Classsic White

Yesstyle Feature - Sarah

Sometimes I love going back to fashion basics. Especially during these trans-seasonal months.

I do get a bit bored of examining trends and experimenting with fashion. There’s just so much weird and crazy stuff out there! It’s never-ending!

You just can’t go wrong with a white silk shirt, skinny jeans and pointy heels.

I always feel comfortable, effortless and stylish in a simple, classic outfit.

Yesstyle Feature - Sarah

I picked the shirt and jeans from Korean brand Sarah, from YesStyle.

And I also found this amazing Chanel style handbag. It’s so pretty and it feels lovely.

Unfortunately this size has since been sold out. And there is a slightly smaller handbag size here.

My silver shoes are from The Iconic.
My necklace is from Kailis Jewellery.
Watch from Guess.
Earrings from Shopbop.

By the way, I’m showing off my new curls here (I had my hair permed the other week) and I just looooove it!

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Going Bush

This weekend, we’re going camping.

And I mean CAMPING camping.

We’re going with some friends, and we’re driving 4 hours out of the city to a “place” between Perth and Kalgoorlie.

It’s not a caravan park. It’s not an official campsite. It’s just a “little spot on the map” in the middle of the bush.

There’s no electricity, no running water, no showers, no toilets.

Just bush.

Lots of beautiful, Australian bush.

Australian Bush Sky

I told my 4 year old, “YAY we are going on a little holiday!”

And because we holidayed in Singapore a few months ago, he replied, “Oh cool! Is there going to be a swimming pool and buffet breakfast again?”

Uh. No.

It will be a very interesting trip indeed!

Secrets of the Afterlife

Last weekend, it was a wet, cold, rainy weekend. The kind where you wake up in the morning and think – Oh god, how am I going to entertain these kids today?!?!

Well, that morning, a crazy part of me thought – Oh why don’t we go to the WA Museum today?! That’s indoors. I have been meaning to catch the most recent exhibition about Ancient Egypt.

So I bundled my three kids into the car and off we went.

What was I thinking?!

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

The exhibition was called, The Secrets of the Afterlife, in collaboration with the British Museum. I say “was” because this day turned out to be THE LAST day of the exhibition. I was lucky to see it!

It was a journey into the ancient Egyptian world of magic, mummies and mystery.

The artifacts were AMAZING!

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

The preservation of the materials. The ritualistic decoration. The intricate beading. The craftsmanship. It was jaw-dropping.

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

This is the surface of one coffin. The paintings were so detailed, clear, precise, and vibrant. I was in design heaven.

If you consider that most of these items are dated back to 1500 BC… that’s over 3000 years old!

It was completely mind boggling. And I was filled with spine-tingling awe.

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

Then came the jewellery and I almost lost it. I was so excited.

The lizards symbolised the renewal of life (based on the creature’s ability to re-grow new limbs or tail). The beads on the left necklace are shaped as poppy seed heads.

These pieces are over 2000 years old. Made from gold, carnelian gemstone, glass. Gaah how beautiful!

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

On the right is a heart-scarab amulet, with spells from The Book of the Dead inscribed at the base.

On the right are a collection of make-up containers. The tube-like containers are kohl eye paint holder, and the little semi-circle box is for storing cosmetics. How beautiful!

These items are dated between 1500 – 1069 BC.

Yup, so all this was very lovely, but what REALLY happened during the outing?

I wish I could say that I had a wonderful experience soaking up and appreciating history and the creativity of our ancient ancestors… but in reality, I had to RACE through the exhibition. I only had 2 seconds to look each item. I literally just stopped at each piece, went WOW, took a photo of it, took a photo of the information plate, then rushed on to the next piece. Literally. It was shameful.


Because my 4 year old was shouting things like “If these are the mummies, WHERE ARE THE DADDIES?? BWAHAHAHA!!!” over and over again.

He was knocking things over. Jumping around. Falling to the ground. Banging on the glass. Banging into other people. Shouting really loud. Licking the glass. Putting his hands over the information panels when people were trying to read them. Ripping up the brochures and sprinkling the paper all over the floor.

He was holding my hand, but jumping and pulling in all directions, so I was jerking around, and being pulled to the ground at random times. I was constantly scolding him, warning him, punishing him, and of course, trying to engage him in the exhibition to no avail.

Ooooh it was hard work. I was pretty pissed off that I couldn’t enjoy the exhibition, but really, it was my own fault! Why did I do this to myself? I was swearing inside. And shaking my head at the whole BITTERSWEET EXISTENCE OF PARENTHOOD! I was close to tears.

That is…

Until right at the end… we reached the last little nook.

I wanted to take a photo of the last exhibition piece… so I asked my kids to wait against a wall. It was actually a wall with a connected partition that created a 20cm gap. My 4 year old giggled naughtily, “Tee hee, I’m going to squeeze through this gap and I’ll see you on the other side mum!!”

(I thought what he said was quite witty and profound, since this was an exhibition about the afterlife…)

I bent down to him and said very sternly, “DO NOT put your head through that gap. You are NOT to squeeze through to the other side, do you understand?!”

He said yes.

I turned away. I was about to snap my photo, when I heard him say, “Er, help!”.

Oh god no.

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

Yep. He put his head between the wall partition.

My son got his head stuck in the wall!


And yes. Since I had a camera in my hand, I took a photo of him.

Oooooooh, dear internet. Do forgive me, because I could not stop myself from laughing. I had to press my lips together and bend my head into my chest to hide my smile. It was a serious and dangerous situation for my child, yet I giggle uncontrollably. I had pangs of guilt but oh my, it was sooooooo funny.

He was saying things like, “Um, mum. I think my head is stuck. Can you help me?”

Sigh. Ok.

I put my camera away. And began to think. How to get my son’s head out?

I held his head and tried to pull him out gently. Nope, stuck.

I pressed his ears tightly against his head, then pulled. Nope. Hmm, definitely stuck.

I smooshed his temple/cheeks/face/ears together in my hands (oh god I was trying not to laugh!) and pulled a little harder… then he started to scream in pain! Good grief, now everyone was looking at us.

I asked my other boys to find an attendant for help. Maybe they could move the wall partition?

But my boys started to have an argument about WHO was going to do the asking. They were going back and forth with their bickering, while my little one cried louder and louder. I turned to them and growled, “WILL YOU STOP ARGUING!! I NEED SOME HELP AND I NEED YOU TO GO FIND SOMEONE WITH A BADGE!!”

In that moment, Liam seemed to have twisted and turned, and -POP- out came his head. He was free.

Thank goodness!!

I certainly calmed down after that. And I wasn’t so grumpy any more.

I smiled knowing that I had great photos of the exhibition (and my son with his head stuck in a wall). And that I could soak up the creativity of our ancient ancestors (and my son)… forever.

Win a $500 Shopping Spree at Ae’lkemi

Ae'lkemi Dresses

To celebrate the start of the new season, I’m teaming up with award-winning West Australian designer label Ae’lkemi to offer all my readers (WORLDWIDE) this fantastic giveaway!

You can win a $500 gift voucher to spend at Ae’lkemi, instore on online.

OOoooooOOOOoooh so exciting! I wish I could win!

If you win, you can pick out one of these stunning runway ready gowns, that are available from the Ae’lkemi Online Store. These are the ones that I like…

Ae'lkemi Dresses

Left to right – (1) One Shoulder Scuba Dress,
(2) Lace Scuba Dress, or
(3) Paris Knit Gown in Tangerine or Black*

Ae'lkemi Dresses

Left to right – (1) Shoulders Sequin Gown in Moet or Silver*,
(2) Wrap Tuck Dress,
(3) Leopard Print Dress*

* = These dresses are over $500.

Or if you live in Western Australia, you can go into the Ae’lkemi boutique in Claremont and pick out something equally fabulous.

Here’s a sample of some new season colours and fabrics from the boutique.

Ae'lkemi Dresses

You’ll find formal evening gowns, pretty cocktail dresses, sexy party dresses, simple elegant dresses and statement jackets.

There are punchy citrus hues, statement reds, snakeskin textures, graphical prints and lots of sequins!

Ae'lkemi Dresses

And of course, I was given the opportunity to go into the store to select a few dresses to borrow and try out.

The first dress that caught my eye (pictured first in this blog post) was the Shoulders Sequin Gown in Moet.

It is a little more than $500, but oooooooh I adored the elegant colour, the simple cut and the sexy back! It also comes in a pewter and a black.

Ae'lkemi Dresses

This Citrus Dress is also a little more than $500, but I thought it was such a wonderful cocktail dress.

I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was so bright and vibrant. The mix of textures and fabrics, and the subtle shapes make it a sophisticated and stylish dress. I could wear it to a lunchtime function, a wedding, or a night time party or function.

Ae’lkemi Giveaway Details
Who Can Enter:
It’s open to all readers WORLDWIDE, over 18 years.

What You Win:
The winner will receive a gift voucher to the value of AUD$500, to spend at Ae’lkemi. No part of this gift voucher is transferable for cash.

Giveaway Dates:
Runs for 2 weeks. Starts on Wednesday, 25 September 2013.
Ends on Wednesday, 9 October 2013, 11:59pm (GMT +8).

How to Enter:
This competition is now closed!

All the best! Hope you win!

(By the way, a few of my international readers have fallen in love with the gowns and have asked how Ae’lkemi is pronounced? It is simply pronounced “Alchemy”.)

Review: Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

In the last few years, one of my most significant skin problems has been dark spots caused from acne.

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Range

In my teens I had a huge acne problem – think, surface of the moon!

But now that I’m in my 30s, my hormones have calmed down… and I get about 1 zit a month.

It may be just ONE, but it’s a whopper. One of those deep, volcanic, super-painful, boil-like ones that takes days to develop and hurts my face when I smile. Then after a week, when it’s all over, it leaves this HUGE dark spot… that takes freaking MONTHS (possibly up to a year?) to fade.

Sometimes I get one on my jaw line, one next to my nose, ON my nose, above my upper lip, on my chin, up near my temple. One each month. Spot after spot. Man it’s annoying!

Anyway earlier this year, Kiehl’s launched their Clearly Corrective Range, which caught my attention, and in particular the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.

There was lots of hype about it and yup, I was sent a bottle to try.

That was in February this year. 7 months ago.

As you can tell from the product photo above, this post is a bit overdue. Look how much I’ve used up in 7 months. This stuff lasts forever! I also received the Hydrating Moisture Emulsion, more on that later.

I used the “Dark Spot Solution” religiously for a couple of months, twice a day.

During the first week – I was trying to keep track of my dark spots. Any change? Any lighter? Faded yet?

But seriously, after a few more weeks, being a busy mum, who has to wake up early in the morning and rush through a morning face care routine – I didn’t have all day to examine the colour of my spots. It just wasn’t that important! :P

However, I did stick with it.

And one morning, I routinely put some of the solution on my “spotty zones” when I noticed – omg what happened to all the spots?! They seemed to have faded?! They are almost gone?! I swear I had a spot above my right lip last month?!

In 3 months, I’m positive that my dark spots had faded to almost nothing.

Well I’ll be damned!

I kept using it everyday for 5 months in total, and after that, I’ve only been using this sporadically, only when I need to. Just last month, I had a double zit (one formed right next to another one) that left a HUGE dark spot on my jaw… with the solution, it faded by half in 2 weeks.

So, I’m happy. It gets a big TWO THUMBS UP from me.

And I’m definitely going to buy it again.

I doesn’t fade freckles or sun spots though. (I tried!)

As for the Clearly Corrective White Hydrating Moisture Emulsion, it says it has been tested and developed for Asian skin, claiming to “correct visible uneven skin tone and enhance luminosity and hydration levels for a notable improvement in skin clarity”.

I think I already have an even skin tone… and yes my skin has been luminous and clear. But have to admit that I used other products while testing this product. So I’m not sure how much of it was due to this product.

I’m probably not going to buy this product again.

Anyway if you’re keen, you can buy the Dark Spot Solution or any other Kiehl’s products directly from the Kiehl’s Australia Website, where they are offering FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50, and 3 samples for every order.

xxx Enjoy!