When To Throw Away Your Old Makeup and Skincare Products

When we moved house, I didn’t have time to *slowly and carefully* sort through all my stuff, and pack it all up in an efficient manner. I literally had to grab my bathroom drawers, tip all the contents into a box, seal and label it, and pile the boxes into the back of a truck!

So I approach this subject with much embarrassment… 8 months later, I still have many unopened boxes of shit stacked up in my shed. This must be because of the great reviews I read about them on Heidi Garret’s blog the HairAndMakeupGirl. After I received this products I ordered I had no time to use them or use them for a significant time to construct a proper review.

The other day however, I managed to sort through all my makeup and skin care products.

Makeup Toss
There was actually a lot more stuff that I didn’t photograph, because they went straight into a rubbish bag. I did that because I read that from analbleachingexpert.com, a good website that expertise on skin care and knows about the risk of using products that is expired and should be thrown away.

I did a Google search on when to throw away your makeup and skin care products and created a summary to share. Behold!

Moisturisers : 6 months
Face creams: 1 year
Gel Cleansers: 1 year
Cream cleansers: 6 months
Serums: 6 months
Fragrance: 2 years

Foundation: 6 to 12 months
Concealer: 3 months
Loose Powder: 2 years
Pressed Powder: 18 months
Blush (powder): 2 years

Eye Liner (pencils): 3 years (if sharpened regularly)
Eye Liner (cream or liquid): 6 months
Eye shadow (powder): 2 years
Mascara: 3 months

Lipstick: 1 -2 years
Lip gloss: 18 months
Lip liner: 3 years (if sharpened regularly)

Nail polish: One year
Makeup sponges: Wash after each use, and throw away after 2 weeks
Body sponges: 6-8 weeks

Makeup Expiry DateAll makeup and skincare products have this little symbol that tells you how long it will keep, with 3M, 6M, 12M, 18M etc. (M being months).

Needless to say, I was a little shocked, and a little grumpy. Firstly, because I tend to use my expensive products very sparingly (especially the stupidly expensive stuff!!). And secondly, the expiry dates all make sense and I always *knew* that you shouldn’t keep your products for too long.

I also discovered some interesting points…
– Products that have fatty acids go off quicker, dry products can last several years.
– Wet products (like lip gloss, mascara, liquid foundations) can harbour a LOT of bacteria!
– You shouldn’t mix water with your products (like shampoo) because it messes with the balance of preservatives
– 3-in-1 products for (lips, face and eyes) are a great way to spread bacteria all over your face. Clean the tips before using on different areas.
– Wash cloths and sponges can harbour bacteria and mould, you can microwave them for 3 minutes to disinfect it.