Clutch by Mr Michael Kors

Michael Kors Clutch

Most of you might know that I adore my Asian fashion shopping – in particular, I really enjoy shopping at YesStyle. There are hundreds of popular fashion brands from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China… all in one online shop.

Well,  just recently they have included a Limited Range of Designer Bags, at up to 50% off. You can pick up a handbag by Burberry, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, or Lanvin at a special discounted price.

Michael Kors Clutch

And yes, I chose this yummy Michael Kors Berkley Clutch (as a gift), featuring patent snakeskin print leather and gold tone handle.

It’s a great size as an evening clutch – perfect for my purse, phone, mini-camera and lip stick.

I’ll be using it this weekend in fact!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Hello $10,000

I have some AMAZING NEWS!!

Fundraising for my Ride to Conquer Cancer Event has gone extraordinarily well. I have currently raised $9,944!! Which means I need something like $56 to get me to my goal of $10,000! YEEEHA!

I’m so excited and thrilled… I feel an explosive combination being overjoyed from the bottom of my heart and being totally crazy scared!

It’s an incredible feeling to have a dream, set a goal, and now be so so so close to reaching it. I’m grateful, humbled, relieved and still very driven and focused to make a big difference.

I have decided to raise my goal to $15,000 now, because I feel that I can still do even more fundraising work. There is so much work to be done to defeat cancer, I just can’t sit back now and say “I’m done”.

Anyway, to celebrate, I thought I would share this picture.

Cycling 100km

I rode my first 100kms (all in one go) the other day!

Yes, I rode my bike until it was 99.98km and walked for 20m until my clock ticked over to the big 100. Woooot!

To put this into perspective, my cycling event in October is 200km over 2 days, so I’m halfway there, kind of! (Riding 100 km for two days back to back is bound to be much more difficult!)

Thank you to all the kind, wonderful, generous people who have made a donation to this worthy cause so far. Your support means so much to me, thank you.

If you are interested in supporting my ride, you can go to my donations page and make any donation amount you wish – $20, $50, $100, $500! You can leave a public message, or a personal message to me, or just do it anonymously. And you get a receipt, so you can claim this against your tax.

The money goes immediately and directly to cancer research.

Thank you for your support.

And if you’re interested, you can read the rest of my Fundraising Ride Stories here.

Stephie’s Shop

Stephie’s Shop

I’d love to introduce you to a lovely online boutique that I’m quite taken with… it’s called Stephie’s Shop.

Their clothes are stylish, understated, sophisticated and polished, yet still with playful and fashion forward details. The garments are of a good quality, yet very affordable.

You can find lots of stylish work dresses, tops that are perfect for going out or for the weekend, nice skirts for mixing and matching, and some great accessories.

The boutique has been around for 4 years, they are very popular, they add new stock items every day… and they have recently launched their own label, specially designed for their boutique.

For the outfit above, I’m wearing little Cream Lace Shorts from Stephie’s Shop. Unfortunately they are sold out now. You have to get in quick :)

(Blouse is from Frockaholics.)

Stephie’s Shop

I also chose this top and skirt.

The top is the Floral Vivid Imagery Top, with a flattering cut, V neck and puffy sleeves. I really like it because it’s so simple, yet looks great with all kinds of different bottoms (shorts, skirts, jeans and pants)

Stephie’s Shop

I styled up the top in a FLORAL ON FLORAL outfit. As crazy as it looks, it was such a fun and loud combination to wear!

I also wore it with my lemon yellow jeans and nude heels.

Stephie’s Shop

The next item was the Perfect Peplum Skirt. And yes it was quite perfect!

A twist on a pencil skirt, the peplum creates a gorgeous hourglass silhouette and adds a fun, flirty detail to an otherwise plain outfit.

The skirt is made from a heavy, thick material, but still soft and stretchy. It has a zip at the back and a slight stretch to the waistband, which made it very comfortable, fitted and not constricting. It fit me very nicely. The length was great too.

They have international shipping and a super friendly customer care team, to deal with any returns or issues you might have.

Do check out their New Arrivals section, as they are always adding new items to the collection. They are definitely one of my new favourite online shops!

Enjoy browsing or shopping!

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Death of the Whale

The other day we went to our friend’s son’s 4th birthday party.

It was set in a beautiful park, on a sunny winter day. There were lots of families and children invited… there was a huge playground, a large sandpit, a big grassy field, a table full of yummy party food, chairs, rugs and balloons. It was really lovely.

I brought all 3 of my kids to the party and they had a great time eating coloured popcorn and playing on the climbing equipment.

Half way through the party, my friends – the hosts of the party – started to set up a pinata. A cute cartoon killer whale pinata.

I looked around at the guests and children and I noticed that my 2 big children (aged 9 and 7) were the biggest kids at the party.

Uh oh.

My boys behave wonderfully at parties for little children, but if you give them a stick to hit things with… things can get a bit crazy.

Whale Pinata

After the whale was set up, all the tiny kids had a go, starting with the youngest. And because they were so young, there was no blindfold. Each kid tapped the pinata with the wooden stick – watching it spin around and around. They were really cute and it was fun to watch them have such a good time.

But I had to hold my 2 big boys back by their t-shirt collars, as they jumped and writhed with excitement – like wild, hunting dogs ready to be let loose. They knew they could do better!

When it was finally my boys’ turn… my 7 year old gave the pinata 5 good whacks. Each time, he smashed it so hard that the sound echoed around the park. On his last hit, he whacked the pinata SO HARD, that the tip of the stick broke off and created a sharp, splintered, menacing spike. Then he began to stab the spike into the body of the whale, like a caveman with a spear, making perfect holes through the cardboard.

THEN my 9 year old grabbed the spear and tried thrusting it in a more ninja style, hoping to get the stick completely through to the other side, so he could use his body weight to pull the spear downwards and tear the cardboard apart in a slicing motion. As he did so, the string broke, and the whale fell to the ground. He tore it open with the spike and the ground was sprayed with a glorious rainbow of lollies and lollypops. All the children shrieked with delight and picked up a cup full of sugary treats.

Everyone thought it was HILARIOUS to watch.


Oh. My. God. I WAS MORTIFIED. I was so *deeply embarrassed* that my sons were so feral and wild!!! That they were *so good* at destroying things with confidence and style!!! What would other parents think?? What kind of mother am I?? What kind of hobbies do I let my sons get into?? I wanted to shout out to everyone “My sons have never actually killed any animals in their life, really!!”

I was proud but ashamed at the same time. I was delirious and dismayed. I just stood there a little stunned and managed to force myself to laugh.

Whale Pinata

My boys gathered 6 cups of lollies between them. I told them they could only have 1 cup each.

So they scooted off to the side of the beautiful, tranquil lake to sort, distribute and pick out the best of their prize.

I love my boys, but holycrap their BOYISHNESS freaks me out sometimes.

At least they will survive if they are ever stranded in the wilderness.

The World’s Longest Running Show

The other day I went to an Opening Night Premier for The Mousetrap, a classic Agatha Christie murder mystery.

The show is celebrating its 60th Anniversary, since first opening in London’s West End in 1952. It has been performed over 24,000 times and has been seen by 10 million people!

It is said to be the world’s longest running show – which made me think, I have to see it!

The Mousetrap 2012
Image by James Morgan

I haven’t seen a stage production in years, so this was a brilliant return for me.

The performances were amazing, a plot was superb, it had me guessing the whole way… it was so much fun :)

The Mousetrap 2012

It was held at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth City.

I’ve seen so many performances in this beautiful old theatre, it was nice to be back, sitting in the red velvet stalls, soaking up the atmosphere.

The Mousetrap 2012

And this was my outfit for the evening. I was also wearing yellow shoes and a white fur coat.

Perhaps the most special part of the show was the surprise ending… which the performers asked everyone in the audience to keep a secret! So no “WHODUNIT” spoilers from me!

The show runs in Perth from 14 August – 26 August
His Majesty’s Theatre
825 Hay Street, Perth
Tickets BOCS Ticketing

Then it heads over to Melbourne, Adelaide, then Wellington (New Zealand).

You can check out the Mousetrap Australian Tour website here.