SK-II Essence Set for $99

I went shopping and lunching with my mum the other day. We casually strolled through the cosmetics department, chatting about all kinds of stuff, and we walked passed the SK-II counter.

I was stunned to discover that she had not tried any SK-II products before. Lots of her friends use it, they talk about how amazing it is and they also complain about how expensive it is. Which is pretty much what my friends talk and complain about too.

She was a little unconvinced about all the hype surrounding these “miracle beauty products”… WHATEVER. I dragged her over to the counter, sat her down to try out the essence, lotions and creams… and basically sold her over to the dark side :)

Seriously 10 minutes later we walked away, giggling like school girls with a bag full of goodies – and complaining about how expensive it all was haha!

Anyway, I got home and did a bit of online shopping research. *Face palm!*

SK-II Essence Set for $99

There’s a special promotion at Adore Beauty for a SK-II Pitera Essence Set for $99.

It’s a *perfect* set (size/items/price) for those wanting to try SK-II products. And it includes free shipping within Australia!

Should have bought it online doh!

Gordon St Garage Cafe

Last week, I met up with my cousin (who was in town from Singapore) for brunch at the new Gordon St. Garage.

I’ve read so many positive reviews about this place, I thought it was a good opportunity to check it out with her.

Gordon St Garage

The cafe used to be a car workshop, tucked away in the quite end of West Perth.

From the outside, it looked pretty unassuming, boring and plain.

Gordon St Garage

But taking a step inside, and we were greeted with an eclectic mix of retro furniture, recycled materials, funky bits and pieces, vintage this and that.

It had a very cool and relaxed atmosphere. I liked it immediately!

Gordon St Garage

The space was very large. There was lots of natural light. Lots of elbow room. And lots of seating.

We arrived at 10am. It wasn’t busy or noisy. The waitstaff were friendly, but looked quite confused when I asked permission to take photos.

(Maybe because no one asks permission anymore?)

Gordon St Garage

I liked that the fruit crates were just lined up in the middle of cafe… and I could take a peek at the produce.

Gordon St Garage make their own blend of coffee, roasted and ground on site. The place smelt amazing. And I was keen to try it out.

Gordon St Garage

This is my short, soy flat white ($4).

The crema didn’t look fabulous, but it tasted lovely.

Gordon St Garage

I ordered the house smoked salmon, potato and zucchini hash brown, spinach, poached egg and béarnaise ($21).

I was a little underwhelmed with the portion and the spinach looked a little over cooked. And for a moment I thought they served up a block of fried tofu? Nope, it was the hash brown.

But it tasted fantastic!

The salmon was juicy and succulent, the eggs were poached perfectly, the béranaise sauce was lovely, and all the flavours exploded happily in my mouth.

I was very satisfied.

Gordon St Garage

My cousin ordered the sweetcorn fritters, chunky guacamole and feta ($17).

The chunky guacamole and salsa was delicious. It had a fresh, tasty zing to it. The fritters were nice to balance the sharpness of the guacamole, salsa  and feta.

But perhaps the feta was too over-powering? Or maybe I shouldn’t have scooped everything into my mouth all at once??

Haha I’m such a pig. Get in mah belleh!

Gordon St Garage

Sticky date pudding with icecream ($14)

My cousin and I shared the pudding. She must’ve been so kind (or sneakily trying to watch her waist), because I think I ate most of it!

Again, it looked a bit underwhelming. It looked dry (and like another piece of tofu?).

But soaked with the caramel sauce and the ice cream… it was gooorgeous! It topped off the light brunch and coffees very nicely.

I wouldn’t say it was worth the money though. $14 for such a small piece of cake is a wee bit steep.

Overall… I adored the interior, the atmosphere and the vibe. Coffee is great. Food was nice. Service was good. A bit pricey, but I’ll definitely be returning.

I think next time, I would like to come again for lunch and try something a bit *heavier* from the menu!

Gordon St. Garage
16 Gordon St
West Perth, WA

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday
Mon – Sun 7am – late

Gordon St Garage on Urbanspoon

Suiting Up with Bec & Bridge

Suiting Up

Another outfit from my wonderful blog sponsors, Frockaholics. Thank you guys! I’m so grateful!

Aussie designers around the country have dropped a tonne of new stock in stores, just in time for the new season. Look out for fab monochrome items, bold graphics, and floral prints.

Here I’m wearing a super-duper cute jacket and shorts from Bec and Bridge. I love the print! I’ve never worn a matching floral suit. I feel busy, like a newspaper. Yet effortlessly cool, as I sashay around in a camouflage blur of black and white.

They are fab investment pieces, as you can wear both the shorts and jacket separately, again and again. Both are standout, eye-catching, tailored pieces, and both are versatile for polished styling. Casual shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, tops, golf-type shirts, and turtlenecks are acceptable attire for work. Most suit jackets or sports jackets are also acceptable attire for the office if they violate none of the listed guidelines. Many employers actually require workers to wear a suit as part of their company’s dress code, visit the brisbane suit shops to buy yours. If you don’t follow this rule, your employer may warn you first. If you continue to wear casual attire to work, though, your employer may give you the boot. 

There are also a dress and  a pair of pants (in the same print) on sale, but I thought I would get more out of the jacket and shorts.

Top is from In Good Company

Strappy heels are from ASOS.

Felt hat from Sportsgirl

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No Flash!

After going to visit the S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore, I sat down with my 4 year old to help him fill in his travel journal.

We lay on our tummies on the hotel room floor, facing each other with his book between us, and started to draw things we saw.

Aquarium Drawing by Liam

First, I drew a jellyfish and he drew a shark.

(The next time you write the word SHARK, you too must decorate the letters with teeth!)

Aquarium Drawing by Liam

Then I drew a dolphin and he drew a clam.

Aquarium Drawing by Liam

Then yeah, my son drew a NO FLASH sign.

Obviously he was very struck by them at the jellyfish tanks?

How funny!

Oh the things that kids remember!


I have a new mirror! Yeah another one!

This time I have it set up in my bedroom, so I can take a quick outfit snap before I head out the door. It’s awesome. How did I ever live without it? My potential for vanity will now know no bounds!

The only problem is that I have to tidy my bedside BEFORE I take a photo. And under my bed too! Pfffft who cleans under their bed?!

Me, now! Old bed slippers, fuzzy socks with holes, bits of tissue paper, balls of dust, piles of hair… it’s not a good look. I guess it’s incentive for me to sweep more :P

The other problem is that our jarrah floors seem to emit an orange colour tone EVERYWHERE… so I look like I have a killer tandoori tan. And my legs seem to blend into the floor boards. Oh well. I’ll work something out.

Camilla and Marc Dress

So this is me AFTER attending a fashion event the other night. It’s about 10:30pm and god knows how I managed to look so fresh and smiley. Lots of makeup?

I’m wearing a new Camilla and Marc “Night Flute” Dress from Frockaholics. Eeeeek omg omg it’s such a gorgeous dress!

I wasn’t too sure about the print at first. I thought it looked a bit too “retro 60s print” for me? But it’s so quirky and unique. The pattern is actually an African inspired print. And the cut hints at the 50s with its sweetheart bustline, nipped waist and big circle skirt. Love it!

I moderned up the dress a bit, with a white snakeskin biker jacket and some rock stud heels. I didn’t wear too much jewellery. Just some jewelled studs. And a silver clutch.

Jacket from YesStyle
Heels from BooHoo
Earrings from Shopbop

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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