The Kangaroo Selfie

When I was 8, our family went to a wildlife park to see and pat some Australian animals. Koalas, kangaroos, snakes. Apparently, I was SO TERRIFIED of the kangaroo that my parents had to drag me close to the kangaroo, holding me in their arms, forcing my arms to be outstretched and they made me touch it.

And of course, the story became part of my family’s folklore and I was forever teased by it – “Haha remember the time when Karen didn’t want to touch the kangaroo?! She’s such a wimp!!!”

Kangaroos at Caversham

So here I am, many years later, as a parent myself. I took my 3 children out to visit Caversham Wildlife Park, which is a must if you’re a visiting Perth.

It’s a large park full of Australian animals, offering visitors a hands on experience. You can pat kangaroos, take photos with a wombat, hold a snake, pat a lizard, milk a cow, feed a goat and much more.

Standing in the middle of the kangaroo enclosure, I didn’t have a nervous breakdown or anything. Quite the opposite.

I was surrounded by 20 or so tame kangaroos, patting them, hand feeding them and mezmerised by how graceful, beautiful, sleek and lean they were!

Kangaroo Selfie at Caversham

And of course, taking selfies with them.

You know what?

I realised that I’ve never really seen a kangaroo up close before. Our national animal. Their doey eyes, glossy fur, alert ears, twitchy noses. The funny way they bounce around, not walk. They are such beautiful creatures.

I LOVED the experience!

I guess I am cured of my fear of marsupial.