I Am Forever Twelve

Kids Sneakers

My kids are growing up fast.

Every new season they get bigger and bigger, while my size and height remain in a frozen state of twelve-year-oldness.

On the left, are my 7 yo’s shoes. Kids size 2, with messy laces and odd socks, of course

In the middle, are my 9 yo’s shoes. Kids size 3, with perfectly tied shoe laces and matching socks.

On the right, are my shoes. Adult ladies size 5.

I’m not looking forward to the day my boys grow taller than me.

Abi and Joseph Jackets and Gym Wear

I have some fabulous new updates from Abi and Joseph to share with you today!

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Abi and Joseph

First I want to talk about this cool Supplex Mesh Bomber Jacket.

The “Sports Luxe” look is one of the hottest looks of the season… and this graphite and yellow jacket is absolutely swoon worthy.

It is made from Supplex Mesh which has breathable, flexible and moisture wicking qualities. It’s perfect for throwing over your gym clothes when you head out to the gym. And also looks great when worn with everyday outfits (jeans or shorts) I simply love my outfits from https://www.ryderwear.com/collections/womens-sports-bras.

I love it because it’s light to wear, it’s a great cover-up before and after workouts and it looks awesome! Love that yellow trim – matches my shoes!

Abi and Joseph

Here’s a close up of the jacket. And what it looks like zipped up.

I’m also wearing a yellow Pilates and Yoga Bra, made from luxe Italian Lycra, with a comfy T-back style (so you can wear it with racer back tops). Comes in black, navy, coffee, purple, pink and yellow. Visit Strong Chap website to find the best gear to keep fit at home.

Abi and Joseph

This is the Cotton Bomber Jacket, in Pink.

This jacket is made in Australia, made from 100% cotton, so it’s super comfy and feels really nice to wear. It’s great for yoga, pilates, working out, travel and everyday wear.

I like the vibrant pink and the design is eye catching!

Abi and Joseph

Again here’s a close up and what it looks like zipped up.

It’s a good fit for me, snug and close to the body, not baggy. I’m wearing the XS for both jackets.

Abi and Joseph

THIS is the Hooded Vuelta Zip Jacket!

It is pretty amazing – made from Italian Vuelta (soft, comfy, warm, lightweight, breathable, pilling resistant, thermal protection, and anti-bacterial!). It has a classic and simple design, perfect worn for weekend, gym or travel wear.

It’s gorgeous! I love that it’s warm (kind of like a light fleece lining) yet breathable. And it has a lovely sheen on the fabric making it look a little more sophisticated than an average “casual” cotton jacket.

It’s also an XS, but its fit is a little more relaxed.

Abi and Joseph

And here are some super cool coloured tops available from Abi and Joseph. They are all super luxe, super soft, comfortable, high quality, stretchy, thick and strong fabric.

I like them because I can just wear a sports bra underneath and the fabric is not see-through at all. I can layer them easily, they don’t have loud/tacky logos, and I can wear them as everyday wear.

AND I love them because… after I hand wash them and dry them flat, I don’t need to iron them. I just pop them on and the creases just stretch out (haha I mean, who wants to iron workout gear??).

(And remember you can get 10% off with my discount code!)

From left –

MINT Body Top 3/4 Sleeve
This is a gorgeous colour! You could wear this to the gym or throw on some jeans or a pretty skirt and wear it out as everyday wear. Comes in heaps of different colours too.

This is a XS, but I found that it was a little roomy (a tiny bit big at the underarms). I’m a size 6, so I think this style in XS would fit someone who is a size 8 better.

YELLOW Cap Sleeve Tee
This tee is a XS and it fits me perfectly. It’s got an amazing stretch and I love wearing it. I already have a grey and white tee in this style.

TANGERINE Viscose Hoody
I already have this Hoody in a Graphite colour and it’s my favourite go-to workout top to throw on when the weather is slightly cool. This tangerine colour is a hot new season colour and it’s so vibrant and delicious!

BLUE Viscose Hoody
This blue hoody is also a new colour in the range. You can also get it in Mint, Pistachio, Lilac and Graphite.


Happy shopping everyone!!!

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Dressing for a Mad Men Party

I was recently invited to a sophisticated, adults-only, Mad Men themed dinner party.

By “adults only”, I mean there were no children there. It was a sit down dinner with cocktails to start, a delicious 4 course dinner made in the kitchen by a private chef, and lots of enjoyable adult conversations.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard about it, Mad Men is a TV drama series set in New York in the early 1960s. It is particularly adored because of it’s 50s and early 60s fashion and style, with its leading women all impeccably dressed.

And thus my biggest dilemma was – what do I wear??

Mad Men Images

What is the Mad Men style? Skirts are knee-lenth, full circle (flare style) or pencil style.

Necklines are circle scoop, wide v-necked or high boat-neck.

Waists are nipped in to show off an hour glass figure.

Heels are small. Toes are usually pointed.

Hair styles are short, curled, and brushed to one side.

Mad Men Images

I found lots of gorgeous photos and inspiration from the Mad Men website, but I didn’t have many things in my own wardrobe that I thought were fitting for a great outfit.

Mad Men Images

I wanted pay homage to the period and at least to do justice to the amazing style. But I had a fashion block!

I whinged at my husband for a few days, and did the whole “OH WOE I HAVE A WARDROBE FULL OF CLOTHES BUT I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!”

So my husband tried to help and sent me this still image from the TV show.

Mad Men Images

Ironically I did have all the bits and pieces in my wardrobe for a Playboy bunny outfit. Even the ears and cuffs. But er,  wrong party!

In the end, I put together a few bits and pieces – a fine knit sweater top, with a full circle skirt, pointed toe shoes, pearls and a faux fur coat of the period.

Mad Men Party - Karen Cheng

This is me and my piña colada (not very New York, but hey, I’m no cocktail police) and some of my lovely friends dressed to impress.

We had an amazing time! 10 of us sat around the dinner table and chatted and laughed all night long! We had a smashing time.

Thanks so much to my wonderful host, Dave and Amanda!

(All images from www.amctv.com. Except the one of me kissing the piña colada.)

Camouflaged for Pink Sunsets

My two big boys (aged 9 and 7) are at an age where they are really INTO BOY THINGS.

They are also at an age where they have an adequate attention span to engage in complicated long-term projects. For example, Exhibit A.


This is a BAe Sea Harrier FRS1. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s just a model airplane.

It cost $24. It has lots of intricate plastic bits that break off and fit together, it needs special glue, special brushes and special paint.

Putting it together requires a particular order of steps. You have to build some parts first, then paint other parts, then glue some other parts together, then paint more parts, while fixing other parts… blah blah blah.

My boys LOVE it.

They even tell me facts like – Did you know that the bottom of a real plane was painted sky blue, so that when the enemies looked up from below, the plane would be CAMOUFLAGED?

Anyway, this whole model airplane thing is a toddler nightmare. My two older children can only work on their planes (with their dad) while I take the toddler out for a couple of hours.

However after three 4 hour sessions of model fixing, my toddler had worked out that he was missing out big-time on this airplane business. And he started to whinge A LOT.


So look! I bought a cheapo plane from the $2 Shop.

My husband was appalled by the poor imitation and my lack of plane propriety.

I rubbed it in further, “It says on the packet that it’s a SKY SOLDIER! It *must* be more superior than your Sea Harrier!”


I also bought some special paint!

A bit of white and a bit of red, to make my 3 year old’s favourite colour.

He was in kindergarten heaven.


The end result!

It isn’t exactly a threatening military force of the air.

But hey, it made everybody smile.

A beautiful morning for remembering

Breakfast Mother's Day 2012

Last Sunday I woke up at 6am. It was Mother’s Day.

I turned my alarm off and sat up in bed. I blinked and saw that it was pitch black outside. The street lights were still on. The stars were still out in the sky.

I got up and changed into my running gear, in the dark. I ate my usual breakfast, but in the dark.

I tiptoed around the house so I wouldn’t wake up my children.

I think celebrating motherhood on a special day is a beautiful thing. And this day, I wanted to celebrate it in a special way.

I grabbed my keys, my rain jacket and snuck out of the house before anyone else woke up.

Mother's Day Classic 2012

And this is where I went.

A friend and I (Hi Nellie!) participated in an event called the Mother’s Day Classic – a walk or run around the city, dedicated to women affected by or living with breast cancer.

We were walking for our beautiful friend Claire, who died last month.

We were thinking about her husband and 3 children, and sending them a little prayer from our hearts.

Mother's Day Classic 2012

This is me in PINK! Supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

As I was walking towards the finish line, I noticed that some participants pinned tributes onto the back of their t-shirts. It was just a piece of paper with the names of people who have lost their lives.

And I saw one young lady who had 4 names printed on her back.

Part of me gulped in pain, but the other half was so moved that this young woman was here. On this walk.

It struck me… that in a way, these 4 names were brought back to life, their lives were celebrated in this young woman’s heart… and I thought… when the time comes, when I pass from this world, who will wear my name on their back? Who will remember what a kind of person I was? Who will hold me in their heart forever?

Yeah, I had a bit of a heavy, emotional moment as I crossed the finish line.

Standing under the early morning sky. Dewy grass making my shoes wet. Cold air making my cheeks red. Surrounded by thousands of people… all remembering their mother or wife or sister or friend. All looking beyond ourselves, all remembering others. And all inspired to love and live each day a little bit better.

It was a really beautiful way to celebrate being a mother, and woman.