In Australia, spring officially starts on the first of September, but the actual weather didn’t change then.

It happened, all of a sudden, one day last week.

Perth has had the driest winter on record, or something like that, and so it has been dry for weeks – a cold, mean dry.

But now, the ants are back to digging up the sand under the driveway. Dandylions explode in the slightest breeze. Midgies swarm in the park at sunset. The mid-day sun has that strong-but-gentle warmth where you just want to turn your back to it, and let it melt your spine.

And flowers bloom in a reproductive frenzy, seducing photographers and insects alike.

I have promised myself time and time again not to publish pictures of flowers on my blog…but this year, sorry, I couldn’t help but celebrate the warmer weather with an image from right outside my kitchen window.

And hey, if you are in the northern hemisphere, it’s autumn, right? So you need some pictures of spring flowers!

I Want To Be This Strong

This is my son Liam, with his pants falling down, trying to play basketball on a full-sized backboard.

He can hardly hold the ball over his head.


Of course, what happens next is that when he releases the ball, it rolls off his nose, and then slowly down the street.

But he doesn’t mind that he can’t do it. To him, it’s not a humiliating failure – it’s part of the Big Game of Life. He laughs, and tries again and again.

And it makes me realise…

I want to be this unafraid of the world, and be undaunted by the prospect of failure.

I want to be this innocent, resilient and optimistic.

I want to be this strong.

The Fashion Pack and Pink Aliens at Perth Fashion Festival

Excuse me while I have an uncontrolled gush of fashion-ness.Perth Fashion Festival 2010

Hey! Look! I’m on the front row, wearing Aurelio Costarella, and I LOOK PINK!! I am a happy fashion girl!

Last week I attended a number of  Perth Fashion Festival events and had a fab time looking at cool clothes, taking photos, going to parties and catching up with the Perth fashion pack. Yes, it was all very glamorous and exciting and fun – and tiring.

Perth Fashion Festival 2010
Me sitting front row with Teagan Sewell (left) who recently won a WA Fashion Award for her work as a stylist, and Pip Christmass, Fashion Editor for The West Australian (centre).

Perth Fashion Festival 2010

This is me partying with Scott from Out in Perth, Lisa Chau designer of Generics Accessories and co-founder of Merge Clothing, Emma Bergmeier, fashion editor of Xpress Magazine and fabulous fashion blogger from Dropstich. Here, we are all sunset golden in colour.

Perth Fashion Festival 2010

Fashion designer Poppy Lissiman (who has an incredible collection of dresses this season!), me and Lisa. Purple this time.

Perth Fashion Festival 2010

Short Me with TALL designer Garth Cook and normal height designer Alison Cotton of Joveeba.

This photo by Songy Knox from Style Discovery, who I also got to catch up with!

Perth Fashion Festival 2010

Me with designer Kym Ellery of Ellery. Purple again, and a little blurry.

There were so, so many other people – designers, media people, boutique owners, photographers, and general cool, fun people that I caught up with and partied with over the week – but I just didn’t get photos!

Like fashion designer Timothy Godbold, Alvin Fernandez from Aelkemi, Kirsten Shadbolt from Paper Skye, jewellery designer Alister Yiap, fashion designer Leanne Lim, fashion photographer Romain Duquesne, fashion designer Sheree Dornan, Zoë Trotman of Lonely 8 Bit Heroes, fashion designer Daniella Caputi, Claire Davies fashion editor for Sunday Times, , Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan director of the Perth Fashion Festival, blogger Marcia Ball, stylist Hannah McGrath, Connor and Romina from Zekka, Mark and Marie from Head Studio, and fashion boutique owner Zara Bryson.

Perth Fashion Festival 2010

But of course, it is all about the CLOTHES, right? So aside from all the socialising, I saw some great fashion from Perth designers – and I’m so, so excited and proud of their work. I hope to be doing some reviews over the next few months to show off their clothes.

The pics above were taken by Stefan Gosatti, during the last fashion show for the festival.

On the left, is a PINK ALIEN modeling an outfit by Jaime Lee Major.

In the middle, is a hot beachy outfit by rocking label Joveeba.

On the right, is the Paper Skye Spring/Summer Collection by the gorgeous Kirsten Shadbolt.

It was a great week!!

(And I am still soooo tired!)

Sand In My Butt Crack

At The Sports Carnival 2010

So it was my children’s sports carnival the other day – and here I am wearing BLUE (to support my kid’s faction team).

During the carnival, I was sitting at the edge of the sandpit with my 1.5 year old toddler.

He was give me mini bear hugs from behind – wrapping his arms around the back of my waist and giving me a little squeeze, RAWR and a giggle.

It was just so, so cute, that I tried to take a photo of his cute wrestly-cuddle.

The photo – as you can see – was a fail.

But seconds after I took this photo, he picked up a cup full of sand, and POURED IT DOWN MY PANTS! Yes, in that neat little space between my jeans and my butt crack!

Like sands through the hourglass, the cold, white grains slid down, down, down my arse and filled up my underwear. And what did I do?


And of course STANDING UP just made it worse.

My toddler thought it was hilarious.

Sand scrunching around in your knickers? NOT COOL!

Channeling My Inner Zebra

Outfit by Frockaholics

Got my hands on some new stuff, mainly from Frockaholics – an online store with an EXCELLENT range of classy Australian designer labels such as Ginger and Smart, Sass and Bide, Willow, Camilla and Marc, Samantha Wills etc.

Frockaholics has international shipping and a gorgeous range of New Arrivals.

Top by Sass ad Bide

I just love this top by Sass and Bide! It’s a little haphazard – with zips and stripes going in different directions. But it has a relaxed shape, and it’s a bit see-through. So it’s got a very cool don’t-give-a-damn, so don’t-mess-with-me attitude about it, which I really like.

Sass and Bide is not for everyone. Generally their look is pretty bold and extravagant. Necklines are low-cut to show off your boobs, dresses have cut-out panels to show off your ribs, tops are extra-cropped to show off your belly button, and hemlines are especially-short to show off your legs! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you get the drift.

I just love love LOVE the boldness of the Sass and Bide brand, and this top is RIGHT FOR ME!!!

Check out the other items from Sass and Bide at Frockaholics.

Jacket by Diesel

This white jacket is by Diesel. It’s made from a heavy cotton, so it feels robust and versatile. It’s structured enough to make an outfit look sharp. But at the same time, the cotton makes it feel casual too.

I’m also sure it’ll withstand multiple washes and look better and better with age.

Check out the other items from Diesel at Frockaholics.

Bag by ASOS

The very cute leather satchel is from ASOS.

Perfect, strappy, gladiator heels from Betts.

Black jeans from Nobody.

Sunglasses from a shop in Singapore.

Mocha nails by Chi Chi.

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