Mastering the Art

Mastering the Art

It’s usually quite difficult to spot a coin in the sand.

And perhaps more difficult to resist the temptation of stooping over to snatch it up.

Mastering the Art

Yet, it’s probably even more difficult to… reach into your bag, pull out your camera, take a few snaps, put your camera back into your bag, and then stoop over and enjoy the sweet moment of picking up the coin.

Mastering the Art

And no doubt, the most difficult of them all… is to do all of the above before your children sees what you’re up to.

I, my friends, am a master.

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

I am SO excited to tell you all about this new online boutique!

ShopTheMag is a luxury fashion boutique that features the top labels from ASIA. Think Net-a-Porter but with designs from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India, and Thailand.

The best bit is – a strong and luxurious collection of refreshing designs, that are DIFFERENT.

I’d say that it is perfect for women who love affordable luxury items, who love to experiment with styles, searching for statement pieces to wear and talk about, and who dare to stand out a little.

The lovely team let me choose a few items that caught my eye, to borrow, to style, to review and to write what I think.

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

1. Top: Burgundy – a Singaporean label well-known for its timeless and elegant designs. Their recent collection features a lot of luxurious silks and lovely draping.

I’m wearing the Cross Over Silk Bodysuit. I’ve never really liked bodysuits, but I really (REALLY) liked this one, mainly because it was so functional. I love the way I can wear the top “tucked in” with pencils skirts, pants and jeans… and it STAYS tucked in, and just drapes *beautifully*.

You can definitely wear it with an office ensemble layered with a cardigan or a jacket, or with a statement skirt for an evening function, etc. It would go very far in my wardrobe… and I believe this would be the first item I’d buy from this shop :)

2. Shorts: Aperçu – a Singaporean label also full of classic pieces, but with a modern yet elegant edge.

I’m wearing the Tailored Silk Wool Shorts. I think the print is so cool and I love the idea of wearing shorts with a blazer. It’d also be great with a lux tee.

3. Bag: Alldressedup – described as the brand that put Singapore on the map in the global fashion arena, alldressedup is known for it’s quirky and bold designs. The label is now stocked internationally, and often featured in fashion magazines around the world.

The bag I’m carrying is the ATRIA bag, which I chose because it looked awesome, which subsequently became a gift to me from the ShopTheMag team. It’s wonderfully big (but not too big), it adds a lux-edgy-look to every outfit I carry it with, and it’s robust enough for me to drag around everywhere. LOVE.

Apparently it is made from a special fabric that is water and stain resistant, it was made in the same factory as comme des garcon, and it also comes in a dusty pink colour.

4. Cuff: Frank – This is the Double Wrap Leather Cuff and ah what can I say… it looks so very cool and I wish I owned it!!

(Blazer and shoes are my own)

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

6. Dress: Disaya – is a label from Thailand with a big string of celebrity fans. Youthful, quirky, fun and sexy are words I’d used to describe their style.

This Colour Bloack Balloon dress is so relaxed and summery. I love it! It’s so yellow and happy!

(Shirt, shoes and hat are my own)

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

Here’s a designer that I’m very happy to have discovered since browsing the site. I’m quite keen to keep an eye on his work.

7. Dress: Khoon Hooi is a Malaysian designer with a neat list of awards after his name. His collection is full of gorgeous drapes, eye-catching cuts, bold colours and details, with a strong feminine edge.

I’m wearing the very sexy and bold, One-Shoulder Draped Silk Dress. The quality of the fabric is superb and way it is designed and sewn together is very impressive and comfortable to wear. The lace bandeau adds a very sexy touch to the dress too.

It’s definitely a perfect dress to wear to a cocktail party, wedding party, or day time event.

8. Ring by Disaya: Gold-plated Fang Ring – Hmm. How can I say this differently? I adore this ring and I can only dream of owning it :)

(Shoes and bracelet are my own)

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

Lastly, this dress is the Silk Tunic Dress with Drape by Burgundy.

I chose it because I wanted to see how these “silky dresses” really fall over a body.

And I wanted to see if I could hitch it up and wear it as a top too.

At first, as you can see from the photo on the left…

That it is totally shapeless and I thought – Ewww, I look like an aunty! Lovely silk and drape and all, but not for me.

Then of course, when something is shapeless, you should always try it again with a belt.

Results are below.

Below Left: I wore it with a wide studded leather belt and it looked hot!

Add some killer heels and a bit of bling, it completely transformed into a great party dress.

In fact, the material is so luxurious it could definitely be worn to an evening  cocktail party or a day time event.

ShopTheMag Online Boutique

Right: Then I tried dressing it for the daytime or office by wearing a light cardigan, and tan accessories. And it still looked great. A blazer would also do the trick.

As for whether it could double as a top… I did tuck a little bit of the front into some black jeans. It looked like a long, billowy top. But I probably wouldn’t tuck it ALL into jeans or pants, as it is a bit long and I wouldn’t want to scrunch up such a fine material. Plus it would look too bulky.

Funny enough, I adored this dress so much in the end, that I decided that this would be he second item I would buy from the shop!

So if you haven’t already, do pop on over to and ShopTheMag take a peek.

There is flat rate global delivery, free shipping to Singapore, and weekly updates (new arrivals, trend updates and sale alerts) from their newsletter.

Happy shopping or browsing!!


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Our orange tree is producing a lot of good looking fruit!

Oranges from the Garden

There are probably 6 more loads like this still hanging on the tree.

As for their taste, they are a quite sour with a hint of sweetness. And unfortunately they’re not nice enough to eat or give away.

Oranges from the Garden

So the kids helped me juice them up. We squeezed them until the skin on our hands turned funny.

Orange Juice

Served with a bit of sugar, mint and ice… they turned out very yummy!

Bad luck? Depends how you look at it.

(A long story made short)

My husband loves to collect objects with a bit of history attached to them.

A few months ago he “found” an old dressing table by the side of the road and brought it home.

I have no idea which era it was from, but it was definitely in a retro style – 1960s or 1970s maybe.

Everyone who saw it… baulked and recoiled in horror.

I didn’t hate it. I just wasn’t too pleased that it was *suddenly* a part of our home.

But my husband saw some charm in it, and yes, even I had to agree, that it was “amazing” – in that it was in PRISTINE CONDITION.

We weren’t sure what to do with it, so in the meantime it sat on one side of our living room.

Now I love my husband.

He puts up with my overflowing wardrobe, my mountain of shoes, my need to glue-tack “pretty stuff” on the walls and my stash of Asian snacks in the pantry.

He puts up with my shit. And I put up with his.

With a smile of course.


While he was overseas for 4 weeks… I tried to move his beloved dressing table to make room for some shelves.

Broken Mirror

I knew I couldn’t lift it, so my plan was to slide it. I lifted up a front leg the *tiniest bit*, so I could slip a towel under it (so it wouldn’t scratch the floor). But I mis-judged the weight of the mirror.

The mirror was so heavy that the whole thing tipped over. In. Slow. Motion. In. Front. Of. My. Eyes.

I was crouched down low, in front of the table, so I didn’t have time, or the strength to catch it as it fell.

I don’t know which scared my toddler the most. The crash. Or my swearing.

I just stood there dumbly for a very long time.

Just looking at the broken bits of glass on the floor.


Then the guilt kicked in.

I felt soooooooooooooooooooo bad.

Broken Mirror

The more I looked at it, the more I felt like laughing and crying at the same time.


My husband was in Scotland, I was in Australia, and there was an 8 hours time difference. I tried to call him, but he was probably still asleep. So I texted him instead, to tell him the bad news.

When he replied, he was very gracious.

He was very concerned that no one was hurt. He reminded me to be careful while cleaning it all up. He wasn’t angry or upset.

I cleaned it up.

(After taking photos, as evidence)

A week later he came home. I said sorry. He didn’t seem to mind. And it was all a non-event after that.

But the craziest thing is… whenever we retell the story to people… no one believes that it was an accident! Everyone thinks that I did it on purpose!


My husband believes me. I think :)