 9444 8990

Haircuts are my thing!

Hair by Curi Hair

I know lots of women who have a “grooming THING”. Some love their manicures, some can’t live without a facial, some go to a day spa for a full body massage. It’s their one thing that they have to do regularly.

In the past, I’ve never really had a THING.

I’m not really a high maintenance kind of girl (I like to think!) Sure I like to be pampered, but I really can’t be bothered most of the time. I’m busy with life, family, kids, fitness and my hobbies… and it just isn’t a big priority for me. Plus all that pampering and grooming stuff is so expensive and time consuming!

I don’t go out regularly to get manicures and pedicures, I don’t have regular facials, I don’t get foot spas, or massages, or body wraps, or spray tans, or waxing, or eye brow shaping or eye lash extensions. I just do some things myself and the most I’ve done is probably get a laser hair removal treatment for my legs but that’s about it. And if I don’t know how to do them, I watch a shit load of Youtube videos and LEARN how to do them.

But the only thing I CAN’T do for myself, and something I think is most important (for me)… is to have a good haircut and colour.

Yep, perhaps it’s my age, my hair history (so much chemical damage!), my lifestyle (sports = wash hair often) and the fact that all my kids go to full-time school and I can spare 2-3 hours every so often… I’ve decided that going to a hair salon is now MY THING.

So there you go!

I guess what has made it easy, is that I’ve been pretty lucky to find a hairdresser in Perth, Curi Hair in Subiaco, who specialises in my type of hair (thick, strong, Asian hair), and I’m so happy with them!

What’s your grooming thing?

Geocaching – Real-Life Treasure Hunting


We’ve slipped on our gumboots and armed ourselves with a map and compass! My kids and I have recently discovered Geocaching!

What is it you ask? Because it sounds like professional mining exploration and… plain hard work :P

Geocaching is a real life, on-going treasure hunt that is happening all around the world and in your local park right now. It’s so much fun!

Basically, you download an app, sign up, turn on your location service, then you look for geocaches that are hidden in your area (or where ever you are in the world).

We were delighted to discover that there were hundreds (maybe thousands?) of geocaches hidden around our city, and at least 1 hidden in every park we visit frequently. Many are linked together with a theme, or a puzzle to solve. It’s kind of cool to know that there is a whole active community out there, making and leaving little treasure hunts for others to find.

Once you find a geocache using the coordinates and clues, you’re supposed to open up the cache, sign a log sheet (to prove that you found it) then use the app to log that you’ve found it and leave a message. Sometimes the caches are a little plastic container, a small box, or even a mint tint. My boys like to leave a little toy/surprise for the next person, usually the tiny head from a Lego man, which is their “signature”.

What I love most about this kind of treasure hunting is… that while we’re in a park, I can just log on and find out whether there is a geocache in the area. Then I can get my kids to “run off and try to look for it”. It occupies them for ages. It also gives us a great reason to visit new parks. And we are all thrilled beyond belief when we find one.

(However, a word of warning, it can get a bit addictive and frustrating at times! See how the container in the picture above has been carefuly camouflaged with tree bark?!)

Happy Caching!



That Bird Label – Blue Maxi Dress

That Bird label by Birdsnest

The team at Birdsnest have launched their new Summer Collection for That Bird Label – a special collaboration between the shop and its customers. The team designs and develops styles based on ongoing feedback from their customer, who also get a final say about prints and colours.

Featuring lots of bright, bold prints, ladylike silhouettes, easy wraps and draping… the collection has some lovely pieces for real women.

Anyway, this dress was my pick of the whole collection!

That Bird Label by Birdsnest

It is the Bonnie Maxi Dress in a Blue Garden Maze pattern. There is a black and green version with a slightly different pattern too. I’m wearing a Size 8. The dress has adjustable straps so I was able to adjust it all the way up, and the bottom of the dress didn’t drag on the floor. It was a perfect length! For a shortie like me!

I don’t own many maxi dresses, so I was rather delighted to find one that fit me so well.

The flowing fabric and simple draping made it a really breezy maxi dress, great for surviving the summer heat. Yet at the same time the fabric was heavy thick enough, that it didn’t feel cheap and flimsy. It feels like a quality dress that I’d wear for many years to come!

I’m wearing the dress with a strapless bra, Ecco wedge sandals and Sportsgirl hat.

Have a wonderful week!

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Mossy Landscapes

Moss on a Plate

My 5 year old boy and I were doing some gardening the other day, when I asked him to pull out some weeds on the driveway.

He happily pulled all the weeds. Then he started to dig up some mossy strips growing between the paving bricks.

He was utterly fascinated with the moss, and I can see why!

We placed his collection on a plate and covered them with water. Now they sit like teeny tiny grassy islands on a dinner plate world. And if you look a little closer, the lush green fields roll back into the horizon, with a lumpy swamp-like terrain, covered with a smattering of trees and shrubs.

My son sat and stared at the plate for the longest time. Perfect fuel for the imagination.

I might pop them into a glass jar for him, so they keep a little longer. And place the jar by the window, just out of direct sun, and just out of direct sight.

I hope he’ll forget about them.

They are mossy landscapes are cute and all, but I don’t want to grow a garden of weeds in my house! Planting trees for wildlife often means planning oak or Pear Trees for Deer.


I’m into a lot of things.

I believe that’s a key to happiness… my happiness anyway!

There are so many things in this world that bring me so much toe-wiggling, eye-sparkling, ear-to-ear grinning joy.

They are kind of “simple” things though.

They are probably a little uncool too, but hey, it makes things easier for me. Simple pleasures are often the best kind right?

Yes I love clothes, shoes and online shopping.

I love sunsets, beaches, walking, running.

But I also like gardening. I like composting. I like growing things.

I like researching about manures, building worm farms, finding out about soil acidity, tending roses and pruning them. I’m totally going to be that little old lady with a garden full of roses one day.

I love having happy, healthy roses. They are like my pets. They give me flowers. They are like the gift that keeps on giving.

Sure having the fruits of my labour is nice, but really, nothing beats the excitement of my baby rosebuds about to burst into bloom in the sunset. That’s where the joy is at.