A Trip to the Country

This year we went to spend Christmas with my husband’s family.

They live out in the country so we don’t get to see them often. They are an absolute pleasure to be with, so welcoming and so gracious of our noisy, hyper children.

Christmas holiday road trip!

The trip takes about 8 hours in the car. And it is a long, hot journey on the straight, flat West Australian road.

This Christmas, our in laws have decided to sell the family home of 35 years and move down to the city.

There is definitely a strong sense of sadness, finality and mixed feelings in the air. But I guess for me, it’s given me an opportunity to contemplate life, family, hardships, love, promises… and the all the goodness and blessings in my life.

A simple Christmas Eve spread with my in laws.

Christmas this year was a very, very simple and meaningful affair. We didn’t have a stylish tree, or a mountain of presents, or an indulgent dinner, nor copious amounts of sugary treats and alcohol.

I discovered that small country towns have very limited grocery supplies! But I still managed to whip up a lovely Christmas Eve dinner for everyone.

There was a moment in my preparations when I got quite upset because I didn’t have RED Christmas napkins for the table setting. But I quickly learned how to just LET IT GO.

Pretty Christmas rings!

My boys bought me several ring stacks (I drew pictures for them and I was impressed that they found the right ones!).

They also got me an inflatable kayak, but we had to leave that back at home as it wouldn’t fit in the boot of the car.

Enjoying a contemplative sunset jog along a quiet country road.

I’ve been going out for contemplative sunset jogs every evening.

I absolutely love the quiet and the stillness of country roads. I will miss this.

Hello beautiful. Another sunset jog along a country road.

And look who I bumped into during my run.

A beautiful friendly horse, trotted over to me to say hello. Stumbling across animals in the wild is always so cool. (Ok so the horse wasn’t exactly wild, but I did see lots of lizards, rabbits, foxes and thankfully no snakes!)

But most of all, I will miss the star gazing.

The night skies of the country with its glittering blanket of diamonds is the most breathtaking and  romantic sights I’ve ever seen. I will definitely miss this.

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Sunsets To Live For

Clouds at Sunset
Walking hand in hand with my family, under a spectacular setting sun.

Thinking about happiness, love, laughter, good times and being blessed.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas shared with loved ones!!



7am - Cycle By the River

Every second day or so, I wake up early to go for a cycle.

I’m trying to improve my fitness… and it seems to be working.

I ride my same route in less time. And I hurt less after each ride!

Today I realised that the best part of my ride is the view.

The river is beautiful at that time of day.

God I love summer mornings.

During my ride – deep down – I think I’m a terrible cyclist because I’m always looking around.

I TOTALLY have no focus!

I notice the texture of the grass, the way the light hits the leaves, the shape of the gum nuts in the trees, whether the trees have flowered and what species they are, the birds darting across on my left, the number plate of the van that drove past…

It’s visual white noise.

But I love it :)

Attack of the Wonky Mushrooms

Attack of the Wonky Mushrooms

This is very embarrassing.

A few days ago, I discovered that my third child can draw people!

He draws a circle head, two big eyes, two pupils, and two legs sprouting from each head.

Apparently my two older children taught him.


And the kids were all – Yeah yeah, that was so last week mum.


No wonder it’s a stereotype that the last child tends to “get away with everything”. The parents don’t seem to notice what they do! Haha! Oops.