My White Table

My White Table

I found this little white table about 3 years ago.

Someone was throwing it out and left it next to their driveway. I picked it up, carried it home, got rid of all the spiders and gave it a good clean.

It’s my favourite little table now, and one of my extra-special corners in my home. Filled with objects that only I’m allowed to place there.

I love the mix of white-washed neutral colours and natural textures.

I love the objects filled with memories – the little bird nest, the beautiful piece of driftwood, the special candle holder.

It makes me smile – every day.

Florals, Leopard and Pastels

Outfit: Floral pants

This new season, printed pants have become very popular. I reckon it’s an awesome trend, because it’s so bold, daring and FUN!!

Check these babies out! They are floral pants from ASOS, and they scream SPRIIIING!!

Pants: ASOS
Tank: Rick Owens from The Outnet
Ring: Diva and Wanderlust and Co
Shoes: ASOS

Outfit: Leopard pants

I’ve had these skinny leopard print pants for a while now (since last August?). They kind of got lost in my wardrobe, and I recently rediscovered them again. Looking forward to giving them a better run around when the weather cools down.

Pants: Yesstyle
Tee: T by Alexander Wang from Shopbop
Shoes: Sportsgirl

Outfit: Pastels

I also dug up another treasure!

I bought a lilac Prada silk top age while ago from ebay, I wore it a few times, but then it got lost beneath my brighter coloured tops.

I pulled it out again, because I wanted to wear it with my rose pink tulip skirt.

Camisole: Prada
Skirt: Forever New
Rings: Wanderlust and Co
Snake bracelet: Forever New
Leopard shoes: Nude

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I Want Swim Toilet

My husband and I are attempting to teach our kids how to speak Mandarin Chinese. The problem is that we don’t speak it ourselves.

Progress has been slooooooow… until my husband decided to “incentivise” the boys’ efforts. They no longer get pocket money for doing their household jobs – putting out the rubbish, folding the laundry, or cleaning the toilet. They still do those jobs, but now it’s for love (or to get dinner!)

Instead, they can only make money by speaking a Chinese phrases.

They get a $1 for the first three times they use a new word, and then they get another $1 for the first three times they use it in a new phrase. The system is a bit complicated, but it works for us. They are happy and we are happy.

Plus, all the money goes into a piggy bank, as they are saving up for some kind of digital device.

We’ve started with simple words and phrases, that we use all the time, like:

Goodbye, good night, thank you, excuse me. I like school. This is RED. I want to go for a swim. I want to go to the toilet. Can I have some ice cream?

However, desperate for more money, my boys started to get clever AND desperate with what little they knew. And strung together a few of their own phrases.

“I want swim toilet”

“I want eat toilet!”

“May we play with Mummy’s car?”

And even:

“Mummy may we eat little brother?”.

I guess it is progress – of a kind.

My husband likes to reward the kids for their ingenuity, but I’m not so impressed.

I’m not looking forward to the moment when they learn the Chinese words for various toilet activities and private body parts.

That’s all I need!

Bum jokes in grammatically incorrect Mandarin, spoken with a strong Australian accent!

Blueberry Pancakes with Ice Cream

Blueberry Pancakes with Ice Cream

My 6 year old and I made these pancakes on the weekend! Haha they were not very healthy, but they were *a very yummy treat* for the kids on a Sunday morning.

They were the best and easiest berry + pancake recipe I’ve tried to date.

I’ve modified it to suit my own taste, of course!

Blueberry Pancakes with Ice Cream

1 egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
1.5 cups of milk (or 375ml)
2 cups of self raising flour
¼ teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
1 cup of blueberries, or raspberries, or mixed berries
1 knob of butter for frying

1) Whisk together egg, vanilla essence and milk.
2) In another bowl, sift flour and bicarb soda.
3) Pour egg and milk mixture into flour mixture. Then add berries.
4) Stir until *just combined*
5) Heat butter in the pan, and fry up until golden brown on both sides.

Makes about 12 (when each pancake is about 10cm across)

If you eat it with ice cream, you definitely don’t need any sugar added to the mixture.

But if like to eat them by themselves, then add ¼ cup of sugar.

Sparkling it up at the WA Fashion Awards 2012

Thursday evening was the night of nights for the West Australian fashion industry!

Several hundred designers, models, sponsors, retailers, media and fashionistas hit the GPO Building in the city and celebrated in style!

Those affiliated with the Perth Fashion Festival were able to peer-vote for the year’s most innovative designer, best runway model, accessory designer, best fashion creative, best boutique, best fashion blogger and more.

Sparkling it up at the WA Fashion Awards 2012

Usually, this annual event is a sit-down dinner, ball style, where everyone sits in tables of 10. But this year was a bit different, as they decorated the venue in lovely French chic style, with antique furniture, chandeliers, birdcages, roses, velvets and fur rugs. It was very pretty and unusual.

The whole floor was set up with little lounge areas, where people could hang out and mingle.

Some people commented that the setting was too informal for such an important occasion, but I REALLY liked it. I think it made for a more enjoyable time. It allowed us to move around and mingle A LOT.

I actually had a bit of wardrobe drama over this event.

In my heart of hearts I wanted to wear something by a local designer, or buy something from a local boutique to support the WA industry. But I was so bloody busy leading up to the event that I didn’t have time to find one.

As a backup, I was going to wear a FABULOUS designer dress I had ordered online, but it didn’t arrive on time!! I was pacing around my house in the late afternoon before the event, thinking that maybe the postman might just be running late?! But he never showed up!

ARGH! Thankfully I had a “backup backup” dress!

This sparkle dress, which was already in my wardrobe.

Sparkling it up at the WA Fashion Awards 2012

This is myself and Zara Bryson, winner for the Best Dressed Boutique, standing under the stars outside the GPO Building alongside the red carpet.

We were the only two guests dressed head-to-knee in mega-bling sparkles… so we just *had* to take a photo together. I was a little scared that our dresses would merge into one big shimmer, and that we would be stuck together all night. Like braces?

I felt a *little* guilty for wearing this dress, because everyone else was wearing something far more expensive, fashionista-ish and designery. But holy crap, my dress looked AMAZING!!

So many people walked up to me, complimented me, took my photo and asked me where it was from, or who it was by. And everyone’s mouth dropped open when I saidASOS. Ha! I heart ASOS.

Sparkling it up at the WA Fashion Awards 2012

I didn’t get a chance to take photos with everyone I knew, because my camera battery went flat half way through the night. Silly me.

The evening was great! There were delicious martinis, flowing champagne, a free makeup touch-up service, a live band, tasty nibbles, and gushing award winners.

The only disappointment of the evening was when a couple of hunky firemen popped in (why HELLO there!), and all of us girls hooted with excitement, thinking they were part of the entertainment, and hoped they were about to strip off!

Alas, they were REAL firemen, here because a smoke machine from the stage show that had set off the fire alarm. They turned their backs on hundreds of excited women, and went off to save lives somewhere else. Talk about committed to the job!

Sparkling it up at the WA Fashion Awards 2012

This isn’t actually my drink I am holding. I passed my camera to my friend to take this photo, and she handed me her drink to hold (thanks Lisa!). I was driving, and thus NOT drinking. But I was still intoxicated by the fab night and the company of a whole bunch of gorgeous fashion friends! xxx