Perth Fashion Festival 2011 – My Lust List

So the fashion festival is over, I’ve sat front row for 10 or so fashion shows (I think)… and oh boy, have I seen a lot of fashion!

I have hundreds of photos still sitting in my camera… but these are the photos that I want to share.

These are the clothes that made my heart skip a beat, and I would go out and buy RIGHT NOW, if I had the money.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Aurelio Costarella

For Aurelio Costarella’s collection, I LOVED how he paired the deep, rich magenta, with a muted lime. That skirt is so mine.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Aurelio Costarella

I could also do with an Aurelio Costarella lime green feather coat too.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Yeo Jin Bae

I adored this skirt, blouse and bikini combo from Yeo Jin Bae.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Story By Tang

I am a bit of a Story by Tang fan, as I have a few of their dresses. These printed shorts are so cool and would find a very good home in my wardrobe.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Poppy Lissiman

Ok I want everything and anything from Poppy Lissiman‘s latest collection. Electric colours and crazy prints. I love.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Aelkemi

I want this dress by Aelkemi.

Perth Fashion Festival 2011 - Aelkemi

And this one too.

I’m a very big fan of Aelkemi, and I seriously had to contain my excitement throughout the show. I was almost squealing from my seat – Oooh I want that dress! Oh that one too! Look at that GREEN! Omg that orange is to die for!

I am totally exhausted, yet buzzing from all the fun and friends :)

Here Be Dragons

I love stumbling across weird and wonderful things in nature.

Seaweed Balls

A few weeks ago, our family drove out to a very, very deserted beach.

Water and sand stretched out in both directions, as far as the eye could see.

And dotted along the shore were these AMAZING looking balls of seaweed twigs.

My husband’s theory was that… from the masses of seaweed that were constantly washed onto the shore… small bundles of seaweed broke off, and were rolled up and down the beach with the waves… creating these beautiful twiggy spheres.

Seaweed Balls

But our kids said they were sea dragon eggs, which had been laid onto the sand.

We found more than 20 of them. From tiny ones the size of apples, to ones bigger than watermelons!

We kicked them down the beach, we threw them into the waves, we rolled them into a line, we even tried to make “snowmen” with them.

And then we chose 5 special, perfectly sphere-shaped ones (for each member of our family) to take home.

They look amazing as a dinner table centre piece.  And every morning, the kids eat breakfast, and joke about when the sea dragon eggs will hatch.

Celebrating Malaysian Cuisine at Ria

For the last of my posts celebrating Malaysian food, courtesy of Malaysian Kitchen, I decided to eat at a more “upmarket” restaurant.

I have never been to Ria Authentic Malaysian Food, in Leederville. They have been open for quite a few years now, and I have heard a lot of good reviews and things about them.

They say they specialise in “authentic home style Malaysian cooking” so I was very curious to try it out.

I went with my husband and 2 other friends. Thankfully I booked a table a few day in advanced, because we arrived to a restaurant that was packed full of people. It was very, very popular.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

We ordered two entrees. The Ria Pork Rib Nibbles in caramelised chilli sauce ($16.50). They were a very tasty. I love pork ribs… especially crispy, salty, tangy, sweet, pork ribs!

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

We also ordered Grilled Squid Skewers with acar (pickle) and chilli jam ($18). The squid was lovely, and even better when mixed with the flavours of the pickle and jam.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

For our first main, we ordered Mum’s Loh Ak (Braised caramelised duck) ($25). The sauce was deep, sweet and salty and it was very yummy. Not to mention the duck meat was lovely, soft and it fell off the bone easily.

We also ordered a Lamb Kari (not pictured) ($23.50) which was Malay-style lamb curry from Johor with potatoes.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food

And my favourite of the lot was the Nyonya Chicken Curry ($22) which completely surprised me, because it tasted almost exactly like how my aunties make their chicken curries.

So the restaurant certainly receives a big tick for authenticity!

We ate it with Roti ($3 each), white rice ($2.50 each) and 4 beers.

In the end, the cost of the meal was $155, which turned out to be about $38 per person.

The ambiance was nice, the service was excellent, the food was great. It was a very good dining experience, I recommend it.

Ria Authentic Malaysian Food
106 Oxford St
Leederville, 6007
(08) 9328 2998

Itching, but still smiling

Karen and Liam (2.5yo) in the grass

A few weeks ago, our family went on a weekend trip away… and this is my little toddler and I, sitting in the middle of a grassy field.

This whole field was covered with very tall weeds. Weeds that were taller than I was!

My 3 children and I played a game where we created a maze in the tall grass and chased each other around, until we laughed ourselves silly and fell over.

The sun set and threw a golden light over the whole meadow. We were panting and giggling and itching and glowing.

It was beautiful.