Styling Carrie for the Oprah Winfrey Show – Part 7

I have been helping Carrie, an American reader of my blog, with some styling advice, in preparation for her trip to Australia, courtesy of the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Carrie was invited to be in the audience of the actual Oprah Show recorded at the Sydney Opera House, and Carrie figured that if she was dressed particularly well, she could even get into the front row of the audience.


Well, that didn’t exactly happen. As you can see from this picture, the audience was HUGE, since the event was held outside the Opera House, not inside it. So competition for front row seats was obviously not practical.

But Carrie has still been on an amazing and worthwhile journey, as I have.

She wanted my advice as to how to re-work her own ideas about how she dresses, and I really appreciated where she was at in her life, as we are a similar age, and both have young kids.

I can’t resist a before and after comparison.


This is Carrie, back in late October, with her pick of her typical outfits then.


And this is Carrie in some luxurious hotel foyer somewhere in Australia in late December!

After seeing Carrie’s original pictures, I was hoping to get her to be more confident to show off her great figure. I hope you agree – she looks hot, in a classy kind of way, and radiating confidence – which is the real secret to looking great!

Mission Accomplished!

The dress is a Cap Sleeve Side Ruffle Dress from Fashionjunkee. It’s double lined, an elegant, timeless and versatile style, and not to mention it clings in all the right places. I have the same dress in black, but it also comes in white, purple, blue, red and magenta.

Carrie is a Size US 6 (Aus 10, UK 10, Eur 38), and she’s wearing this dress in a Fashion Junkee size Large.

Carrie is also wearing cream coloured Celine shoes from BETTS.

Carrie is back in America now, and you can check out Carrie’s blog for her side of the story.


In this photo, Carrie is also wearing a necklace by Aussie jewelry designer Megan Castran, who is also a huge Oprah Fan, and Oprah paid a surprise visit to Megan’s house in Melbourne! You can check out the video at Megan’s Youtube site.

For me, the journey has been a great education is styling, and having to style an outfit for someone else. I’m so grateful to Carrie for asking me, because I have learned so much.

And it’s been fun! Thank you Carrie!

So, I wonder what my next project is?

The Freedom of My Rusty, Old Bike

I just love cycling.


I ride a rusty, beat-up, 15 year old bike. My husband found it in a junk pile.

I love it that is it so old, that I can park it anywhere and no one will steal it.

I ride to my local shops, which are 5 minutes away. It would take me that time to drive my car there! Riding a bike to the shops means I go through a park, past a creek and enjoy the shade of trees… but in the car, I have to drive around, through two sets of traffic lights.

When I arrive at the shops, I lean my bike against a wall. Walk in, buy some milk and bread. Then I grab my bike and ride home. So easy. So healthy.

No fiddling with locks or keys. No fiddly combination locks. No being worried that some kid might push it over and that the frame is going to bend and the paint might get scratched. It’s already bent and scratched.

And if someone does steal it? Well, Hubby has ANOTHER old bike for me he found. We call it the back-up bike.

This crappy old bike makes me feel… free and boundless.


And happy.

Kaftans and Beach Wear from Kooshi

Kaftan from Kooshi Online

Over Christmas we had a week of very, very hot and humid weather. Which meant… we spent a lot of time swimming and chilling out at the beach. I was in heaven.

I picked out a few kaftans (loose, sheer, silky tops to wear over swimwear) and the team at Kooshi Online sent them over for me to test out.

Above, I’m wearing a Black Sue Top, which is so, so versatile.

I wore it over my swimwear when I was around the pool. Then I wore it over a singlet top and shorts during lunch (as seen above). THEN in the evening, I changed into jeans and wore it over a tube top, with some nice jewellery to give it an evening feel. Best summer thing to wear ever!

Robe from Kooshi Online

This second piece, is a Winnie Robe which has a really lovely, muted floral print. You can wear it to the beach, around the pool, or if you want, in the bedroom.

I must admit, the nice thing about this robe is that I feel so stylish in it! You see, usually my swimwear (one pieces and two pieces) are plain, boring and black. They are good quality, practical, chlorine-resistant swimmers that lasts for years. However the downside is that I look and feel a bit plain. But no more!

Kooshi are having a 50% off Post Christmas Sale, so you can save on kaftans, robes, slips, lounge wear and lingerie sets. Have fun!

Enjoy your shopping! xxx

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My Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve Day – 10.00 am. My whole family cycled to the river. We spent the morning mucking about on the shore, making boats from tree bark, digging holes and wading knee-deep in the warm water.

Christmas Eve – 6.30pm. My parent’s house. The weather was very hot and humid. This is me, by myself, sitting in the pool. The sun was just setting, the water was gloriously warm, and the twilight in the backyard was just magic.

Christmas Eve – 7.30pm. Dinner with close family on my side. Ham, turkey, roast chicken, duck, crayfish and prawns and various salads. It was buffet style, and of course, I ate too much.

Christmas Eve – 9 pm. Profiteroles for Dessert. Again, I ate too many.

Then we went home with exhausted, over-excited kids to put to sleep.

Christmas Day – 6.30am!! Kids get up , and begin opening presents.

Christmas Day – 6.35am. All kids presents opened. Boys begin fighting over presents.

Christmas Day – 9.30am. My presents! Tail light for my old bike. Movie ticket vouchers. Slow food cook book. Flower necklace. Silk scarf. Bangles. Nail poilsh. And in the background, a retro/kitsch cupcake stand. So happy and thankful! *glee*

Christmas Day – 12 noon. Lunch at church. Pavlova for dessert (meringue with a crispy crust and soft, light inner, topped with fruit). I ate too much.

Christmas Day – 5pm. Early dinner with hubby’s family, and kids playing naked in the paddle pool on the backyard lawn. I could hardly eat a thing.

Moroccan Chicken and Mango Salsa

Moroccan Chicken and Mango Salsa

Right now, in Australia, fruit is so plentiful that it is really, really cheap – including mango!
This is one of my favourite meals to serve on a summer evening. Each member of our family receives their own bowl and we sit outside in the garden to eat. It’s bliss.

Moroccan Chicken
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
2 tbs fresh lemon juice
2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground turmeric
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander
1kg skinless chicken thigh fillets

Throw the ingredients into a food processor (except chicken). Rub all over the chicken. Place in an airtight container and put in the fridge for 1 hour. Then grill the chicken until cooked. (Or fry on a grill pan.)

Mango Salsa (I made this one up!)
1/8 of small red onion, diced finely
1 mango, diced
handful of cherry tomatoes
handful of roasted cashew nuts, chopped
a sprinkle of chives, chopped
splash of balsamic vinegar

Mix all ingredients into a bowl and toss.

Serve it all with rice and greens.

Enjoy (outside or inside).