Time Machines

Time Machine

My husband and I have a problem.

We like to collect things. Old things, beautiful things, sentimental things, things that make us laugh, things that make us marvel, things that remind us of favourite places… oh, the list goes on.

But recently, when we packed to move into our new house, we were both a little traumatised by how much stuff we had collected over the years. We literally have boxes and boxes AND BOXES of all our beautiful and precious objects stacked up in our shed… still waiting to be sorted, thrown away, or kept.

I have been slowly working through the pile, and today, I thought I’d share a few objects that made me chuckle with delight.

Pictured above, is a little old fashioned day-and-date calendar thing.

My 6 year old saw it and went WOW IT’S A TIME MACHINE!!! Indeed it was.

Floppy Disk

All my documents from 1996, university files, backups and journal writings are currently trapped in these 3 ½ inch floppy disks.

They each store 1.44MB of data. And I think I have more than 100 of them. Oh, what to do. Shall I throw or keep?

Floppy Disk

These are 5¼ inch floppy disks from my family’s old Commodore 64. I kept them because they looked so cute and retro.


OK this put a huge grin on my face. Back in the 80s, personal computers used cassette tapes to hold and load their data, called Datasettes. I distinctly remember myself as a really little kid messing around with these cassettes.

You know, every time I look at these things, I am struck by my own delight. I keep thinking, some time not too long in the future, I’m going to show my grandkids these funny looking objects and they are going to go WTF??

Rebecca Minkoff and Red

Rebecca Minkoff and Red

Rebecca Minkoff and Red

I recently sourced and received a whole stack of new bits and pieces, and I’ve been having a ball, playing with new styles.

This outfit made me giddy with happiness. I’ve never worn bright red pants, so my legs felt like they were bursting with life – hence the dancing. I’m positive that wearing the colour red does something to the brain.

Top: The grey slouchy top is by Rebecca Minkoff – a US designer with some very cool styles in her collection.

I bought it on sale from the ShopBop Sale (30% – 70% off). There are loads of nice clothes over there! I’ve bought a few things, which I’ll get around to photographing soon.

Pants: The red pants are actually leggings  from YesStyle (AUD $25). And yes, they are loose enough for me to wear as pants.

Jacket: From Lilies of eField.

Shoes: Heart and Soul heels by GlamRockChic.

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Liam at 2 Years Old

Liam at 2 years old
Just look at the red in his hair!

My 2 year old toddler is an absolute chatterbox. He just does not shut up.

Lucky for him, he is insanely cute. And I can spend all day talking to him and listening to him chatter for hours.

He’s so naturally well-mannered and polite – saying thank you, you’re welcome, ‘cuse me, sorry, see ya later! And he’s so caring and sensitive, always asking me, “Are you ok mum?” “Are you good?” “What happened?”

My other two children were never like this. They were either self-centred (as children naturally are) or just totally oblivious to the feelings of other people (as children naturally are).

I used to believe that other parents made this stuff up. Naturally polite children? No such thing!

But Liam likes to crawl into my lap, wrap his arms around me like a koala bear, squeezes me tight, then leans back to look at me with his deep brown eyes and asks “Can I have a back scratch please mummy?” and he’ll flop his body into my chest and nuzzle his face into my skin… and go, “Ahh, that’s really nice mum.”

And my heart – oh my heart – it melts into a glorious mush of love.

Did I mention he is my last baby?

Liam at 2 years old

Texture Mix – Hairy Shoes and Sequin Skirts

Yes I have more new stuff and because all my real life girlfriends are on holidays, I can’t contain my excitement… so I’m going to share with you all, my online girlfriends :)

Hairy Shoes

I’ve been on a bit of a shoe buying ban. But these leather pumps (with pony hair I think?) were $140… they were on sale and I paid $35 for them, from Sportsgirl.

Black Knit Jumper

Since spying and falling in love with an ACNE cable knit jumper online, I have been looking for one everywhere.

This one was from YesStyle, and I seriously am in love with it.

Gold Sequin Skirt

I have been looking for a gold, sequin, mini skirt that was CLASSY (is there such a thing??). We shall see. Again I found this one on YesStyle, and so far so good. I like that the gold is a satin champagne colour rather than bright yellow gold.

Can’t wait to play with it and style it up.

Tribal Earrings

Tribal earrings from Birdsnest. Love these!

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My children’s school recently held a “Harmony Day” where they all celebrated the community’s cultural diversity.

There was a mini costume parade at the school, and friends and family were invited to a multicultural picnic on the oval. A simple and casual event, with an excellent attendance!

I promised the kids that I’d be there.

The last couple of years I’ve been very non-committal and uninvolved with school events. I’ve just been too busy with work, life, and it’s tricky when I have a baby/toddler to look after. I’ve been happy to help with money and permission slips, but not my time. Ha isn’t that just the usual story?

I suppose for the kids, the school community is their life. They get so excited about upcoming events, and man, when they can’t be a part of it, the look of sadness and disappointment on their faces is enough to bring any parents to their knees. Oh the guilt.

Anyway, I thought I’d try a bit harder for this event.

Harmony Day 2011

Our family is a mishmash of cultures – Australian, Chinese, Scottish, English and Singaporean. I made a huge dish of Asian-style noodles, I put together Australian-style pavalovas, and we sat on a Scottish-styled tartan picnic rug, while drinking a hot cup of English Breakfast tea and orange juice.

I even made an effort to wear a Chinese-style silk top with a blossom print, and one of my sons wore Chinese silk pyjamas while playing cricket. It was very cute.

I sat there on the rug, on the grass, in the beautiful sunny weather, surrounded by hundreds of other smiling families and children from all over the world, and I wondered how I ever came to a point where I had to be driven by guilt to make myself be a part of this.

Then I laughed at how mothers are. Feeling guilty for feeling guilty.

I let the thought slide and was decided to enjoy the rest of the picnic.

The children were so happy, in a “I’m so proud of you mum” kind of way.

And I guess I was too.