An Evening With Flannel

Whenever I hear about fashion shows that stray from the traditional catwalk format, I always roll my eyes – whether it’s Chanel’s 2010 ice berg, or more recently, Louis Vuitton’s 2012 steam train – I’m no expert fashion editor, but I question whether “the show” is really all about the clothes, or is it’s just for entertainment’s sake.

Flannel SS12

With that in mind, I went to see Flannel’s Spring Summer 2012/13 collection, Neronis, styled by former Vogue fashion editor, Meg Gray.

The event was a 3 course sit-down dinner, combined with a fashion show – where the models posed on small sets of furniture during  pre-dinner drinks and then showed off the rest of the collection while walking around the diners.

Flannel SS12

The venue was wonderfully decorated. I walked around and I felt like I was in a movie set or a period play… and I could really feel the anticipation of something really exciting about to happen.

Flannel SS12

I really enjoyed the rich visual styling, evoking feelings of a bygone era. The lighting and mood was gorgeous, the flowers, armchairs, lamps, rugs, mirrors – all deliciously romantic and elegant.

Flannel SS12 - Photo By Dan Boud
(Photo by Dan Boud)

And the clothes were beautiful.

Flannel’s designer, Kirsty Lawrence presented us with beautiful lace dresses, sequined kimonos, silky gowns, feathered details, flowing pants, all inspired by the 1920s circus girl. The colour palette was full of creams, mints, corals, metallics, with black.

It was such a pleasure to watch the models elegantly standing around, delicately perched on the furniture, gracefully walking between tables and chairs… and showing off the clothes.

My favourites were the lace dresses.

Flannel SS12 - Stefan Gosatti
(Photo by Stefan Gosatti)

So I take it back. I thoroughly enjoyed the theatrics of the show! I loved that it was different. It worked brilliantly as part of a fashion show. And everyone remembered it and everyone raved about it.

It was a unique fashion experience… and now I’m super keen to pop into a store and try on some clothes from the collection.

Unfortunately I wasn’t given a seat at a dinner table, because bloggers were invited as a media photographer and not guests. That wasn’t a problem at all, because it was nice to move around during the show. I stayed for pre-dinner drinks, saw part of the show, then left early… because I was so hungry, and it was really awkward standing around while other people ate!

Flannel’s philosophy is Paris meets New York for the Australian lifestyle. They don’t have an e-store but you can pop over to the Flannel website and see the new collection.

All I got was this poo covered egg

Chicken Coop Egg

My parents have been overseas for 4 weeks. They are travelling and cruising (in a ship!) around Italy, Spain, France, London – with a whole bunch (like 16 of them) of their childhood friends! I’m terribly jealous!

Anyway, my parents have 7 chickens living in their backyard.

My parents also have lovely neighbours who feed those chickens on alternate days. While I pop over to feed them every other day.

I usually drag my 3 year old son along for an adventure of “Feeding The Chickens”. He is always excited about the chickens, but he also is utterly terrified of them.

Well, yesterday I was trying to collect an egg from the chicken coop. It was in the furthest corner of the shelter, covered under a pile of hay. I crept into the shadowy, smelly, hay-strewn, poo-covered, wooden cave.

I took two steps in. I was holding onto an inner frame of the hut with one hand. I carefully balanced on one foot, stooped down like a ballerina to scoop up the egg with my other hand. When Liam SLAMMED the door shut behind me! The latch flew up and caught into its lock.


I was standing on one foot, holding onto a wall with one hand and an egg in the other one hand. It was ridiculous!


He replied, “Because the chickens were trying to escape! You were letting them out!”

“No I wasn’t!! I was trying to get the egg!”

“The chickens were escaping!!!”

“THEY ARE NOT ESCAPING! Now say you’re sorry and open the door!!!!”

“NO! The chickens will come out if I open the door!!

Our pointless shouting went back and forth like that for a good 5 minutes. And he refused to unlock the door because he was mad at me.


Oh boy was I mad! While standing on one foot!

OK I probably could have placed the egg carefully on the ground, dodged all the crazy chickens. Regained my balance, back up into the doorway and unlatched the door myself.

But I was so angry… (and I didn’t want to step on chicken poo) I wanted HIM to admit that he was wrong, for HIM to open the door and for ME to win on principle.

In the end, I realised that I was the one stuck in the cage.

So I had to suck it up and be all – “Oh sweetie pie, could you just let mummy out and you can have some ice cream?”

I lost. He won.

Welcome to my world of daily battles with a 3 year old.

(At least I do better with my husband. I always win.)

Reminder: $1000 my-wardrobe Giveaway Ends Thursday night!

Yep just a friendly reminder for all those interested – you can win a $1000 voucher to spend at my-wardrobe!

This giveaway is open worldwide, and will end on Thursday, 27 September 2012, 11.59pm (GMT +8).

Go to my giveaway post for more details and to enter.

The lovely team at my-wardrobe sent me a few dresses to review on my blog, and for me to wear to the recent fashion week!

They were such gorgeous dresses and I was terrified that I would spill food, drink, get lipstick marks on them. Thankfully I didn’t!


This first dress is by ACNE (one of my favourite designers!) and the design is exclusive to my-wardrobe.

It’s pretty much a big silky t-shirt dress, with a high round neck and cut-out back. It has some really nice drapes and layers too. You can wear it on it’s own, or with leggings, tucked into jeans, or as I have, belted at the waist.

Because it had a cut-out at the back, I didn’t want my bra to be exposed, so I wore a black camisole underneath and I was snug and warm all night.

I wore it with a rose gold belt from Sportsgirl and green heels from GlamRockChic (which completely lifted the whole outfit!)


Secondly I wore this Just Cavalli dress – which was soooo cool! I love the crazy angry wolf print!

This dress was definitely a loose fit dress, in a shift style. However, I think it was a bit too loose for me. The photo on the left shows the dress as is, it looked a bit shapeless to what I’m used to. But on the photo on the right, I pinned the dress back and it looked much more fitted and flattering for my shape and petiteness.

But really, I loved the print so I would still purchase it and I would get the dress slightly altered.

I received heaps of compliments for both dresses. They were really eye catching and different.

Anyway, all the best to everyone for the giveaway – hope you win, if not, there’s always next time :)


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Sweetness is Forever

With 26 more days until I do my charity fundraising ride, I wanted to share a post from the past.

I wrote it in 2008, four years after my husband was diagnosed with cancer.


Life’s Sweetest Word

22 July 2008

Four years ago, this month, we weren’t in a good place.

My husband was battling cancer and underwent his first round of chemotherapy. It was an aggressive form of cancer, resistant to chemo, and there was no guarantee of success. We had a 2 year old kid, and we just got news that we were expecting another baby.

Every July that comes and goes, I sit and make myself remember it all.

I remember the bleakness. I remember driving through rain, towards the hospital, walking through a car park littered with leaves. I remember the smell of the corridors. The sounds of the machines and medicines. I remember having no joy in my spirit.

I remember trying to live – one day at the time. Having to concentrate on just getting through that single day. It was too painful to think about the future, or life. I would crumble at the thought of how the little things would never be the same – a family picnic in the park, a trip to the beach, a cup of tea at a cafe.

I remember thinking that I might lose my best friend. That my children might not remember who their father was. That I would be sitting in our house, with every single object around me, reminding me of the man I love. That I might forget his face.

I remember the sheer focus and mental discipline that was needed to stop myself from going mad. The thousands of terrible and depressing thoughts, raining relentlessly in my head, images I couldn’t stop, clouding my view, gripping, choking, dragging me down to that deep, dark place.

I remember faith. Holding on to this really huge floating thing that kept my head above the water. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it, nor why I was doing it at the time, but it was big, much bigger than me, and it worked.

I remember the helplessness. I remember I couldn’t do a single thing to change anything. Nothing. Just hopelessness. Emptiness. And heart-wrenching sadness.

Then I snap out of it.

I sit back from my awful recollection, I look at myself – here – in the present.

And I think, Oh my God, how did we escape that one?

Did that really happen? Am I REALLY sitting here with my healthy husband and not one son, but TWO sons running around outside, throwing leaves at each other in the garden? With everyone smiling and laughing and happy as can be?

Why did things turn out like this? What on earth did I do to deserve it?

I’ve come to realise that concepts like “fate” and “destiny” are meaningless to me.

Whereas I discover one of life’s sweetest words – grace.

It heals all that is broken inside me, and makes me want to change my life. To live the best I can. With purpose. With significance. With gratitude. With happiness.


And now back to 2012.

My husband survived that battle with cancer. Now there are THREE sons!

He/We were lucky…no question, very lucky. But what made that luck possible, gave him a CHANCE at luck, was that before he got sick, a lot of smart medical people had done the research to know what was the best thing to do.

And my friend Claire, who died earlier this year, died because not enough research had been done.

And that’s why I’m riding, and a lot of other people are riding. And if you make a donation, you’ll be riding with me too, to help clever people find the answers that one day might make you, me, and the people we love, lucky too.

Make a difference?

Morrison SS12 Runway Show

Morrison SS12

I had the pleasure of attending the Morrison SS12 Runway Show, a celebration of their 10 year anniversary.

For my international readers, Morrison is one of Western Australia’s most prominent labels, known for their high-quality garments, their classic and effortless styles, and their love for all things organic and nature inspired. It’s heavenly to walk into a Morrison store!

They are most notably respected for all their many business and design awards, and the fact that their garments are designed and produced in-house, in Australia.

I’ve met husband and wife, Richard and Kylie, the duo behind the label, and they are absolutely lovely and gracious people (with 2 cute boys!). If you’re interested, I’ve written about the Morrison fashion store and online shop here, and I’ve also worn and reviewed their clothes in this post.

Morrison SS12

I had an amazing seat for the show – the girly fashionista in me was squealing with excitement, but the professional blogger part of me was tsk-tsking me because I didn’t bring my big DSLR camera. Instead I took snaps with my iphone (so I could upload them live to instagram) which was lots more fun!

I adored this green palm print on this dress. The print also came out on some Bermuda shorts, which looked totally cool!

Morrison SS12

There were a lot of garments on show, but these were my favourites. A black leather gown (how effortlessly luxe does that look?!), a white puff cocktail dress (so cute!), and this peplum evening gown (structured and sophisticated).

The show was definitely more of a “spectacular runway show”, with styling that was more dressy and formal.

However if you walked into a Morrison store (or took a peek at the Morrison eboutique) the majority of the clothes are more on the casual, everyday side. Loose fitting tops and flowy dresses, relaxed shorts and pants – all in luxurious fabrics, all gorgeously crafted, and yes, all effortlessly stylish.

I would kill to own a pair of their relaxed linen shorts or leather pants for this summer!