Omg, Just Look Away

Three Boys on the Jetty

I found this photo of my boys – taken 2 years ago, while we were enjoying an afternoon at the Perth Cultural Centre.

Yep, there on the small boardwalk, all my boys decide to take a closer look at the water.

Yes yes, it’s cute and all. Boys being adventurous and curious and magical.

But hello! I’m their mother and I am constantly filled with love and irritation.

This is what I have to live with everyday!

The funniest thing about this photo… is that they are still exactly the same, 2 years on. Still up to silly things and freaking out their poor old mum.

Do they ever grow out of it?!

Habbot Shoes: 50% Off Shoe Sale

habbot AW13 Sale

I’ve been seriously lusting after a couple of shoes from Habbot.

Silver leather! Oxblood leather! Moss green and polka dots! Eeeee so pretty!

Made in Italy, French in style, designed in Australia… starting from $90. This is good stuff, people.

Looking for a dress shoe to go with jeans? Or want a colour that works well with black, navy blue and grey?

Yes a black shoe is versatile and classic, and brown shoes have their place, but for a lot of people, oxblood dress shoes are the essential part of their wardrobe.

Why? Firstly because oxblood is versatile – it goes well with a range of colours. And it can add a splash of colour to a more neutral outfit. In the photo below, look at how these oxblood loafers add visual interest to the outfit.

The Oxblood color has been around a long time. Some people put it in the same group with burgundy and maroon. You can find great shoes at

The blood of an ox was used originally as a pigment to dye leather. As it oxidised and aged its colour would change and darken to a deeper shade of reddish brown with a purple or blue undertone.

There are different shades of oxblood, from lighter to more reddish blue colours. Generally the darker, deeper shades are the best and are more dressy. Lighter shades are ok for more casual outfits. Oxblood, burgundy and maroon are all in the same tonal area. Some definitions say that oxblood is red with a little blue in the mix, and maroon is red with a llittle dark brown. Maroon may therefore tone better with a brown suit. Oxblood is also associated with cordovan, although this is more correctly refers to equine leather taken from horses.

Check it out here – 50% off shoe sale at Habbot.

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If only I can pay them to babysit

Liam Making Masks

Meet Bluey and Brownie.

These two clowns are my 4 year old’s favourite toys. He plays with them everyday… and brings a lot of life and character to them. Possibly too much.

There is not a day goes by that I have to endure their annoying peculiarities and demands.

Yes these silly stuffed toys tell me (interpreted by Liam) that they don’t feel like eating yoghurt and pear today. They want to eat marshmallows dipped in chocolate. With skewer sticks. And on the ends of the skewer sticks, there has to be a flag, with red and yellow stripes. Actually Bluey wants purple and pink stripes on his flag thanks. And if I could cut the corners off the flag to make it more like a triangular flag, that would make Bluey really happy.

I often imagine that when the kids go to sleep at night, Bluey and Brownie are a pair of grumpy old men, who once were part of a one-hit-wonder, teenage boy band. Immature, dickhead divas, who complain a lot.

Most times, I just want to unceremoniously tie them up in a plastic bag and toss them into the bin.

Liam Making Masks

But alas, Liam absolutely adores them and spends a lot of his play time with them.

He takes them on adventures and pretend outings. He makes things for them. He even takes the time to introduce new toys to them slowly and carefully, as to not upset them.

Liam Making Masks

Part of me can’t help but think of the animated movie, Toy Story… and the whole idea of growing up, and how you regard the things of your past as you move on.

For me, I love these silly photos and am already smiling with sweet nostalgia.

1 Vote = $1 Donated to Cancer Research

Rockingham Celebrity Styling Charity FundraiserHi everyone! Just a reminder for you to vote for me!

Voting ends this Thursday.

Last week I wrote about my new Celebrity Styling Charity Fundraiser Project that I’ve been involved in.

I’ve been chosen to be 1 of 7 West Australian celebrities to put together a winter outfit to raise money for 7 different charities.

If you vote for a celebrity’s outfit, Rockingham Shopping Centre will donate $1 to the celeb’s chosen charity and YOU go into a draw to win $150.

And even better, if your celeb’s outfit receives the most number of votes, you go into the draw to win $1,000!

Voting ends 5pm THIS Thursday 27 June 2013.

Please vote for me here!

All you have to do is leave your name, email, suburb and postcode. It takes less than a minute!

Rockingham Celebrity Styling Charity Fundraiser
Some details of my chosen outfit.

Lace skirt from Dotti ($9.95), monochrome metallic clutch from Valley girl ($16.95).

Rockingham Celebrity Styling Charity Fundraiser

I love these T-bar studded shoes from Novo ($79.95)

By the way, you can vote as many times as you want but are limited to once per day, per celebrity.

According to the terms and conditions, anyone (from anywhere in the world) can vote, but if you win the $1000 (or $150) gift card, it is only for spending at Rockingham Shopping Centre. So I guess you have to be a resident of Western Australian. Or at least, have a friend who lives here :)

Thank you thank you thank you!!


Out To the Movies With My Goat

I went out on a date night to the movies with my husband. No he wasn’t the goat.

What I wore to The Great Gatsby Screening

We went to see a special screening of The Great Gastby… and I took the opportunity to embrace the whole “Roaring 1920s” fashion.

I wore my hair slicked back, wore big jewelled earrings, a sequin dress and a white faux far coat.

When my 4 year old son saw me, he laughed out loud and asked me WHY ARE YOU WEARING A GOAT TO THE MOVIES?!?

I enjoyed Baz’s fairytale interpretation of the story and I really enjoyed it as a magnificent, mesmerising and visual spectacle.

Sequin dress by Beauties Closet
Faux fur coat by GUSET (from YesStyle)
Snakeskin clutch by Michael Kors
Nude heels from ASOS

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