The Frotes vs. The Veshterbls

My little 5 year old drew this the other day.


Yes it is insanely cute, on so many levels.

Firstly, the spelling. Oh my, it’s so wrong, but so… confident, creative and unaware. It makes me NOT want to correct him and NOT force him to spell like the rest of us boring adults.

Secondly, just look at the expressions on the little characters! The frazzled strawberry! The grumpy banana! The electrocuted carrot! The eye popping out of the tomato!

And thirdly, yep, noodles and sliced bread are veshterbls.

A basketful of pastel boyishness

Basket and pastels

I’ve been running around like crazy this last week.

This is me, in the midst of moving bits of furniture here and there, and stopping because I found a pastel blue basket (filled with boy junk) that matched my outfit haha!

Basket and pastels

Even though this isn’t my usual style, I really adore dressing in this girlish yet boyish style. I feel so playful and casual.

The shorts, shoes and hat make me look like I raided my son’s wardrobe, yet the baby pink and pastel blue scream otherwise.

Pink shirt is from Mango. It has cute, little sailboat prints, and it is made from a super soft, light cotton. Can’t believe it only cost me around AUD$35. I was spying something similar from Country Road, but that was AUD$100. It’s a nice change from all the checkered shirts I’ve been wearing.

Light denim shorts are from Acne Studios. These are a little big around the waist for me (I’ve lost a bit of weight since I bought them), so they sit on my hips and I only like to wear them with long, loose tops.

The tweed fedora hat was a score from my trip to Melaka, Malaysia. You see, I forgot to take my hat out of my luggage as I arrived in the city, and found myself walking in the sun and no respite for several hours. I ducked into a little fashion store on Jonker Walk, Melaka, and immediately bought the first cute hat I saw. It was MYR 15 (AUD$5!) and I have been wearing it non stop since then!

Handbag is by Tory Burch, similar from Shopbop.

Tartan sneaker shoes are from Topshop.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Why is the sky blue?

Blue Sky

My 9 year old son and I were running through the park. I was helping him train towards running his first 5kms, and he was doing quite well so far.

The weather was amazing. The air was crisp and cool. The sky was bright and blue. There was not a cloud in the sky.

All was going fine until we took a 20 second break.

Between puffs, my son asked me, “Mum, why is the sky BLUE? If the earth is in space, and space is black, shouldn’t the sky look BLACK?”

I rolled my eyes. Is this kid for real? Deep, complicated questions while we are sweating?

I rustled through a rolodex of “Quick Answers” in my brain… but nope, I found nothing.

I had no idea WHY the sky was blue.

His question was a good one. Why isn’t the sky a depressingly black colour?

I blurted, “I dunno, let’s look it up when we get home.” And sprinted off the last 2kms.

So here it is, after an hour or so on the Internet… the answer (as I understand it) to the very good question:  “Why is the sky BLUE, not black?”

The earth’s atmosphere is made up of zillions of tiny molecules, mainly nitrogen and oxygen. These have no colour of their own. But when sunlight goes through the atmosphere, the oxygen and nitrogen molecules get very excited (lucky them!),which makes them turn into a kind of one-molecule antenna that radiates and scatters the sunlight in all different directions.  But sunlight looks white, and so the sky should look white, right? And that would just be too plain!

But NO. White sunlight is actually a combination of all the colours of the rainbow. If you look at the colours of the rainbow on a spectrum, red light has a slow frequency, green has a fast frequency and blue and violet have very fast frequencies. ALL the colours of the rainbow are scattered by the atmospheric molecules. But the size of the molecules produces an antenna that is BETTER at scattering high frequency colours – blue and purple light – not red, yellow or green light.

Therefore the sky should actually look blueish purple! Now, that would be quite garish and trippy if you ask me.

BUT (and this is my favorite bit) because human eyes are more sensitive and receptive to blue light (our eye receptors are made up of red cones, green cones and blue cones)… the sky LOOKS BLUE TO US , but not necessarily to other animals.

And THAT is why the sky is blue, not black, or white, or a funky rainbow, or disco lurid purple.

I really liked that answer. It was simple and elegant… much like most of the mysteries of life.

My son was rather unimpressed. He wanted an answer involving aliens and laser beams.

But I was actually pretty impressed.

The sky looks so beautifully and cheerfully blue because, after however many millions of years of evolution… that’s how we like to see it.

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.

Exploding Bread

I’ve been trying to make bread. And by that I mean, nice, fancy bread. Good-looking proper bread, from scratch.

I guess the whole idea started because I wanted fresh homemade bread to go with my homemade dips for my dinner parties.

So I tried out a sour dough recipe. I mixed up the yeast. I kneaded it, threw it in a pan, and left it on the bench top to let it rise.

I came back 30 minutes later and OOPS!

Exploding Bread

A frozen, doughy, mushroom cloud of Karen’s stupidity!

And to further prove my daftness, I have to admit that actually… this is the forth or fifth time this has happened!

I keep trying to make bread, leaving it in warm, dark places and then coming back to find hideous and embarrassing monstrosities, like a science experiment gone wrong.

Then of course, I just throw these bread fails into the oven – just as I find them. They bake and harden into crusty explosions. I just can’t get them right. So why can’t I get it right? Well, mostly because I just can’t be bothered with reading the instructions properly. It is one of my failings, I admit. Creativity, confidence and recipe instructions, just don’t mix.

Thankfully the bread still tastes good, but looks terrible!

My kids think it’s hilarious.

My Total Girl Party in Singapore

A few weeks ago, I went on a quick trip to Singapore. Yes, it was JUST ME – no kids and no husband. I was only there for a few days, but oh man, I crammed so much in.

The most outstanding and toe-wiggling-exhilarating part of the whole trip was that I could go throughout my day and make decisions WITHOUT having to consider anyone else!!

Forgive my lameness. But that was huge for me. HUGE!

I could wake up at any time I wanted. I could eat anything I wanted. I could GO and DO any god damn thing I felt like doing, in my own freaking sweet time.


So the first morning? I woke up at 6am. Because each day was MEANT TO BE LIVED YO!

I saw the sunrise over Orchard Road and listened to the sounds of a city waking up.


I went downstairs for a swim and did 12 laps.

Then I had a shower, and spent 30 minutes styling my hair. Talk about indulgence.

I went down stairs and ate watermelon and croissants for breakfast. And I didn’t have to share.

It had been 3 hours since I woke up and I had not spoken a word to anyone. Oh the bliss.


By 10am, I went to join some friends for an EMS training session. EMS stands for electro muscular stimulation, and it involved me putting on a suit which delivered electrical impulses to activate my muscles. It’s like a weight session at the gym without any stress or impact on the joints.

That’s right, I got electrocuted so my muscles will look bigger! It was pretty intense and it felt very weird (bordering on distressing). But I left the studio feeling pretty good, as if I had done an hour of weights at my regular gym.

Then my girlfriends and I went for coffee and morning tea, of course.

We did a bit of window shopping, of course.

We went to get a full manicure, pedicure, and gel nails. It was a total girl party.

We did more window shopping.

Sat in another café.

More shopping.

Oh and we squeezed in a neck, back, shoulder and feet massage, just before dinner.


When I say “squeezed in” it actually took 45 minutes… and you know what? We just POSTPONED DINNER. Which is something you can’t do when you have small children.

After the heavenly massage, we wobbled blissfully over to dinner at Holland Village. And we chose the noisiest and most NOT kid friendly restaurant we could find.

Unfortunately after that, my girlfriend had to leave. It was 10pm after all and she had to get up at 6am… to look after her kids.

But me? I was a single lay-dee that night. Uh huh, that’s right, you know what I mean. My night was just beginning!

So I caught at cab to Raffles City and joined some other girlfriends at the end of their dinner.


Check out the view! 70 stories up!

They were dining at a restaurant called Jann, and having a ridiculously expensive degustation and they kindly included me in for the last course – dessert!


Oh my, it was a gastronomic spectacle. There was smoking dry ice, rosemary chocolates, peanut brittle salted caramel spoons, fluffy marshmallow coconut cubes, they all had super fancy names… and it was all so delicious.

I also had an after-dinner coffee to wash everything down. I know! Caffeine at 11pm! Naughty me!

Then we headed over to Club St to meet other friends for drinks. I got the impression that it was THE cool place to hang out these days. The place was a little street where each end of the street was closed off to traffic, and all the people just flowed out of the bars that lined the street creating a huge, heaving crowd. I felt like I was in a club, but we were outdoors.

It was a fun! I drank some champagne! I got hit on! I talked over really loud music until I lost my voice! I met some cool people! I caught a cab and went home at 1am! Go me!

I got to bed by 2am, and I had to be up again at 6am, to catch a bus to Malaysia.

Phew. It was a huge day.

Sure, I missed my husband and I missed my boys.

But at the same time, it doesn’t happen often, so I lapped it all up and enjoyed every single hour of my day.

Stay tuned for my adventures in Malaysia :)