Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream

Chocolate Cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream

This cake recipe is gluten-free – meaning, instead of plain flour, I use almond meal.

Most people expect it to taste WEIRD when I say it’s gluten free, but OMG it’s such a gorgeous chocolate cake that is worthy of serving up at a tea party.

I don’t like chocolate cakes that are too rich, dense, sickly sweet, and loaded with eggs and sugar.

Which is why I adore this recipe, because the cake is light, moist, soft, and just divine to eat. It’s not dry or crumbly and it’s a winner every time I make it.

It’s also simple to make, and it only has a few ingredients.

100g unsalted butter
140g dark chocolate, chopped
100g of brown sugar
3 eggs separated
140g of almond meal

500g of fresh strawberries, quartered
2 tablespoons of icing sugar for dusting

300g of whipping cream
2 tablespoons of caster sugar

1. Preheat oven to 160C. Line a 20cm round cake tin with baking paper.

2. Slowly melt chocolate, butter and brown sugar, until smooth. Then let it cool for 5 minutes.

(You can melt it in a bowl over hot water, or melt it in the microwave. I just melt them in a small pot on the stove, on VERY low heat!)

3. Whisk the egg whites until you can make firm peaks when you lift the whisk up. I use an electric hand mixer.

4. Add the egg yolks into the chocolate mixture, then stir in the almond meal. Mix until well combined.

5. Fold in the egg whites into the chocolate mixture, until well combined. Pour into cake tin.

6. Bake for 30 minutes or until your skewer comes out clean. Cool in the tin for another 10 minutes. Turn the cake onto a plate to cool completely.

7. To make the whipped cream, just add sugar to the cream and mix with an electric mixer for 5 minutes until thick and fluffy.

8. Spread the cream on top of the cooled cake, place the strawberries on top. Dust with icing sugar just before serving.



Getting My Bear On

After returning from my tropical holiday, I’ve been in denial about the cold weather in Australia. A light cardigan should be fine for winter! Surely I can wear my open-toe shoes in the rain!

So I’m already gearing up for some kick-ass trans-seasonal dressing.

Knit and Fur

Light knits are my go-to answer for the “in-between seasons”. Comfortable and versatile, you really can’t go wrong.

But can you believe that I don’t own a plain, black knit jumper?!

So I had a peek at Next Direct.

It was the first time I’ve bought from them. They are based in the UK, they have been around for ages… and they have a HUGE selection of styles. It was an excellent shopping experience.

I picked out this 3/4 sleeve, black v-neck knit with flecks of metallic thread. It’s really nice, sits well, comfortable and casual. It was a good buy. Unfortunately it has since sold out.

My impression of Next Direct… are that their styles are more tailored, smart, and they have lots of modern “city looks” and “classic wear”. They are on-trend, but I believe they target women over 21.

Meaning – You won’t find any neon t-shirts with crystal lettering, mid-riffs and slashed backs here ha :)

They also offer free international shipping, with no minimum spend and easy returns, which is awesome.

Knit and Fur

My furry vest is so big and fluffy, that I can’t help but give it a cuddle every time I take it off. Vest is from Korea (YesStyle), or you can get one similar here from ASOS.

My jeans are J Brand from The Iconic

Open toe heels are from ASOS

Alldressedup Bag is from ShopTheMag

Sunglasses by Prada (Sunglasses Shop)

( See all my Daily Outfits here )

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my

Oh I How I Love Pain in the Rain

The week I was away on holiday, I ate with absolutely no restraints.

I couldn’t help myself. It was Singapore. The food was so good. And it was everywhere.

I threw my healthy eating regime out the window and just enjoyed myself. That’s what holidays are for right?

Chicken curry and roti prata for BREAKFAST? Yes please.

Char kway teow with cockles, Hainanese chicken rice, prawn noodles, chicken porridge with yu char kway – all before dinner? Hell why not.

But after 5 days of it, I started to feel edgy.

I was dreaming of steamed broccoli and green beans!!

I was itching to jump back onto my bike and feel a bit of pain.

Freeway Ride

So yesterday morning, I rode 85 kms.

It hurt like hell. My legs were burning. My bottom was hurting. My whole body was aching and throbbing.

The last 20kms were the hardest. It started to rain. The wind picked up. I needed to pee. I rode slower and slower. Every down stroke of each pedal was agonising.

And I was so far behind my group (as you can tell from the photo).

All I wanted to do was to STOP AND LIE DOWN IN THE SAND!

But I just sucked it up… and cursed and swore until I reached the end… the cafe and toilets.

On hindsight, it wasn’t that bad.

The rain was nice. And the pain was better.

A Kaleidoscope of Orchids

While in Singapore, my husband and I managed to squeeze in a date night by ourselves!

We went to Marina Bay Sands (which I haven’t been to before), took a stroll around the casino, the Art and Science Museum, and walked around Marina Bay enjoying the wonderful tropical evening.

Singapore, Chijmes Outfit
Then we visited an old, favourite place of mine – Chijmes, on Victoria Street. It was so leafy, peaceful and un-crowded. It certainly had a very different vibe to the insanely-busy casino. My husband and I shared drinks and a meal, under the trees.

I wore this stunning Artic Queen Dress from Alibi Online.

The colours are so so pretty and vibrant, like a kaleidoscope of jewels, orchids and tropical flowers. It was very eye catching and it was lovely to wear. The back of the dress has a deep V-neck, with an exposed zip… and I think I could get away with wearing it back to front :)

As for the rest of my outfit, I wore my big, gold tassel earrings from Frockaholics, my navy Rebecca Minkoff handbag from Shopbop, and leather heels from GlamRockChic.

With love from Singapore!


Four Bags of Spew

Last week I went to Singapore for a family trip.

It was the first time my 2 boys (aged 10 and 8) had EVER been on a plane.

I thought they would love it.

I mean, they get to have their very own TV screen, they can play computer games, watch tv shows and movies and eat snacks for 5 hours!

But what did they do instead?


They filled up 2 AIR SICK BAGS EACH!

I sat between them. Two spewing kids either side of me.

They were bent over, clutching their paper bags, making horrible vomiting noises, and filling the entire plane with such a ghastly smell… Oh, my poor boys.

One thing I must say, I am genuinely very impressed by the technological advances of air sick bags. Those flimsy paper bags? They don’t leak! They don’t lose their shape! They can hold up to 2 cups of watery stuff without losing their structural integrity! Hasn’t modern day travel come a long way.

There was not a drop of spew on their t-shirts, the airplane blankets, the seats. And most importantly… there was no spew on me.

When they were done, the plane had landed.

Hello Singapore! We brought gifts!

I was holding FOUR FRICKING BAGS OF PUKE and calling out to the air stewards – “UMM, EXCUES ME! I NEED SOME HELP HERE!” The bags sloshed around dangerously as I tried to press the HELP button with my elbow.

By now the other passengers were starting to stand and open the overhead compartments. People were flowing out of their seats into the aisles! Oh no what was I going to do? I was trapped with my bags of vomit!

Thankfully, I found a plastic bag (that held a plane blanket) and carefully placed all the paper bags into the plastic bag, knotted up the top and left it on the seat.

It was our gift to air travel :P

Bags of Spew