The Ice Cream Coma

The Ice Cream Coma

Life has been quite stressful and hectic for me these last few weeks.

We have moved into a new house, which has been great.

But my husband has been doing overtime – with his work and renovations for the new and old house – so he has been absent during the days and nights.

The kids are driving me insane. Refusing to do homework, collecting cockroaches for Science, not eating the food I cook, pushing school rules, explosive tantrums, leaving mess everywhere for me to clean up, refusing to be toilet trained, drawing on the walls, oh the list goes on.

I have zillions of emails to respond to, tasks are piling up, and my to-do list is just impossible!!

After a long day yesterday, I put all three kids to sleep… I staggered over to the couch, curled up under a blanket, turned on the tv, and I was about to indulge myself in an extraordinary display of self-pity and gluttony by eating as much ice cream as humanly possible.

However, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a tv report on Japan’s  disaster. I was completely shaken into perspective.

I put the ice cream back into the freezer, sat back on the couch and I shed a few tears for those who have been lost, and for those who have survived.

I counted my blessings for today, and I was grateful for all that was good in my life.

The ice cream coma may have to wait until next time.

Lilies of eField – Spring Update

Lilies of eField - Draped Dress

Last year I did a feature for Lilies of eField – an online shop with lots of fashion dresses and tops at very low prices.

Well I thought I’d do a new feature to show off some more nice stuff they stock.

I liked this Draped Magenta Dress, it’s pretty and simple. The material feels heavy and slinky and it looks slightly casual, rather than formal.

Lately I really like pairing camel colours with bright colours, so I thought this dress looked pretty cool with my camel leather jacket.

Lilies of eField - Teal Jumpsuit

This Toga Jumpsuit is the second jumpsuit that I’ve ever tried on – and it felt great to wear!

I have said before that I used to think that jumpsuits would make me feel short and frumpy, but I’ve discovered that they make me feel elongated and elegant.

I loved wearing it. The style and colour has a very 70s feel to it, which is quite cool.

LOEF have quite a large range of jumpsuits and playsuits all under US$28, so maybe if you’re not too sure about jumpsuits but want to give one a go, this is a pretty good place to start.

Lilies of eField - Blazer

I actually featured this outfit last week, but I want to bring your attention to the blazer.

This Black Bova Blazer is an absolute gem. The material and cut is really nice and in a classic style. It’s one of those blazers that you throw over any outfit and it looks great.

It is one of LOEF’s premier items, a Korean label selling in Korea and Hong Kong for S$100. But LOEF is selling it for S$89 (which is US$70). Bargain!

Check out more New Arrivals here.

Hope you find something you like, happy shopping!

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Living With No Boundaries

Liam Wading

My little toddler, Liam, loves the water. And it scares me.

The kid has no fear.

The other day we went to the river for a swim.

He walked down the grassy slope, walked across the sand, stepped into the water and just kept walking and walking… all the while looking out at the horizon with glassy eyes.

I followed closely behind him, with my camera around my neck, shouting, “YO LIAM! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?”

He just waded and waded – without looking back at me – until the water touched his chin.

Then he just stopped. And stood very still.

I was an arm’s reach away from him, but I just waited to see what he was doing.

It looked like an incredible moment.

What is my kid feeling right now?

He looked like he was playing out a movie scene where a person goes for a peaceful and tranquil swim in the ocean, signifying a watershed moment, of freedom, of cleansing, and savouring every precious detail and sensation of the moment – the bubbles tingling over the skin, the clicking sounds of the sea, the soft ebb of the waves.

But after a few moments, he turned around and said, “Did a wee mum”

“Ok.” I said.

And he returned to the shore.

I Love Play Dates

I Love Play Dates

One of the best things I’ve done as a mother was to find and join a good mothers group.

Although I’ve changed groups a few times (because of my location and the age of my kids) I’ve always had a solid bunch of girlfriends to meet up with on a weekly basis.

Well I just thought I’d share this great photo that sums up how much I love my stay-at-home-mum friends.

I enjoy the friendships, the warmth, the laughter, the tears… and the midday celebration just because.

Designer Footwear: GlamRockChic

Shoes by Glam Rock Chic

I recently got to know a new shoe brand and online shop, called GlamRockChic, and I really liked what I saw.

I found myself quite *connected* with where the brand pitched their products, and I was able to speak over email with the shoe designer, Sarah Chin.

She had worked 10 years with high end brands such as Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Gucci, D&G – experiences which strengthened her love for quality and design. But as a woman in a senior position working in the fashion and style industry, she became frustrated with the choice of shoes available to her – either too boring, too cheap looking or too expensive.

As I see it, GlamRockChic is for women (like me!) who want gorgeous, statement, designer shoes, made from luxurious quality materials, shoes that are realistically comfortable, BUT can’t afford to spend $1200 on them (like me!).

Their shoes are priced between US$110 to US$230 and if you check out their whole collection here, you can see that the designs look very nice indeed.

So! The team sent over a few pairs for me to test out!

They all fit perfectly. And they felt DELICIOUS to wear.

The first pair I’m wearing above, is called Heart and Soul. I actually wanted the beige pair, but they didn’t have it in my size, damn! I received the black ones instead and they are now my new favourite pair of shoes. The heart shape cut-out is so cute and the colour black makes it more versatile.

For my shoe testing, I wore the Heart and Soul shoes out to dinner and drinks one night. Because I parked a long way away from the restaurant, and I had to walk an extra distance to an ATM to get some cash, I found myself having to walk about 2km in those heels! In most cases I probably would have been limping and hobbling over in pain by the end of the walk, but no, I was still skipping along going – OMG these shoes are so COOOOMFFFYYYYY!

Shoes by Glam Rock Chic

I like that these shoe designs are nestled nicely between “everyday work shoe” and “make a statement shoe”.

I chose these ORANGE ones, for a bit more of a bold statement. The suede leather and metal chain looks stylish and glam, but the mid heel makes it very easy to wear to the office.

Shoes by Glam Rock Chic

And lastly, I thought I’d go for A VERY BOLD LOOK and chose these green ankle booties, Roxanne. They look so cool! Especially with the tassels and the snakeskin print detail.

Can’t wait to style them up and wear them out!

Also, if you’re interested, GlamRockChic designer, Sarah, has a blog where you can see lots of pretty photos of her shoe designs, sketches and inspirations and a sneak peak at her next collection.

Hope you find something you like :)

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